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Guide Introduction


For those of you are familiar with profiles we've made some background images for you to use. They are pretty simple, and you only have 14 colour choices for each design, but I can do background by request. The Images are linked from PPM's own photobucket account so there is no need to link them from your own site.

Also these images have no 'watermark' or 'By PPM' on them, I've done it this way so it doesn't distract from your profile. A small 'Thanks to PPM for my background' on your profile would be a good idea though. :)

All these images are 200x200 pixels, not the 100x100 pixels that appear on this page. They are 100x100 so that I can fit more on the page.

Guide Written By Lady_Penrhyn

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Background Style 1
Background Style 2
Background Style 3
Background Style 4 - Seamless Tiled
Background Style 5 - Seamless Tiled
Background Style 5 - Seamless Tiled