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Guide Introduction

Achievement Bar

You ever wondered how to get onto that Achievement bar..well now you can with this exclusive list. Be warned though, that as soon as it hits midnight the bar disappears till someone achieves something.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Achievement Bar

  • Hatching a mini
  • Becoming Elite
  • Becoming Supreme Elite
  • Gaining a challenge rank in the Norcadia Game Challenges
  • Winning the Final Countdown trophy!
  • Getting the Night stone
  • Getting the Ruby Stone
  • Getting the Sapphire Stone
  • Finished building any building you can build on your land.
  • Nova moving the Light Stone from your profile to your pet for saving Chubbs!
  • Dark Guardian moving the Sapphire Stone from your profile to your pet.
  • Sharkfather movving the Ruby Stone from your profile to your pet.
  • Serah moving the Night Stone from your profile to your pet.
  • Unlocking any of the Pet Backgrounds for your Primary Pet.