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Guide Introduction

Easter Bunnyitems

list of items from the Easter Bunny game!

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Easter Bunnyitems
Blue Candy Egg
Green Candy Egg
Red Candy Egg
Yellow Candy Egg
Emerald Power Egg
Fire Power Egg
Starry Power Egg
Stripe Power Egg
Pink Bunny Stuffy
White Bunny Stuffy

Pink Gekkie Gummy
Purple Gekkie Gummy
Yellow Gekkie Gummy
Blue Gekkie Gummy
Blue Bunnypop
Green Bunnypop
Yellow Bunnypop
Pink Bunnypop
Jelly Beans
Easter Nora Stuffy
Easter Nova Stuffy
Easter Kyla Stuffy
Easter Lil Roo Stuffy
Angel Easter Egg
Ebil Easter Egg

Hard Boiled Eggs
Candy Easter Necklace
Orange Carrot Sucker
Lemon Carrot Sucker
Grape Carrot Sucker
Blueberry Carrot Sucker
Cherry Carrot Sucker
Easter Bear
Baby Pony Easter Basket
Baby Mouse Easter Basket
Baby Frog Easter Basket
Yellow Bunny Cake
Purple Bunny Cake
Blue Bunny Cake
Orange Bunny Cake
Red Bunny Cake
Baby Bunny Easter Basket
Baby Puppy Easter Basket
Baby Kitten Easter Basket
Radioactive Bunny Cake
Bunny Tic Tac Toe

Easter Collie City Stuffy
Easter Wolfox City Stuffy
Easter Dolphin City Stuffy
Easter Sheepdog City Stuffy
Easter Eagle City Stuffy
Easter Labrador City Stuffy
Easter Pony City Stuffy
Easter Kuvasz City Stuffy
Baby Monkey Easter Basket
Baby Fox Easter Basket
Baby Bird Easter Basket
Baby Ferret Easter Basket
Baby Bear Easter Basket
Cherry Carrot Candy
Lemon Carrot Candy
Grape Carrot Candy
Lime Carrot Candy
Radioactive Carrot Candy
Coffee Carrot Candy
Watermelon Carrot Candy
Blueberry Carrot Candy
Mint Carrot Candy
Orange Carrot Candy
Peach Carrot Candy

Purple Lolly
Blue Lolly
Green Lolly
Orange Lolly
Pink Lolly
Blue Paw Lolly
Green Paw Lolly
Orange Paw Lolly
Pink Paw Lolly
Purple Paw Lolly
Yellow Candy Filled Egg
Blue Candy Filled Egg
Green Candy Filled Egg
Orange Candy Filled Egg
Pink Candy Filled Egg
Purple Candy Filled Egg
Red Candy Filled Egg
Somali Baby Easter Basket
Bulldog Baby Easter Basket
Collie Baby Easter Basket
Gray Fox Baby Easter Basket
Kuvasz Baby Easter Basket
Labrador Baby Easter Basket
Holland Lop Baby Easter Basket
Maine Coon Baby Easter Basket
Samoyed Baby Easter Basket
Sheepdog Baby Easter Basket

Blue Egg Cupcake
Frog Egg Cupcake
Green Egg Cupcake
Orange Egg Cupcake
Purple Egg Cupcake
Blue Egg Ice Cream
Frog Egg Ice Cream
Green Egg Ice Cream
Orange Egg Ice Cream
Pink Egg Ice Cream
Purple Egg Ice Cream
Red Egg Ice Cream
Yellow Egg Ice Cream
Bunny Pinata
Easter Frog Stuffy
Froggy Bunny Stuffy
Slime Egg Cupcake
Pink Marshmallow Chick Candy
Purple Marshmallow Chick Candy
Yellow Marshmallow Chick Candy
Blue Marshmallow Chick Candy
Green Marshmallow Chick Candy

Candycane Baby Cottontail
Black Baby Cottontail
Blue Baby Cottontail
Brown Baby Cottontail
Cloudy Baby Cottontail
Gray Baby Cottontail
Green Baby Cottontail
Night Baby Cottontail
Orange Baby Cottontail
Purple Baby Cottontail
Red Baby Cottontail
White Baby Cottontail
Yellow Baby Cottontail
Blueberry Bunny Cookie
Cherry Bunny Cookie
Lime Bunny Cookie
Grape Bunny Cookie
Orange Bunny Cookie
Strawberry Bunny Cookie
Lemon Bunny Cookie
Berry Bunny Cupcake
Lime Bunny Cupcake
Orange Bunny Cupcake
Strawberry Bunny Cupcake
Grape Bunny Cupcake
Cherry Bunny Cupcake
Lemon Bunny Cupcake
Blue Frog Balloon
Green Frog Balloon
Orange Frog Balloon
Pink Frog Balloon
Purple Frog Balloon
Red Frog Balloon
Yellow Frog Balloon

Licorice Sticky Bunny
Blueberry Sticky Bunny
Lime Sticky Bunny
Orange Sticky Bunny
Strawberry Sticky Bunny
Grape Sticky Bunny
Rainbow Sticky Bunny
Cherry Sticky Bunny
Vanilla Sticky Bunny
Lemon Sticky Bunny
Blueberry Bubble Tape
Caramel Bubble Tape
Cherry Bubble Tape
Grape Bubble Tape
Lemon Bubble Tape
Licorice Bubble Tape
Lime Bubble Tape
Orange Bubble Tape
Strawberry Bubble Tape
Blueberry Carrot Gummy
Cherry Carrot Gummy
Coconut Carrot Gummy
Grape Carrot Gummy
Lemon Carrot Gummy
Licorice Carrot Gummy
Lime Carrot Gummy
Orange Carrot Gummy
Rainbow Carrot Gummy
Strawberry Carrot Gummy
Angry Cottontail
Crazy Cottontail
Grouchy Cottontail
Happy Cottontail
Sad Cottontail
Surprised Cottontail

Spring Black Chick
Spring Blue Chick
Spring Gray Chick
Spring Green Chick
Spring Peach Chick
Spring Pink Chick
Spring Purple Chick
Spring White Chick
Spring Yellow Chick
Chocolate Momma Bunny
Chocolate Poppa Bunny
Chocolate Baby Bunny
Chocolate Bunny Egg

Benji Calla Lilly
Chubbs Pansy
Cilantro Clover
Dark Guardian Dahlia
Educat Snowdrop
Gekkie Hyacinth
Hazzard Daisy
Herman Allium
LilRoo Lilly
Lisha Rhododendron
Mildred Echinacae
Miles Birds of Paradise
Nanners Windflower
Nessie Magnolia
Nora Tulip
Nova Sunflower
Padam Iris
Poco Blue Gem
Randy Gladiolus
Ratti Orchid
Sharkfather Snapdragon
Stickers Crocus
Tumid Morning Glory
Berry Frog Pop
Cherry Frog Pop
Grape Frog Pop
Lemon Frog Pop
Lime Frog Pop
Strawberry Frog Pop
Chocolate Cream Pie
Blue Easter Dove
Green Easter Dove
Orange Easter Dove
Red Easter Dove
Yellow Easter Dove
Pink Easter Egg
Blue Easter Egg
Rainbow Easter Egg

Apple Koala Lollipop Blueberry Malamute Lollipop
Bubblegum Squid Lollipop
Cherry Leopard Lollipop
Cream Pigeon Lollipop
Grape Warthog Lollipop
Lemon Giraffe Lollipop
Lime CusCus Lollipop
Melon Red Fox Lollipop
Orange Tiger Lollipop
Rootbear Eel Lollipop
Spearmint Zebra Lollipop

Alaska Rabbit Stuffy
Angora Rabbit Stuffy
Blueberry Bunny Candy
Bunnies in Love
Checkered Rabbit Stuffy
Chocolate Bunny Candy
Dutch Rabbit Stuffy
Flemish Rabbit Stuffy
French Rabbit Stuffy
Grape Bunny Candy
Gum Drops
Lionhead Rabbit Stuffy
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Stuffy
New Zealand Rabbit Stuffy
Rex Rabbit Stuffy
Strawberry Bunny Candy
Vanilla Bunny Candy
White Chocolate Bunny Candy
Wind Up Easter Bunny
Wintergreen Bunny Candy

Berry Marshmallow Bunny
Lime Marshmallow Bunny
Raspberry Marshmallow Bunny
Grape Marshmallow Bunny
Rainbow Marshmallow Bunny
Cherry Marshmallow Bunny
Lemon Marshmallow Bunny
Black Easter Lamb Stuffy
Dark Chocolate Lamb
Jelly Panda Bears
White Easter Lamb Stuffy
White Chocolate Lamb
Twistable Easter Eggs