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Guide Introduction

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List of all the books found in the Buy-The-Book store. Last updated 25th Jan 2014

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Buy-The-Book store
A $20 Powerbuck Lesson
A Caterpillars Dance
A Childhood Story
A Christmas to Remember
A Dangerous Game
A Holland Lop Christmas
A Horse Story
A Lesson Learned The Hard Way
A Muddy Garden
A Poem for my Owner
A Riksja Driver
A River of Trouble
A Secret Project
A Short Easter Tale
A Simple Wish
A Teardrop Tale
A Test of True Love
A Trip to the Temple
Adventure of Snow
Adventures of Mara 1
All I Ever Wanted
All That He Had
Allergic Samoyed
Amy Has a New Friend
An Easter Tale
An Everlasting Friendship
An Ode to Simply Delicious
An Unexpected Present

Back to Normal
Back To The Real World
Backyard Fright of Bunny
Backyard Snowball Fight
Banned from the Library
Battle at the Library
Battle for Serenity
Beam of Hope
Bear the Ferret
Becoming a Big Sister
Before New Barkston
Before the Hatching
Behind the House of Padam
Beneath South Lake
Best Easter Ever
Best Friend of Lily
Best Friend Poems
BlindingLights Friends
Blood Moon
Brighter Flames
Broken Ankle Christmas
Brother for Tryk
Bulldog is Thankful
Bunny Bird of Easter
Burdened Blade

Caira the Star
Cake Fight!
Call it Destiny
Caring for your Powerpet 1
Catch a Cloud
Chasing Gekkie
Cherry Gummies for Tiki
Chip Not Chipmunk
Christmas Achievement
Christmas Alone
Christmas Eve in NB
Christmas Ferret
Christmas Lecture
Christmas of QuietSunshine
Christmas Surprise
Christmas Treat
Christmas Wish Come True
Close Call
Cloud Nine
Club Quiz Quizzes
Cold Dark Loneliness
Cold Snowball War
Collistos Story
Colored Spring Love
Competing for Attention
Courage and Friendship
CPR and Mouthwash
Crystal and Fightning
Cultural Difference
Cute Yellow Bunny

Daffodils Daisies Kite
Dark Fire Christmas
Dark Guardian Amulet 2
Dark Side of Each Moon
Dark Void
Darkened Woods 1
Darkened Woods 3
Das Has a Quest
Dashing Damiano
Day Within
Dear Diary 1
Dental Floss of Doom!!
Depths of South Lake
Detective Danny
Dicey Story
Diggerella Gets Scrambled
Disco Jess Meets a Ferret
Douglas the Samoyed
Dragon Somali

Easter Evolutions
Easter for the Animals
Easter Gift
Easter Stray
Easter Treasure
Easter True Meaning
Easter Visit with Grandma
Ebil Amy
Ebil Easter Surprise
Egg Trail
Elemental Diamonds
Ella and Nightfire
Employers Only
Everlasting Friends
Every Morn
Evil Ferret
Experience with Padams Shack
Eye of Isis
Eye of the Beholder

Fabled Heroes
Fateful Meetings
Fifteen Minutes
Finally Home
Finding a Home
Finding Kirellian
Fire at the Pound
Fire Comes to Light
Fire Walkers
Firefly Staff 5
First Christmas for Harley
First Christmas Show
First Day of School
First Stuffy for Tastee
Flight for Argyle
For Honour and Innocence
Forever Seiku
Fortune Fight
Frealia Makes A Friend
Fridays Destiny
Friend in Need
Friend of a Demon
Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuddlekins

Gekkie Gives
Gekkie Goes Wild
Gekkies Easter Helper
Ghostly Murderer
Giant Egg Surprise
Gibbon Known as Eshe
Gift for Kiska
Gift of the Mother
Gimme all your PBucks!
Give Them All A Chance
Glorious Eggs
Goids Story 2
Goids Story 5
Goodwill for Easter
Grandest Christmas Party
Grandpa Gekkie
Gray Foxes Dont Drink Cream
Greatest Place to Be
Greedy Arthonus
Guide to Evolutions 1 - 2
Guide to Great PP Friends
Guide to the Witch

Handful of Quartz
Happy Easter to All
Happy New Hope Day
Heart of Ice
Hermit and Magnus
Hero Samoyed 1
Hero Samoyed 2
Hidden Armory
Home for Christmas
Home for Rhomadaka
Honey has a New Baby
Honor and Loyalty
Horseback Riding Lesson
Hospital in New Barkston
How Easter Became
How Hazzard Got So Cranky
How to Write a Resume
Hunter of the Sun

I Love Winter
I Will Carry You
Ilsa, Lone Ferret
In Remembrance of Things
In the Fireplace
In The Heart Of A Wolf
Into the Flames
Island of Terror
Ithildraugs Story

Jaramiyas Lucky Day
Jerans Ferret
John the Hero of Time
Jonah and the Magic Easter Egg
Journey to Elephant City
Journey to Friendship
Jsujsus Toys
Just Off the Power Temple
Just One Wish

Karries Loss
Keeper of Storms
Kidnapping in New Barkston?
Kidnapping of Sugar_Sally
Kitkat Incident
Kuramas Novel
Kuryu: The Mirror of Yoshi
Kyssyla in Moonlight

Lakeside Rescue
Land of Peace
Last Puzzle Piece
Late For The Hunt
Legend of Big White
Legend of Cerana
Let Go Of Me
Lex: Dream Come True
Liane Discovers
Like a Prisoner
Lily2003 Adventures
Little Brother
Little Sister Gets Sick
Long Lost Brother
Long Way Down
Looking for a New Master
Lost Princess of Swiftia
Love of My Life
Lovely Poems
Loyal Sweetie
Lunaria the Star Gazer

Maemos Second Freedom
Magic Battle
Magic Happens
Magic Needles
Magic Potion
Magical Apple
Magical Quest
Many Blooms for a Tune
Mariettes Toy Trouble
Matanuska Memories
Maxs First Easter
Meeting My Powerpets Idol
Meggsie the Hero
Menace, the Collie
Midnight Adventure
Mini Book of Minis
Mom Will Never Know
Mr. Davis
Mr. Fish Tale
Mr. Jantor
Mud-Covered Red Fox
Muddy Christmas Footprints
Muffinbutt has a Wish
My Dog, Frosty
My Little Aradon
My Unique Kuvasz
My Wish List has Failed Me
Mystery at South Lake
Mystic Waterfalls

Nanochka at South Lake
Natasha Takes the Dare
Nayru at the Library
NBs First Christmas
Nearlost Princess
Nedellie Has A Slime Quest
Nero and Doom Day
Never Forget You, Mama
Never Give Up
Never Moves
New Barkston Easter Hunt
New Barkston Poetry
New Color for Mist
New Country Star
New Friend for Max and Jaxx
New Hope
New Owner for Honeybunn
Nixy, Chester, Amy and Duke
No More Chocolate for You
No Place Like Home
Not a Good Weapon
Not Perfect
Not So Angry Librarian
Nova has a Dream
Nova has Mishaps
Novas Secret

Old Habits Die Hard
Old Pals
Once A Year Christmas
Only a Stuffed Sock
Oodles of Poodles
Oofa the Orphan 1
Operation Bunny in Hiding
Oribo the Mystic
Out of Luck

Padam Speaks
Padams Revenge
Panic in Storage Room B
Part of the Pack
Penny Cat
Pet for a Trixie
Pet on the Hill
Pet Shop Kitten
Pets Are for Life
PlumCherrys New Sister 1
Pluto the Fox
Poetry of the Stuffy
Poor But Not Greedy
Pound Somali
Power of the Fire Rod
Power of the Prism
PowerPet Pound
PowerPets Party!
PowerPets Toyland Found
Presents for Christmas
Prince Tryamlet
Princess Saila Moon
Prism Pride 2
Puzzle Hunt

Quest of Mikomi

Rainbow Bridge
Rainy Visitor
Rate Those Books!
Recess Surprise
Reclaiming the Stuffy
Rescuing Samoyed
Return to South Lake
Road to Truth
Roleplaying Tips
Ruby Prince
Rusty in the Arena
Ryono the Bookworm

Saika in a Shack
Sally and Taby
Same Old Fresh Carrot
Sammy Meets Padam
Scaredy-Red Fox
Search for the Power Rock
Secret Friendship
Sequel to Wildfire
Serendipity - The Lost God
Shadowed Past
Shadows of the Night
Shanibell Gets an Egg
Sheba Crosses Over
Sheline the Collie
Shorty and the Bear
Sierra has a Greedy Pet
Signpost Up Ahead
Silver the Samoyed
Slime and Strength
Snowflakes Adventure
Snowy Girl Adventure
Socks of Sock
Somali Tragedy
Somnaire: Winter Wonderland
Sonic and Annie
Sorrows of an Assassin
Sorry I Broke It
Spring Beauty
Spring Birthday Disaster
Spring Chaos
Staff Stuffy Takeover
Sticky Marathon
Stuffy for Sally
Sweet Home Alabama

Tabitha the Somali
Tale of the Saika
Teddy Makes a Friend
Thanksgiving Tears
That Toy
The Best/Worst Easter Ever
The Burst of Spring
The Chekero
The Christmas Story
The Dark Kingdom Book 1
The Dream
The Editor
The Egg of Doom
The Enchanted Lop
The Fisher Boy
The Flower Chair
The Getaway Car
The Great Egg Search
The Haunted House
The Hayrack Ride
The Heart Warmer
The Kidnap of Stuffies
The Kidnapping
The Last Ocean Samoyed
The Legendary White Wolf
The Lonely Maine Coon
The Marathon
The Meaning of Courage
The Missing Necklace
The Pound
The Promise
The Quill
The Return
The Role of a Lifetime
The Rotten Brat
The Runaway
The Secret Quest
The Shamaness Trilogy
The Special Toy
The Story of Ali
The Surprise
The Tag Read Cliche
The Tale of the Mutarats
The Talking Toy
The Tournament
The Truth About Padam
The Vernal Equinox is Coming!
Theory One: Dr. Sayahh
Thiglea the Mini
Through the Eyes of a Cat
Tibera and the Mystery
Tibras Tale, The Forest
Tidy Up Time
Tilly and Melanie
Timetrines Easter
To Be A Knight
Top Ten Ways to Make Money
Toys and Stuff
Track School
Trip to the Forest
Trixy in Ribbons
True Meaning of Christmas
True Moral of Christmas
Tryk Meets Gekkie
Tryk the Trickster
Tryks New Clubhouse
Tryks Spring Time Sister
Tryson and the Golden Fleece
Tryx to the Rescue
Two True Outlaws 2

Ugly Stupid Bulldog
Unemployed in NB
Unique Collie
Up to the Sky

Warm Christmas
Warriors Quest 2
Water Lokui
Weapon Welder
What a Miracle
What Powerpets is About
What You Wish For
When An Owner is Blind
When Thunder Rolls
When We Ate Slime
When You Let Something Go
Where is Santa?
Why Me?
Why We Need Bees
Wild City Collies
Wild Collie II: The Famine
Will You Be My Friend?
Wingz Has A Silver Blanket
Winter Adventure
Winter Wonderland
Wish for Winter
Wish of Xenia
Wish Upon a Star
Wishing on a Star
Wonderful Wish
Wonderland Miracles
Wrath of The Shadow Samoyed

Xiang Museum

Yah! I Could Fly
Yasha, Santa Pet
You Light Up the Whole World