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Guide Introduction

Vampire Pets

Everything you needed to know about Vampire pets in one simple guide

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Vampire Pets

On June 16 2010, Padam released his Vampire Fur Tonic to the unsuspecting PP public. This Tonic is available to purchase in his own shop called Padams Potion. However this Tonic despite its utter coolness and absolute cheapness doesn't come without a warning label and a number of side effects.

When buying the Vampire Fur Tonic there are a number of things to note.

1. Once you put the Tonic on the pet you will be unable to add any more fur tonics to your pet.
2. Your pet will not be able to eat normal food and play with the regular toys. These toys also include the ones that increase your pets strength.
3. The pet will not die as long as one of the bars is full (happy or hunger).

There are only a few ways of being able to keep your Vampire Pet.

1. You will have to feed it blood (in the form of a vial or pouch) which can be bought directly from the Padams Potions shop.
2. The only way to increase your pets happiness is by taking it to a player's playzone.
3. To increase your vampire pets strength you will only be able to use the Berry Box in Kimberroo.

However if you do not wish to have your pet as a vampire anymore (why would you in the first place to save you all this trouble) you will need to have your primary pet set as the vampire pet and then talk to the elder council who will take the tonic off the pet. The council will only take the tonic off if you give them the items they are asking for.