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Guide Introduction

Restaurant Points Guide

Ever wanted to know what was able to be put into your restaurant and the points, well you have come to the right place. Only items that are not on here are retired items, strength items (of course, those can't be placed in the restaurant anyway) and seasonal items which have yet to make an appearance in the stores.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Restaurant Points Guide

15 Points

Boot Full of Shrimp

Crab Fries

Fish Fries

Starfish Chips

Banana Sea Soda

Raspberry Sea Soda

Cherry Sea Soda

Cola Sea Soda

Cream Sea Soda

Grape Sea Soda

Lemon Sea Soda

Licorice Sea Soda

Lime Sea Soda

Orange Sea Soda

Strawberry Sea Soda

Jellyfish Shark-o-Shake

Mussel Shark-o-Shake

Caviar Shark-o-Shake

Octopus Shark-o-Shake

Shark Shark-o-Shake

Crab Shark-o-Shake

Shrimp Shark-o-Shake

Starfish Shark-o-Shake

Raspberry Sea Cream

Nutty Raspberry Sea Cream

Sprinkled Raspberry Sea Cream

Caramel Sea Cream

Nutty Caramel Sea Cream

Sprinkled Caramel Sea Cream

Grape Sea Cream

Nutty Grape Sea Cream

Sprinkled Grape Sea Cream

Lime Sea Cream

Sprinkled Lime Sea Cream

Orange Sea Cream

Nutty Orange Sea Cream

Sprinkled Orange Sea Cream

Strawberry Sea Cream

Nutty Strawberry Sea Cream

Sprinkled Strawberry Sea Cream

Vanilla Sea Cream

Nutty Vanilla Sea Cream

Sprinkled Vanilla Sea Cream

Neapolitan Sea Cream

Nutty Neapolitan Sea Cream

Sprinkled Neapolitan Sea Cream

21 Points

Garlic Shrimp Kabob

Coral Burger

Fried Oysters

Fish On a Stick

Shrimp Kabob

Octopus in a Basket

BBQ Fried Oysters

Sweet And Sour Fried Oysters

Grilled Fish On a Stick

Fish Fillets With Sauce

Fish Fillets With Sauce

Grilled Fish Fillet

Fish Nuggets

Fish Tacos

Octopus on Rice

Bluegill Burger

Octopus On Parsley

Grilled Octopus in a Basket

Cod Fish Burger

Goldfish Burger

Seaweed Burger

60 Points

Cherry Topped Sundae