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Guide Introduction


What is evolutions? Evolutions is the name of the process in which you get your mini. However, there are a couple of steps you have to do before you can create your mini. This guide will explain the steps/phases of evolutions.

Guide Written By Astro

The first step in evolutions is to have all the following petpedias in your bookshelf. You can get these petpedias by completing library quests. For more information about library quests, visit the Library Quest page under the Quests section.

  • PetPedia - Maine Coon
  • PetPedia - Labrador Retriever
  • PetPedia - Kuvasz
  • PetPedia - Collie
  • PetPedia - Bulldog
  • PetPedia - English Sheepdog
  • PetPedia - Samoyed
  • PetPedia - Red Fox
  • PetPedia - Somali
  • PetPedia - Holland Lop
  • PetPedia - Ferret

    Phase 2: The second step in evolutions involves the Evolution Puzzle Pieces. You can get those puzzle pieces several ways. The cheapest way is to complete a Dark Guardian quest for each puzzle piece. You can see more information about the Dark Guardian quest under the Quest section in the navigation bar. You can also buy or trade evolution pieces. Once you have pieces 1-12, you are ready to begin getting your mini.

    Phase 3: After getting Evolution Puzzle Pieces 1-12, you can go visit the Riksja Driver in East New Barkston. You will need to pay him some powerbucks and give him Evolution Puzzle Pieces 1-12. After you do that, he will take you for a ride. You will then find a RANDOM Evolutions Egg. The eggs come in all colors. Depending on the color of the egg, a different mini will hatch from it. To see what minis hatch from what eggs, visit the Mini Colors under the Mini Guide section. If you aren't content with the color of your egg, you may trade it for another egg you want in the swap barn or sell it and buy another one. After deciding what color egg you want, you can finally begin to create your mini.

    Phase 4: See that building at the top? After getting an egg you want, you will need to go to that building in East New Barkston and enter the Evolutions Incubator Building. You will need to log into your powerpets account every day for a couple of days until your mini hatches. If you don't, your mini could die. You will need to buy a couple of items for your mini. They are:

  • A Small Blanket
  • An Incubator Battery
  • A Heating Light Bulb
  • 1 random Food
  • 1 random Toy

    After good care and treatment for a couple of days in the incubator, your mini will hatch.

    Phase 5: If you don't like the color of your mini, you can color them another color in Mini City. Mini City has a lot of features. For more information, visit the Mini City page under the Mini Guide section in the navigation bar.

    Phase 6: This phase isn't yet complete...