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Guide Introduction

Chipmnunk items

List of items from the Chipmunk game! The Acorns aren't listed for further years as they are the same each time you pick the wrong one.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Chipmnunk items
Cracked Acorn
Dipped Acorn
Sprouted Acorn
Topless Acorn
Valentine Acorn
Berry Candy Bear Gummy
Cherry Candy Bear Gummy
Grape Candy Bear Gummy
Lemon Candy Bear Gummy
Licorice Candy Bear Gummy
Lime Candy Bear Gummy
Orange Candy Bear Gummy
Pineapple Candy Bear Gummy
Strawberry Candy Bear Gummy
Angel Chipmunk Stuffy
Ebil Chipmunk Stuffy
Rainbow Chipmunk Stuffy
Black Chipmunk Stuffy
Blue Chipmunk Stuffy
Brown Chipmunk Stuffy
Gray Chipmunk Stuffy
Green Chipmunk Stuffy
Orange Chipmunk Stuffy
Orange Chipmunk Stuffy
Purple Chipmunk Stuffy
Red Chipmunk Stuffy
White Chipmunk Stuffy
Yellow Chipmunk Stuffy
Jar of Hugs and Kisses

Blueberry Rose Sucker
Cherry Rose Sucker
Coconut Rose Sucker
Grape Rose Sucker
Lemon Rose Sucker
Licorice Rose Sucker
Lime Rose Sucker
Orange Rose Sucker
Sour Rose Sucker
Strawberry Rose Sucker
Box of Valentine Cookies
Rose Bouquet
Lovestruck Chick Stuffy

Love Baby Duckling Stuffy
Ugly Baby Duckling Stuffy
Lovestruck Bernese Stuffy
Lovestruck Butterfly Stuffy
Lovestruck Duck Toy
Lovestruck Funny Bunny
Lovestruck Goldfish Stuffy
Lovestruck Hummingbird Stuffy
Lovestruck Orca Stuffy
Lovestruck Pig Stuffy
Lovestruck Starfish Stuffy
Lovestruck Cat Stuffy
Lovestruck Dog Stuffy
Lovestruck Frog Stuffy
Love Train

Love Cheetah Stuffy
Box of Cream Chocolates
Iced Bon Bon
Heart Sticker
Blueberry Heart Macaron
Chocolate Heart Macaron
Green Tea Heart Macaron
Lavender Heart Macaron
Lemon Heart Macaron
Mango Heart Macaron
Mocha Heart Macaron
Raspberry Heart Macaron
Caramel Heart Macaron
Vanilla Heart Macaron