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Guide Introduction

Winteroo items

list of items from the Winteroo game!

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Winteroo items
12 Days of Santa Clause 2002
1. Christmas Cookies
2. Mittens
3. Holly Bear
4. Hot Coffee and Mini Muffins
5. Gingerbread Man
6. Henry Bear
7. Radioactive Candy Cane
8. Blue Candy Cane
9. Christmas Cuddly
10. Candy Cane Bone
11. Red Candy Canes
12. Christmas Power Kitten
Christmas Power Puppy
Christmas Nova
Christmas Gekkie

Holiday Kyla
Holiday Lil Roo
Mashed Potatoes
Apple Cider
Frozen Cranberry Sauce
Angel Cookies
Bag of Snowballs
Gingerbread Woman
Reindeer Icecream Log
Snowman Stuffy
Golden Bell
Inner Tube
Heat Blaster

Winter Bear Stuffy
Jingle Bells
Sugar Cookies
Roasted Chestnuts
Gingerbread House
Winter Bulldog Stuffy
Winter Collie Stuffy
Winter Ferret Stuffy
Winter Gray Fox Stuffy
Winter Holland Lop Stuffy
Winter Kuvasz Stuffy
Winter Labrador Stuffy
Winter Maine Coon Stuffy
Winter Red Fox Stuffy
Winter Samoyed Stuffy
Winter Sheepdog Stuffy
Winter Somali Stuffy

Snowflake Pudding
Marshmallow Snowman
Chestnut Winter Pony Stuffy
Gray Winter Pony Stuffy
Palomino Winter Pony Stuffy
White Winter Pony Stuffy
Black Winter Pony Stuffy
Pine Cone Cannon
Jingle Bell Sword
Candy Cane Club
Holiday Sucker
Blueberry Snowball
Cherry Snowball
Peach Snowball
Grape Snowball
Poinsetta Sword
Ebil Polar Bear Stuffy
Angel Polar Bear Stuffy
Blue Polar Bear Stuffy
Brown Polar Bear Stuffy
Black Polar Bear Stuffy
Red Polar Bear Stuffy
Gray Polar Bear Stuffy
Green Polar Bear Stuffy
Pink Polar Bear Stuffy
White Polar Bear Stuffy
Tan Polar Bear Stuffy
Purple Polar Bear Stuffy
Yellow Polar Bear Stuffy
Orange Polar Bear Stuffy
Rainbow Polar Bear Stuffy
Snowflake Pudding
Marshmallow Snowman
Chestnut Winter Pony Stuffy
Gray Winter Pony Stuffy
Palomino Winter Pony Stuffy
White Winter Pony Stuffy
Black Winter Pony Stuffy

Winter Yak Stuffy
Winter Crane Stuffy
Winter Gibbon Stuffy
Winter Indicus Stuffy
Winter Leopard Stuffy
Winter Loris Stuffy
Winter Mastiff Stuffy
Winter Orangutan Stuffy
Winter Panda Stuffy
Winter Tiger Stuffy
Winter Wolverine Stuffy
Toy Igloo
Yellow Snowboard
Black Snowboard
Blue Snowboard
Green Snowboard
Orange Snowboard
Pink Snowboard
Purple Snowboard
Red Snowboard
Lemon Hot Tea
Green Hot Tea
Orange Hot Tea
Pink Hot Tea
Red Hot Tea
Grape Hot Tea
Lemon Ice Drink
Blueberry Ice Drink
Lime Ice Drink
Orange Ice Drink
Strawberry Ice Drink
Grape Ice Drink
Radioactive Slime Ice Drink
Cherry Ice Drink

Winter Koala Stuffy
Winter Snakeneck Turtle Stuffy
Winter Kangaroo Stuffy
Winter Platypus Stuffy
Winter Dingo Stuffy
Winter Fur Seal Stuffy
Winter Australian Pony Stuffy
Winter Crocodile Stuffy
Yellow Gingerbread Stuffy
White Gingerbread Stuffy
Red Gingerbread Stuffy
Purple Gingerbread Stuffy
Pink Gingerbread Stuffy
Peppermint Gingerbread Stuffy
Orange Gingerbread Stuffy
Green Gingerbread Stuffy
Gray Gingerbread Stuffy
Brown Gingerbread Stuffy
Blue Gingerbread Stuffy
Black Gingerbread Stuffy
White Roo Gummy
Striped Roo Gummy
Red Roo Gummy
Lime Roo Gummy
Spearmint Candy Sticks
Peppermint Candy Sticks
Icey Blue Candy Sticks
Holiday Candy Sticks
Fruity Candy Sticks
Santa Ice Cream Treat
Gingerbread Santa Cookie
Cinnamon Santa Cookie
Sugar Plums
Strawberry Eggnog
Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Berry Sorbet
Frosty Shake
Frosted Cherries
Candycane Cake

Blueberry Reindeer Cookie
Caramel Reindeer Cookie
Cherry Reindeer Cookie
Grape Reindeer Cookie
Lemon Reindeer Cookie
Licorice Reindeer Cookie
Lime Reindeer Cookie
Orange Reindeer Cookie
Strawberry Reindeer Cookie
Vanilla Reindeer Cookie
Devilled Eggs
Green Bean Casserole
Holiday Gravy
Holiday Green Beans
Holiday Ham
Holiday Stuffing
Holiday Yams
Plum Pudding
Mince Pie
Blue Kaleidoscope
Green Kaleidoscope
Orange Kaleidoscope
Purple Kaleidoscope
Red Kaleidoscope
Snowflake Kaleidoscope
Yellow Kaleidoscope
Holiday YoYo
Igloo Playset Springy Penguin
Springy Snowman
Sugar Plum Lisha Stuffy
Sugar Plum Nora Stuffy
Blue Roller Skates
Green Roller Skates
Pink Roller Skates
Purple Roller Skates
Red Roller Skates
Yellow Roller Skates
Holiday Stocking

Frozen Apple
Frozen Asparagus Spears
Frozen Banana
Frozen Broccoli
Frozen Brown Egg
Frozen Carrot
Frozen Cat Shaped Meat Treat
Frozen Chili Beans
Frozen Cherries
Frozen Corn
Frozen Eggplant
Frozen Fish
Frozen Grapes
Frozen Hot Pepper
Frozen Kiwi
Frozen Lemon
Frozen Lima Beans
Frozen Lime
Frozen Michigan Potato
Frozen Orange
Frozen Pear
Frozen Peach
Frozen Peppermint Candy
Frozen Pickle
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Raspberries
Frozen Shrimp
Frozen Spearmint Candy
Frozen Starfruit
Frozen Strawberry
Frozen Turnip
Frozen Watermelon
Frozen Zucchini
Animated Snow Globe
Chubbs Stocking
Educat Stocking
Gekkie Stocking
Lisha Stocking
Miles Stocking
Nora Stocking
Nova Stocking
Poco Stocking
Ratti Stocking
Stickers Stocking
Candycane Cottontail
Candycane Spotted Cottontail
Winter Baby Cottontail

Apple Ornament
Blue Festive Light
Blue Festive Ornament
Green Festive Light
Ice Sculpture Chubbs
Ice Sculpture Gekkie Ice Sculpture Herman
Ice Sculpture Kyla
Ice Sculpture LilRoo
Ice Sculpture Lisha
Ice Sculpture Midas
Ice Sculpture Miles
Ice Sculpture Nora
Ice Sculpture Nova
Ice Sculpture Poco
Ice Sculpture Ratti
Ice Sculpture Stickers
Ice Sculpture Tumid
Jingle Bell Pizza
Lemon Ornament
Multi Flavored Peppermints
Orange Festive Light
Orange Gingerbread Ornament
Peanut Butter Drum
Peppermint Breadsticks
Purple Festive Light
Purple Festive Ornament
Red Festive Light
Red Festive Ornament
Turkey Cottontail Stuffy
Yellow Festive Light