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Guide Introduction

Mini Questions

Questions all about the faithful Minis.

Guide Written By Gelti

Mini Questions
Q: Do minis eat cookies for breakfast?
A:No, they do not. In fact, you do not have to feed your mini, as they are currently self sufficient, keeping themselves happy and fed.

Q: How do you hatch them?
A: To hatch a mini, you first need to have an Evolutions Egg (any sort will do) and 10,000PB on hand. Then you need to go to the Evolutions Building in East New Barkston, which will tell you to enter your egg, and explain that you will need to come back every 22 hours to tend

Q: Why is my mini's energy (regeneration) at 0%?
A: Each time you ask your mini to play with your pet, your pet’s happiness goes UP but your mini gets tired, and needs to rest. It will regenerate itself soon enough :)

Q: Do I have to feed my mini?
A: No you do not.

Q: What happens if I don't play with my mini?
A: Nothing happens, it sits there as happily as before... but it is a cheap way to keep your pet happy!

Q: How do I armour my mini?
A:First you need to have the night stone so that you have access to Mini City.
Secondly, you will need a mini of course... And some armour. You first need to buy Basic Mini Armour, which, depending on the name of your pet, varies in name. IE Ayebuttah Armor, Komor Armor etc.
Then you will need to go to mini city with your armour, go to the mini armory, and select ‘Equip Armor’ from the drop down. Now you can go as often as allowed to add some new armour to your mini! Empty Plastic Bottles and Empty Aluminium Cans are the armour that you will add next.

Q: Where can I get a mini?
A: You can hatch one yourself, by hatching an evolutions egg in the Evolutions Building in East New Barkston, or you can purchase one from Mini Trade. You will need the night stone to purchase a mini yourself.

Q: Where can I sell my mini?
A:When you have the night stone, you will have access to Mini City. And Mini City trade is where you put your mini up for sale. Be warned, it can take a few days for this to happen.

Q: Where can I find an Evo egg?
A: You can purchase one from swaps/shops, from point taken in Kimberroo, they do show up there on some occasions.
Otherwise you can go and visit the Dark Guardian, who is located in North New Barkston near the Northern Woods. He will give you a puzzle piece in exchange for items if you answer his questions correctly! Once you have all 12, you can visit the Riksja Driver in East New Barkston and he will give you an egg in return!

Q: How come my mini doesn't look like me?
A:A mini is one of Padam’s experiments, two animals combined to make a mutated one, nicely called, a mini. That is why it does not look like you

Q: Do Minis need to be played with?
A:No they do not :)

Q: What and where is Mini City?
A:Mini city is the place that allows you to change the colour of your mini, to sell it, to add armor to it, and also the slime purifier is located there. It is located in North America, between Softbonnet and East New Barkston.

Q: What mini’s come from which egg?
A:Red - Sweygar
Pink - Sloprook
Gray - Gobbit
Lime - Serpant
Gold - Sugarus
Blue - Caeprin
Aqua - KinA4
Ruby - Melf
White - Stoateer
Green - Thiglea
Brown - FLEJ26
Easter - Lammick
Orange - Komor
Purple - Unigon
Yellow - Alvac
Emerald - Mutarat
Sapphire - Ligon
Spotted Maroon - Labat
Indigospeckled - Drolf
Sparkling Blue - Ayebuttah
Black and White – Pandakeet

Q: How can I change my mini's color?
A:You will need to have the Night Stone to access mini city, and then you will need to purchase a mini cream rinse in the colour you wish to use. There is a wide range, some cheaper than others and some rare.

Q: What colours are there?