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Guide Introduction

Lil' Roo's book store

List of all the books found in the Lil' Roo's book store.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Lil' Roo's book store
A Bad Summer Dream
A Ballad of Two Friends
A Bark of Another Kind
A Beginners Guide 2 Lops
A Boy and his Dog
A CootieBug Halloween
A Couple of Cousins
A Day and A Life
A Day at Binkie Beach
A Day at the Beach
A Fearless Topaz
A Fight to the Death
A First for Shanara
A Fox Helps Pets Escape
A Friend Like Sunrise
A Gift Truly Remembered
A Glowing Padam
A Halloween To Remember
A Hero In The Rain
A Kingdom for a Play
A Lesson about Fear
A Lesson in Loss
A Lonely Gray Fox
A Miracle Gone Wrong
A Mystery in New Barkston
A New Family
A Pawful of Miracles
A Place to Call Home
A Power Pets Day
A Rottweiler and Mutarat
A Search for a Beetle
A Shopping Trip
A Snowy Valentine
A Song of Snow
A Special Clutch of Eggs
A Spring Cleaning
A Storm of a Dream
A Sword for Micah
A Tournament of Kings
A Trucker Finds A Treasure
A Valuable Lesson
A Vampire in New Barkston
A Whale of a Time
Abandoned Glory
Abandoned Pets
About Minis
Adventure for CootieBug
Adventure of Ice
After a Dog is Beaten
After Summer Surprise
Ahh! Its Alive!
Akias Valentine Day
Alex and Dillan
All About Ferrets
All Alone
All He Wanted Was Love
All I Have
Alone One Night
Alvac and the Knight
Alvac Saves a Tree
Always in My Heart
Am I Ready
Am I The Best?
Amulet of Revenge
An Active Imagination
An Angel in Disguise
An Everlasting Hope
An Interview with Nova
Anaiyus Pet
Angelic Holiday
Are You Addicted To PP?
Are You My Momma?
Arena Frenzy
Aurons First Adventure
Aurons Second Adventure
Australian Pony Adventure
Autograph Hound
Awesome Display In the Sky

Bad Day for Gekkie
Be Afraid
Be Proud of What You Did
Bedtime Tales
Behind The Golden Wall
Being Home
Being More Understanding
Beneath the Secret Room
Beneath the Stars
Best April Fools Ever
Best Buds
Best Camper
Bestest Christmas Ever
Betrayed Tryk Feels Alone
Beyond the Fence
Big Move for Pixea
Big Trouble
Big Win Finds a Friend
Birthday Surprise
Bittersweet Tale
Black Angel
Black Lady
Black Paint Lake
Blossoms in the Snow
Bombs Away
Booys Backyard 2
Born Deaf
Bracing for Braces
Bulldog and his Horns
Bully Pack
Busy Day for Baby Jumbo

Cadences Big Fright
Candy Hearts: The Addiction
Caprica and the Red Alvac
Case of the Missing Pets
Case of the Missing Rakes
Castle By The Sea
Caught in the Rain
Cerulian - Part 4
Chablis Could Not Dance
Changing of the Guardian
Chemmy my Koala
Cherished Time
Cherry Gumdrop
Chinese Waterdragon
Christmas Memory
Christmas Story
Christmas Tree Hunt
Cleaning Day
Coconut and the 7 Kuvasz
Collin The Lazy Collie
Coming Home
Coon Cat Tales
Cootiebug Breaks The Curse
CootieBug Meets The Ogre
CootieBugs First Thanksgiving
Creepy Adventure
Cure for Writer Block

Daecals Great Adventure
Dale Visits Padam
Dancing Hamster
Danger Cave
Dark Deliverance
Dark Loyalty
Dark Orb
Darkblazes 2: Duck Toy
Darkblazes: The Secret Room
Day Off for Medusa
Death of a Good Friend
Diamond in the Mud
Discovering Spring
Discovery for Sierrah
Ditty of Padam Snide
Do I Dare
Dogs to the Rescue
Dragon and Phoenix
Dragon Greed
Dragons of Power Pets
Dream of Shackkles
Dreaming of Snow
Dreams Can Happen

Earning the Right to Live
Easter Earns an Egg
Easter Eggspectations
Egg Behind the Shed
Egg Mystery
Egg of Hofstadter
Eggtastic Surprise
Emily and the White Pony
End of Summer Term
Essence I: Aurora
Evander 2
Evolutions Poem
Exploring the Cave
Exploring the Northern Woods
Eye of the Tiger
Eye Sore

Faerabel and the 1000 pbs
Faerabel Goes To Work
Fall Fair
Falling Snow
Family Love
Family Tradition
Ferret and... flowers?
Finding the Perfect Pet
Fire Collies
Fire Fox: The Heat Idol
First Battle
First Date
First Snow for Daisie
Flower Quest
For You
Forest of Shadows
Forever and For Always
Forever In My Heart
Forever Mortenzia
Formation of the Library
Fragment Of A Star
Freedom Fire
Friend or Foe?
Friends Until the End
From Black Hole to Nova
From Husker To Collie
Frostys Halloween Surprise

Galworts Pet Leaf
Game of Life
Gangsta PP Fame: Vol. 1
Gekkies Greed
Gekkies Greed Teaches Lesson
Gem of a Gift
Getting a New Life
Getting the Night Stone
Gift Or Curse
Glowing Bugs
Go to the Top
Going Rogue
Gold for Short
Gonnard the Gibbon
Graduation Day
Grand Adventure of Stevie
Great Hills of Xiang
Great Winter Adventure
Greedy Gekkie Gets Gifts
Grumpy Rambles
Guidelines for Book Hunting
Guidelines to Contests
Gumtree in Kimberroo
Gust of Wind

Halloween Adventure
Halloween for Rabbiz
Halloween Horror
Halloween Is Haunted
Halloween Lesson
Halloween Pet Safety Tips
Halloween Tayles
Halloween Tragedy
Halloween Trick
Having Courage
Hazzard Halloween
Heart and Mind With Horse
Heart The Explorer
Heavens Grocery Store
Hofstadter and the Tuba
Holland Lop Lost
Home is Where the Heart Is
Home Now
Horse Care
Horse of a Different Size
House on Kimberroo Hill
How To Become Elite
How To Get The Goods 2
Howling Wind
Humiliating Lesson
Hyou and to Eyye

I am Afraid
I Am So Tired
I Like Me As I Am
I Will Love You Always
Ice Skating in South Lake
Im Not Very Original
In Search of Me
In the Deep Shadows
Into The Woods
It Was All a Dream
It Was Me

Jaina Finds A Home
Jamies Magical Adventure
Jealous Red Fox
Journey to a Friend
Journey To The Grooming Parlor
Joy Of Serving Others
Jumbuck The Yowie

Katali and the Magic Crystal
Keeper of the Elements
Keeping A Promise
Keeson and the New Arena
Kiatos Mission
Kindness Goes a Long Way
King Rih
Kirri Finds An Egg

Lady Was My Dog
Last Road from Nowhere
Leading to Love
Learning to Trust
Leave Me Alone
Legend of Cerana
Legend of the Night Stone
Legend of the Rangers
Lesson of Macy
Let us Roll
Libbie and the Minis
Libbie of the Forest
Libbie The Hero
Librarian Love
Life Pays for Doing Good
Lil Roos Secret Admirer
Little Berry Maine Coon
Little Lost Pie
Little Wooden Husker 3
Long Forgotten
Looking For Love
Loony Laws
Lost and Ancient Tales
Lost in a Sea of White
Lost Rope
Lost Somali Kitten
Love Overcomes Everything
Love Overpowers Anger

M and N
Magic March
Maine Coon Sisters
Marina and the Pearl
Marina and the Robbers
Maybe Wishes Come True
Mended Hearts
Mermaids Path
Metaphorically Speaking
Metor and Roo: T.A.O.K.
Mewis and Bark Explorers
Mina and the Mini City
Minilantis: The Lost City
Mirror Monster
Misadventures of Red Squad
Mitsy and Me
Mom Lasts Forever
Moon Glacier
MoonRae and the Mummy
MoonRae in the Snow
Moony Breaks a Bone
Moony Gets A Surprise
Mopsis Island
Mr. Baddy
My Back Foot Forward
My Dog, Anaksalamon
My First Library Card
My Name Was Ralph
My Own Little Beach
My Own Mini
My Unforgettable Day
Myonerus Journey
Mysterious Easter Egg
Mystery of Red Fox
Mystery, Ghosts, Padam

Namesake of Katina
Nasrin Gets a Home
Never Ending Nightmare
New Camera for Sycic
New Found Treasure
New Heros in Newbarkston
New Home for Chaotic Croc
New Year Party of Lehanna
Nightmare of Nova
Niley and the Genie
Nirvana, Bringer of Ebil
No More Kisses
Nora Caught In The Rain
Noras Beautiful Jewel
Not so Foreign
Not The Vet
Nothing To Do
Nova and the Dust Storm
Nova Gets a Date with Nora
Nova Gets Fired
Nova Love
Nova Needs A Helmet
Nova Strikes Back
Novas Bad Fur Day
Novas Hat
Novas Vision
Now and Forever

Old Gray
On A Dreary Spring Day
On Nova Island
One in a Million
Only Five Dollars
Opening Day
Operation Mini-Ewe
Orchids of Innocence
Overview of Collie Rescues

Padam in Kimberroo
Past of Gekkie
Pathway to Love and Care
Patience Found Home
Paw Surfing
Peanut Brittle At Camp
Perchance to Dream
Pet Series 1: Nanaki13
Pixeas Day at the Beach
Plight of the Rose
Poems for After Summer
Poltergeist Evilness
Pound Quartet 1
PowerPets in Israel
PP A Place To Be
Prank Calling PP PD
Precious Jewel
Presents Past
Problems of Sisterhood
Protesting the Shelter
Puppy Mill Blues
Purrday Exploration

Quest for Barkchem
Quirky Tails 1
Quirky Tails 10
Quirky Tails 2
Quirky Tails 3
Quirky Tails 4
Quirky Tails 5
Quirky Tails 6
Quirky Tails 7
Quirky Tails 8
Quirky Tails 9

Rachel the Cool Fox
Rainy Day Nora
Remembering Christmas
Rescue For Mini City
Return to Nova Island
Revealing Who I Am
Rider Goes Bye-Bye
Roxys Ball

Sad Pound
Sam Finds Her Pups
Samoyed and Collie Wars
Samoyed Pup Journey
Scalavar the Explorer
Scary Halloween for Jin-Jin
Scent of a Saika
Scent of Freedom
Second Chances
Secret Agent
Secret Destiny of Pyroblaize
Secret Enchantments 2
Secret of the Library
Secret Shrine
Serving The City A Treat
Shadow_Dancer and The Witch
Sheepdog in Trouble
Siamese Pirates?
Singing to the Moon
Sled Leopard
Slime Beach Slime Monster
Small Treasure

Smokeria Jetterus
Snow Days
Snow Gang
Snow In October
Snow Nightmare
Someone to Understand
South Beach Lifeguard
South Lake Adventure
Spirit Quest
Spooky Story
Spring Flowers
Spring Into the Season
Squeakymouse Diary
Starting a PP Help Site
Stay Away From the Sharks
Still Me
Storm Escape
Story of a Survivor
Story of Bubba
Story of Kayna
Story of Nora
Story of the Century
Strange Egg
Street Lamp
Strength In Numbers
Summer Camp
Summer Memories and News
Sunny Was Bugged

Tail of Annie
Take a Step at a Time
Take Me Home
Tale of a Writer
Tale of the Four

Tale of the Leopard
Tassel in the Tool Shed
Teighan the Explorer
The Abandonment
The Abominable Snow Cat
The Autumn Festival Fair
The Avalanche
The Battle of Trekka Den
The Bear Babbles
The Beautiful Key
The Beauty Inside
The Beauty of Life
The Beauty Within
The Best Birthday Ever
The Best is Yet to Come
The Best School Day Ever
The Book Collector
The Box
The Bugs of Kimberroo
The Chasing Moon
The Christmas Somali
The Consequences
The Couple
The Couple in the War
The Creature
The Creepy Fortune Teller
The Croc and the Koala
The Cruelest Month
The Crystal Ball
The Curse of the Forest
The Curse of the Forest 2
The Curse of the Forest 3
The Day Tigers Could Fly
The Dictionfairy
The Dive of a Lifetime
The Dragon Queen
The Ebil Pony Rides Again!
The Explorers
The Fall Experience
The Flying Feline
The Fur Coat Factory
The Ghost of Talia
The Golden Claw
The Great Adventure
The Great Exploration
The Great Library Heist
The Great PP Depression
The Great Sugar Fight
The Grim Mini
The Guardian
The Halloween Curse
The Halloween Mystery
The Halloween Scare
The Hero
The Heroine
The Hole To Another World
The Immortal Knight
The Kanga Crime
The Kimberroo Beast
The Lab Who Found Christmas
The Last Midnight
The Last Stand
The Lavender Ribbon
The Legend
The Light
The Little One
The Lonely Pet
The Long Journey Home
The Lost and Found Soul
The Lost Collie
The Lost Loris
The Masked Collie
The Meaning of Love
The Midnight Packs Curse
The Midnight Shadow
The Mini King
The Misadventures of Flox
The Misfits
The Missing Trophy
The Mouse and the Somali
The Mud Monster
The Nervous Kitten
The Night Stone
The Nightingale
The Odd Couple
The One Who Was Forgotten
The Orange Book
The Pain of Abandoning
The Past of Alaska
The Place After Death
The Polka Dot Dog
The Power Experience
The Power of Imagination
The PowerPets Effect
The Quest
The Raffle Ticket
The Reunion
The Riddle
The Rope
The Sad Truth
The Sailboat Race
The Sandcastle
The Seabed Surfer
The Search
The Seasons Keeper
The Secret Mini City
The Slime Compactor
The Speed of Courage
The Stolen Stuffies
The Stone Dogs
The Story of the Stones
The Summer Of Kittens
The Tinderbox
The Un-egg-spected!
The Unicorn Stuffy
The Way Life Goes
The Whispers
The World Outside
Then There Was Charlie
There I Was
Think Twice
Tiger on the Loose
Tiki and the Ghost
Times are Changing
Tinkers Gets Groomed
Tinkers Lost and Found
To Be Like Talison
Toss Hop Kick
Treasure Chest
Trip in the Deep Woods
Trip to the Grooming Parlor
Troubles For Gekkie
True Friendship
True Love
Twenty Powerbucks
Twin Ponies
Two Friends

Ultimate Guide to PP
Under the Rain
Universe of New Barkston
Up to the Challenge?

Vacation Pet
Vacation Pet No More
Valor and Honor
Vashta Adventures
Visiting North NB
Vlaise Raantwine

Water Hole
Waves of Loneliness
Weekend Adventures
What Being Brave Means
What Caring Can Achieve
What Not To Feed Your Dog
When Days Are Numbered
When Good Pets Go Bad
When Hamsters Go Bad
When Jimmy met Trixy
When Nova Lost His Shorts
When the Storm Hits
Where are the Eggs
Where I Belonged
Who Is Alone Now?
Who Took It?
Wiccan Tail Part 3
Will anyone want me?
Williams Gift
Winston the Reader
Wishes Do Come True
Wolf Spirit
Working Wonders
World Domination
Worst Day at the Beach

Yard Work
Yard Work Stinks
You Be The Judge
You Mean the World to Me
Young Explorer at Heart

Zuni the Blue KinA4