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Guide Introduction

Chatboard Questions

Questions about the Powerpets Chatboards.

Guide Written By AngelxOxBabiie

Chatboard Questions
Q: Why can't I access some of the chat boards?

A: All users should have access to the Beginners, Player Assistance, Power Dome, Shop, and Powex Forums. Paid Members also have access to the Member's Spot, Beta Test, Suggestion, and Discussion Forums. They can also apply to the PoCo21 or PoCoJr Boards (based on their age). If you own land in one of the PF Cities, you will also have access to the Power Federation Forum and your City Forum. The Staff-Only Boards are only accessable to site staff, which includes the PA Staff Forum, the EMS Board Forum, and the Private Team Forum.
Q: Why was my post tagged and/or deleted?

A: Posts are tagged and/or deleted because they are in violation of one of the PP Chat Rules. To see a full listing of the PP Chat Rules, after signing onto PP, search for “Chat” in the search bar to your left under the category “Help Info,” and once your search returns, click on “What are the chat board rules?”

Q: Why can I not access the Chat Boards?

A: If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed to use either Chat/PMail unless you have written parental consent for your own protection. If you are a new player, you will not have Chat Board access until your account is three days old. You may have also been silenced by Staff if you have caused a disturbance on the Chat Boards.

Q: Why do some people have a P/H/S next to their username?

A: The P stands for Player Assistant; H for Head Moderator; S for Staff Member.

Q: How can I set a theme/avatar for my Chat Board posts?

A: Click on the Settings Icon at the top of your screen, then click on Account Settings. In the middle of the box, there will be a space to set your Theme/Avatar. For themes, Elite players have access to Elite, Nova, and Hazzard themes; Supreme Elite players have access to Elite themes plus Supreme Elite and Chubbs themes; Paid Members have access to Padam, Gekkie, and Brandy themes. You must be an Elite player to set an avatar, or a Paid Member to set an animated avatar.