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Guide Introduction

Internet Browsers

Different browsers you can download and use. If you know of any browsers that work well wth PPmania and PP please let myself (Ancalagon) or Lady_Penryhn know via pmail

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Internet Browsers
Comments on it
Fire Fox
Is an open source internet browser and is free to download (of course). Features include tabbed browsing, bookmarking, a download manager and a spell checker. There are many add ons for this browser which will enhance your internet experience which include an ad blocker which makes the pages load faster. Combined with a good virus scanner, it makes internet browsing a safe experience.
ADayDreamer: I think it loads faster than IE and I like how I can make millions of tabs on one page :P
theGreatSteff: Love the most visited tab bar and all my add ons. Plus look is custimizable
Indecisive: I have firefox. I like that I can have tabs, and coloured ones at that, as well as a customizable background theme.. and it is reliable/fast. Plus it has a toolbar for a social networking site I use. :P
Google Chrome
a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier
Not very safe in my opinion, I prefer Firefox and Iron as my browsers - Ancalagon
This Browser works the same way as Google Chrome except for the added extras which only help Google with bombarding you with unsafe security features. For the table of the features click here
A browser a bit like Internet Explorer only heaps better..or so they say.
Invalidentry: I only like it for powerpets cause of the speed for restocking, while opening tabs is a breeze by cliking the scroll on your mouse, and switching between tabs by hitting ctrl down will move to the next tab and just clicking fast