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Guide Introduction

Successful Shop Guide

Shops are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make Powerbucks

Guide Written By orginal shop guide by Ice-breaker, modified by Gelti.

Successful Shop Guide
Create a Shop

Go to Site Map, and click on My shops then Open My Shop. When you select where your shop will be located, keep in mind that where it is will affect how many powerbucks the taxman will take each time you cash out.It will cost 1,000PB for your first shop, and 10,000PB for each shop after that.

Increase Shop Size

Your shop size is the same number as how much items you can put in your shop. To increase the size of your shop, go to Site Map, and click on My shops, then Edit, and then upgrade shop. You will be charged a small fee each time you do this, and the fee will increase dependant on the amount of items your shop can hold at a time.

Stock Items
- To put items into your shop, go to your Items On-Hand, and click on Quick List.
- Select the checkboxes beside the items you would like to add, or alternatively, click select all.
- Go to the dropdown menu avaliable, and select the shop you wish to move the items to, then click ‘Process’.
- Non Members can have 100 identical items in their shop, members can have 250 identical items.

Price Items
- Go to My Items and then My Shops and select the shop you wish to price.
- If you do not know the price of the item, click the name, and a small pop-up box will appear with the wholesale, average,low and high prices.
- Enter the pb value you would like to charge into the price box. Remember, you will only be able to go a little under the average price, to prevent selling your items too cheaply.
- You will not be able to price unbuyable items under 200,000PB.
Create another Shop

- You can have 3 shops initially, which you can use for galleries, or for shops, depending on what you would prefer.
- When you become elite, you can purchase boosters from the power temple to buy more shops. It will cost two power temple tokens per booster (per shop).
- The maximum amount for an elite person is 6 shops per person.
- When you qualify for Supreme Elite, you can have an additional 4 shops, with boosters, making the total 10.

Create a Gallery

If you would like to start a gallery, go to My Items – My Shops and then Edit. You can change from a shop to a gallery in this area. BEWARE if you change from a shop to a gallery all pricing will be lost.
Galleries are good for displaying collections you may have, or just to show off some cool items to other players.
Start a collection!


Some people choose to collect items that have a value to them, such as some players collect ALL the items onPowerPets, or stuffies, weapons, food, toys, or a colour theme.
It really depends what you want to collect and show off to the rest of the site.


This is the BEST way to make sure people know where to find the great discounts you have offered in your store!

Good luck! :)

Here are some tips and techniques:
- Make sure to update pricing regularly, to allow for fluctuating costs of items. Items cannot be purchased if priced too high!
- Don't price your items too high, or no one will buy from you.
- If you have unbuyables, put them in the swap barn, but items that are 200,000 you can list for 199,999 in your shop if you wish.
- Use the price picker. Sometimes, you get a price picker bonus of 1000PB!
- Make sure to leave a message in your Edit Shops for your shoppers to read!
- Increase your shop size. The larger it is, the more you can stock, and the more you will make!
- Restock from the powermall, and put those items in your shop. It is much cheaper this way.
- Quest items are something that sell well, puzzle pieces etc, and the prices do go up and down frequently.
- Anything you get that you don’t want? Sell it! There’s more money for you!
- The Shop Board does work, but remember. One post every 30 minutes!

Here are some rules you should follow:

- Shop contests are NOT allowed.
- When advertising, only post on Shop Board and city boards that allow it.
- Donation shops are not allowed. If you want to give someone something, use swaps.
- Don’t offer people items if they buy from you, IE ‘I will give you ____ if you buy from me!’ It will get you in trouble.

Now that you have all the information, stock your shop, sit back and watch the profit roll in!