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Guide Introduction

NRH List

This list is the NRH or Nothing Rare Here list. it shows what items can be bought from the store using kbs (kangabucks). If there are items from this list that are missing or are retired, dont be shy to pmail Ancalagon or Lady_Penrhyn with the items names. Correct as of 15th May 09.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

NRH List
NRH List NRH Items Price Guide

_Milo_ Stuffy
-Moms- Stuffy
-SC- Cupid Stuffy
-SC- Stuffy

ADayDreamer Stuffy
Akina the Geisha
Alvac Armor
Ancalagon Stuffy
Angel Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Angel Armadillo Stuffy
Angel Ayebuttah Stuffy
Angel Baby Raccoon (limited time)
Angel Bat Stuffy
Angel Chick Stuffy
Angel Cockatrice Stuffy
Angel Cottontail Stuffy
Angel Crocodile Stuffy
Angel Donkey Stuffy
Angel Dragon Stuffy
Angel Drolf Stuffy
Angel Eagle Stuffy
Angel Easter Egg
Angeleyes77 Stuffy
Angel Fur Tonic
Angel Hermit Crab Stuffy
Angel Hippo Stress Toy
Angel Hippo Stuffy
Angel Indicus Stuffy
Angel Jester Stuffy
Angel Kangaroo Stuffy
Angel Kiwi Stuffy
Angel Kitten Stuffy
Angel Koala Stuffy
Angel Malamute Stuffy
Angel Mini Cream Rinse
Angel MooMoo Stuffy
Angel Octopus Stuffy
f Angel Opossum Stuffy
Angel Pandakeet Stuffy
Angel Power Leopard
Angel Power Panda
Angel Quail Stuffy
Angel Red Fox Stuffy
Angel Snow Goose Stuffy
Angel Snowy Owl Stuffy
Angel Squirrel Stuffy
Angel Stoateer Stuffy
Angel Sugarus Stuffy
Angel Tiger Stuffy
Angel Toy Car
Angel Unicorn Stuffy
Angel Walrus Stuffy
Angel Wolf Stuffy
Angel Worm Stuffy
Aram Stuffy
Ashtu Stuffy
Ayebuttah Armor
Azul the Armorer

B4by_boo Stuffy
Baby Nova Basket
Baby Quail Stuffy
Baby Mittens11131517 Stuffy
Baby Skyboo Stuffy
Babysteps Stuffy
Beach Lisha Stuffy
Beach Nora Stuffy
Beach Poco Stuffy
Belva Stuffy
Benji Stuffy
Black Ayebuttah Stuffy
Black Cockatrice Stuffy
Black Drolf Stuffy
Black Mini Cream Rinse
Black Mutarat Stuffy
Black Pandakeet Stuffy
Black Power Panda
Black Stoateer Stuffy
Black Sugarus Stuffy
Blitzdegal Stuffy
Blue Ayebuttah Stuffy
Blue Caeprin Stuffy
Blue Cockatrice Stuffy
Blue Drolf Stuffy
Blue Flame Fur Tonic
Blue Mini Cream Rinse
Blue Pandakeet Stuffy
Blue Power Leopard
Blue Power Panda
Blue Reindeer Stuffy
Blue Stoateer Stuffy
Blue Sugarus Stuffy
Blue Unigon Stuffy
Brandy Stuffy
Brown Cockatrice Stuffy
Brown Drolf Stuffy
Brown KinA4 Stuffy
Brown Labat Stuffy
Brown Mini Cream Rinse
Brown Pandakeet Stuffy
Brown Reindeer Stuffy
Brown Serpant Stuffy
Brown Stoateer Stuffy
Brown Sugarus Stuffy
Bunchy Stuffy
Bungee the Archeologist

Caeprin Armor
Camo Fur Tonic
Candycane Mini Cream Rinse
Candycane Reindeer Stuffy
Candycane Wombat Stuffy
Cearia Stuffy
Cockatrice Armor
Cool Lion Cub Stuffy
Criminal Nova Stuffy
Curious Lion Cub Stuffy
Cynthiadcc Stuffy

Dark Guardian
Debsmansfield Stuffy
Diamond Aardwolf Statue
Diamond African Barb Statue
Diamond African Civet Statue
Diamond Camel Statue
Diamond Panda Statue
DisneyEvans Stuffy
DMay Stuffy
Dovealone Stuffy
Dragon-Lord Stuffy
DreamingDragon Stuffy
Drolf Armor
Dwight the Judge

Easter Cottontail Stuffy
Easter Power Kitten
Easter Power Panda
Easter Power Puppy
Ebil Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Ebil Armadillo Stuffy
Ebil Ayebuttah Stuffy Ebil Baby Raccoon (limited time)
Ebil Bat Stuffy
Ebil Chick Stuffy
Ebil Cockatrice Stuffy
Ebil Cottontail Stuffy
Ebil Crocodile Stuffy
Ebil Donkey Stuffy
Ebil Dragon Stuffy
Ebil Drolf Stuffy
Ebil Eagle Stuffy
Ebil Easter Egg
Ebil Fur Tonic
Ebil Hermit Crab Stuffy
Ebil Hippo Stress Toy
Ebil Hippo Stuffy
Ebil Indicus Stuffy
Ebil Jester Stuffy
Ebil Kangaroo Stuffy
Ebil Kiwi Stuffy
Ebil Kitten Stuffy
Ebil Koala Stuffy
Ebil Malamute Stuffy
Ebil Mini Cream Rinse
Ebil MooMoo Stuffy
Ebil Octopus Stuffy
Ebil Opossum Stuffy
Ebil Pandakeet Stuffy
Ebil Power Leopard
Ebil Power Panda
Ebil Quail Stuffy
Ebil Red Fox Stuffy
Ebil Snow Goose Stuffy
Ebil Snowy Owl Stuffy
Ebil Squirrel Stuffy
Ebil Stoateer Stuffy
Ebil Sugarus Stuffy
Ebil Tiger Stuffy
Ebil Toy Car
Ebil Unicorn Stuffy
Ebil Walrus Stuffy
Ebil Wolf Stuffy
Ebil Worm Stuffy
Edu Cat the Teacher
Elegon Armor
Emerald Power Egg

Farkus Stuffy
Fire Power Egg
Fire Slime
Fire Slime Aardwolf Stuffy
Fire Slime African Barb Stuffy
Fire Slime Arctic Fox Stuffy
Fire Slime Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Fire Slime BatEared Fox Stuffy
Fire Slime Bulldog Stuffy
Fire Slime Camel Stuffy
Fire Slime Cheetah Stuffy
Fire Slime Civet Stuffy
Fire Slime Collie Stuffy
Fire Slime Crane Stuffy
Fire Slime Crocodile Stuffy
Fire Slime Dikdik Stuffy
Fire Slime Dingo Stuffy
Fire Slime Elephant Stuffy
Fire Slime Ferret Stuffy
Fire Slime Fur Seal Stuffy
Fire Slime Gibbon Stuffy
Fire Slime Giraffe Stuffy
Fire Slime Gray Fox Stuffy
Fire Slime Hare Stuffy
Fire Slime Holland Lop Stuffy
Fire Slime Indicus Stuffy
Fire Slime Kangaroo Stuffy
Fire Slime Koala Stuffy
Fire Slime Kuvasz Stuffy
Fire Slime Labrador Stuffy
Fire Slime Leopard Stuffy
Fire Slime Loris Stuffy
Fire Slime Maine Coon Stuffy
Fire Slime Malamute Stuffy
Fire Slime Mastiff Stuffy
Fire Slime Musk Ox Stuffy
Fire Slime Orangutan Stuffy
Fire Slime Panda Stuffy
Fire Slime Penguin Stuffy
Fire Slime Pig Stuffy
Fire Slime Platypus Stuffy
Fire Slime Polar Bear Stuffy
Fire Slime Pony Stuffy
Fire Slime Porcupine Stuffy
Fire Slime Raccoon Stuffy
Fire Slime Red Bear Stuffy
Fire Slime Red Fox Stuffy
Fire Slime Reindeer Stuffy
Fire Slime Rhinoceros Stuffy
Fire Slime Samoyed Stuffy
Fire Slime Serval Stuffy
Fire Slime Sheepdog Stuffy
Fire Slime Snowy Owl Stuffy
Fire Slime Somali Stuffy
Fire Slime Tibetan Yak Stuffy
Fire Slime Tiger Stuffy
Fire Slime Turtle Stuffy
Fire Slime Walrus Stuffy
Fire Slime Wolverine Stuffy
Fire Slime Zebra Stuffy
FLEJ26 Armor
ForgetfulWitch Stuffy
Freaky Angel Apple
Freaky Ebil Apple
Freeo stuffy

Gakkie Stuffy
Galilao Stuffy
Gekkie Slime Cupcake
Gobbit Armor
Good Ebil Kitten Stuffy
Grandpa Gekkie the Elder
Gray Ayebuttah Stuffy
Gray Cockatrice Stuffy
Gray Drolf Stuffy
Gray Labat Stuffy
Gray Melf Stuffy
Gray Mini Cream Rinse
Gray Pandakeet Stuffy
Gray Sugarus Stuffy
Gray Thiglea Stuffy
Gray Unigon Stuffy
Green Ayebuttah Stuffy
Green Cockatrice Stuffy
Green Drolf Stuffy
Green Ligon Stuffy
Green Mini Cream Rinse
Green Pandakeet Stuffy
Green Power Kitten
Green Power Leopard
Green Power Panda
Green Reindeer Stuffy
Green Stoateer Stuffy
Green Unigon Stuffy
Guitar Stuffy
Gummy-Lady Stuffy

Hawaiian Lion Cub Stuffy
Halloween Fur Tonic
Halloween Kabby Stuffy
Halloween Sweetfire Stuffy
Halloween TheMetal Stuffy
Hawkers Stuffy
Heartburn Power Kitten
Heartburn Power Puppy
Holiday Wombat Stuffy
Homelyangels Stuffy
Huntress Party Stuffy
Huntress Stuffy

Ice Mini Cream Rinse
Iluvmysti Stuffy
ImJustAJoke Stuffy

Jammin-Dolphin Stuffy
JDRipper stuffy
Justmom Stuffy

Kabby Cupid Stuffy
Kabby Party Stuffy
Kabby Stuffy
Kaglean Stuffy
KinA4 Armor
Komor Armor
KrypticLogik Stuffy
Kstrux Stuffy

Labat Armor
LaceyAnn1 Stuffy
Lady_Penrhyn Stuffy
Lammick Armor
Land Deed
Lawnmower Sweetfire Stuffy (retired?)
Lightguardian stuffy
Ligon Armor
Lilroo Slime Cupcake
Lisha Slime Cupcake
Lizzylou Stuffy
Love Holland Lop Stuffy

Maffican Stuffy
Mamapickle Stuffy
Marci the Grooming Lady
McGuire2006 Stuffy
Melf Armor
Melly3422 Stuffy
MikeyJayCat Stuffy
Miss_Informed Stuffy
Mittens11131517 Stuffy
MonsterBigMike Stuffy
Mr Groover Funny Bunny
Mrs Swinger Funny Bunny
MtDewLvr Stuffy
Mutarat Armor

Nebraska Stuffy
New Year Sweetfire
New Year TheMetal
Nova Slime Cupcake

Omas7 Stuffy
Orange Ayebuttah Stuffy
Orange Cockatrice Stuffy
Orange Drolf Stuffy
Orange Gobbit Stuffy
Orange KinA4 Stuffy
Orange Ligon Stuffy
Orange Mini Cream Rinse
Orange Pandakeet Stuffy
Orange Serpant Stuffy
Orange Stoateer Stuffy
Orange Sugarus Stuffy
Orange Unigon Stuffy

Paddy Cottontail Stuffy
Paddy Panda
Painter Nova Stuffy
Pandakeet Armor
Pegasus Stuffy
Picklepuss Stuffy
Pink Ayebuttah Stuffy
Pink Cockatrice Stuffy
Pink Drolf Stuffy
Pink FLEJ26 Stuffy
Pink Gobbit Stuffy
Pink Labat Stuffy
Pink Pandakeet Stuffy
Pink Reindeer Stuffy
Pink Stoateer Stuffy
Pot of Gold Fur Tonic
PrincessUnigon Stuffy
Pouncing Lion Cub Stuffy
Pumpkin Power Kitten
Pumpkin Power Puppy
Purple Ayebuttah Stuffy
Purple Cockatrice Stuffy
Purple Drolf Stuffy
Purple Gobbit Stuffy
Purple Mini Cream Rinse
Purple Pandakeet Stuffy
Purple Power Kitten
Purple Power Leopard
Purple Power Panda
Purple Reindeer Stuffy
Purple Stoateer Stuffy
Purple Sugarus Stuffy

QueenofDorkdom Stuffy

Radioactive Hippo Stuffy
Radioactive Rhino Stuffy
Radioactive Slime Bat Sucker
Radioactive Slime Ice Drink
Rainbow Baby Raccoon(limited time)
Rainbow Cockatrice Stuffy
Rainbow Jester Stuffy
Rainbow Kiwi Stuffy
Rainbow Kitten Stuffy
Rainbow Octopus Stuffy
Rainbow Opossum Stuffy
Rainbow Power Kitten
Rainbow Power Leopard
Rainbow Power Panda
Rainbow Snow Goose Stuffy
Rainbow Snowy Owl Stuffy
Rainbow Squirrel Stuffy
Rainbow Wolfox Stuffy
Randy the Librarian
Rayna Party Stuffy
Rayna Stuffy
Red Ayebuttah Stuffy
Red Cockatrice Stuffy
Red Drolf Stuffy
Red Flame Fur Tonic
Red FLEJ26 Stuffy
Red Gobbit Stuffy
Red Mini Cream Rinse
Red Pandakeet Stuffy
Red Power Leopard
Red Power Panda
Red Reindeer Stuffy
Red Stoateer Stuffy
Red Sugarus Stuffy
Red Unigon Stuffy
Red_Dwarf Stuffy
Renfrogrl Stuffy
Renovator Nova Stuffy
Rexus Stuffy
Rick the Rickshaw Driver
Runa the Sales Lady
Russell the Zookeeper

Sassytiera stuffy
Sayahh the Veterinarian
Scary Jar of Pure Slime
Serah the Sales Lady
Serpant Armor
Sheffield the Sheep Herder
Shelley the Collector
Shy Lion Cub Stuffy
Silver Pony Stuffy
SilverWhisper Stuffy
Skyboo Stuffy
Slime Aardwolf Stuffy
Slime African Barb Stuffy
Slime African Civet Stuffy
Slime African Elephant Stuffy
Slime Alaskan Malamute Stuffy
Slime Arctic Fox Stuffy
Slime Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Slime Australian Pony Stuffy
Slime Ball
Slime Bat Eared Fox Stuffy
Slime Black Rhinoceros Stuffy
Slime Bulldog Stuffy
Slime Camel Stuffy
Slime Cheetah Stuffy
Slime Collie Stuffy
Slime Crocodile Stuffy
Slime Dikdik Stuffy
Slime Dingo Stuffy
Slime Emperor Penguin Stuffy
Slime Ferret Stuffy
Slime Fur Seal Stuffy
Slime Gibbon Stuffy
Slime Giraffe Stuffy
Slime Gray Fox Stuffy
Slime Hare Stuffy
Slime Holland Lop Stuffy
Slime Indicus Stuffy
Slime Japanese Crane Stuffy
Slime Kangaroo Stuffy
Slime Koala Stuffy
Slime Kuvasz Stuffy
Slime Lab Retriever Stuffy
Slime Leopard Stuffy
Slime Loris Stuffy
Slime Maine Coon Stuffy
Slime Mastiff Stuffy
Slime Musk Ox Stuffy
Slime Orangutan Stuffy
Slime Panda Stuffy
Slime Pig Stuffy
Slime Platypus Stuffy
Slime Polar Bear Stuffy
Slime Porcupine Stuffy
Slime Raccoon Stuffy
Slime Red Bear Stuffy
Slime Red Fox Stuffy
Slime Reindeer Stuffy
Slime Samoyed Stuffy
Slime Serval Stuffy
Slime Sheepdog Stuffy
Slime Snake Neck Turtle Stuffy
Slime Snowy Owl Stuffy
Slime Somali Stuffy
Slime Squirrel Stuffy
Slime Tibetan Yak Stuffy
Slime Tiger Stuffy
Slime Walrus Stuffy
Slime Wolverine Stuffy
Slime Zebra Stuffy
Sloprook Armor
Snow Crocodile Stuffy
Snow Ferret Stuffy
Snow Holland Lop Stuffy
Snow Kuvasz Stuffy
Snow Leopard Stuffy
Snow Red Fox Stuffy
Snow Sheepdog Stuffy
Soft_Angel Stuffy
Spider Chubbs Stuffy
Spinn Stuffy
Starfire998 Stuffy
Starry Power Egg
Stoateer Armor
Stripe Power Egg
Sugarus Armor
Supreme Elite Trophy
Sweet Fire Bear
SweetChyld Stuffy
Sweetfire Cupid Stuffy
SweetFire Party Stuffy
Sweetfire Stuffy
Sweygar Armor
Syxx Stuffy

Tad the Diving Teacher
Talison Cupid Stuffy
Talison Party Stuffy
Talison Stuffy
Tasslehofff Stuffy
Tan Mini Cream Rinse
The Metal Bear
TheGreatSteff Stuffy
TheMetal Cupid Stuffy
Themetal Party Stuffy
TheMetal Stuffy
Thiglea Armor
Trader Vic Stuffy
Traxxgirl Stuffy

Unigon Armor

Valentine Funny Bunny
Valentine Power Kitten
Violetorchid Stuffy

Wedding Crasher Padam
Wedding Guest Aeria
Wedding Guest Akina
Wedding Guest Ashley
Wedding Guest Azul
Wedding Guest Bandit
Wedding Guest Benji
Wedding Guest Bob
Wedding Guest Bria
Wedding Guest Britany
Wedding Guest Bubba
Wedding Guest Bungee
Wedding Guest Cameo
Wedding Guest Chicago
Wedding Guest Cilantro
Wedding Guest Cotton
Wedding Guest Cynthia
Wedding Guest Dark Guardian
Wedding Guest Dash
Wedding Guest Desi
Wedding Guest Dr Sayahh
Wedding Guest Educat
Wedding Guest Eve
Wedding Guest Hazzard
Wedding Guest Howl
Wedding Guest Joe
Wedding Guest Kristie
Wedding Guest Lil Roo
Wedding Guest Marci
Wedding Guest Medic
Wedding Guest Midas
Wedding Guest Mildred
Wedding Guest Missy
Wedding Guest Mo and Jo
Wedding Guest Nanners
Wedding Guest Nessie
Wedding Guest Poco
Wedding Guest Randy Wedding Guest Ric
Wedding Guest Rummy
Wedding Guest Runa
Wedding Guest Russell
Wedding Guest Serah
Wedding Guest Sharkfather
Wedding Guest Sheffield
Wedding Guest Shelley
Wedding Guest Tad
Wedding Guest Trader Vic
Wedding Guest Trunks
Wedding Guest Tumid
White Ayebuttah Stuffy
White Cockatrice Stuffy
White Mini Cream Rinse
Wildfire Mini Cream Rinse
Winter Cottontail Stuffy
Winter Fur Tonic

Yellow Ayebuttah Stuffy
Yellow Cockatrice Stuffy
Yellow Drolf Stuffy
Yellow Gobbit Stuffy
Yellow Labat Stuffy
Yellow Mini Cream Rinse
Yellow Pandakeet Stuffy
Yellow Power Leopard
Yellow Reindeer Stuffy
Yellow Serpant Stuffy
Yellow Stoateer Stuffy
Yellow Unigon Stuffy

Zara Stuffy