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Guide Introduction

Dune Digger items

list of items from the Dune Diggers game!

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Dune Digger items
Sauerkraut Hotdog
Blue Sandcastle Mold
Red Sandcastle Mold
Pail and Shovel
Rainbow Beachball
Whale Stuffy
Beach Nova Stuffy
Dolphin Stuffy
Shark Stuffy
Beach Gekkie Stuffy
Conch Shell
Lobster Stuffy
Mantaray Stuffy
Sea Star Stuffy
25 kangabucks

Rainbow Seahorse Stuffy
Pink Seahorse Stuffy
Orange Seahorse Stuffy
Purple Seahorse Stuffy
Blue Seahorse Stuffy
Yellow Seahorse Stuffy
Green Seahorse Stuffy
Red Seahorse Stuffy
Purple Dolphin Stuffy
Pink Dolphin Stuffy
Orange Dolphin Stuffy
Yellow Dolphin Stuffy
Green Dolphin Stuffy
Blue Dolphin Stuffy
Rainbow Dolphin Stuffy
Pink Turtle Stuffy
Purple Turtle Stuffy
Blue Turtle Stuffy
Green Turtle Stuffy
Yellow Turtle Stuffy
Orange Turtle Stuffy
Red Turtle Stuffy
Roasted Marshmallows
Bucket of Chicken

Water Gun
Small Pool
Sunflower Chew Toy
Iced Tea
Water Bottle
Message in a Bottle
PP Sunblock
Clam Stuffy
Dragonfly Stuffy
Ladybug Stuffy
Tropical Fish Stuffy

Berry Drink Box
Cherry Drink Box
Grape Drink Box
Lemonade Drink Box
Lime Drink Box
Orange Drink Box
Strawberry Drink Box
Gray Power Flyer
Green Power Flyer
Orange Power Flyer
Pink Power Flyer
Purple Power Flyer
White Power Flyer
Yellow Power Flyer
Blue Hermit Crab Stuffy
Green Hermit Crab Stuffy
Orange Hermit Crab Stuffy
Peach Hermit Crab Stuffy
Pink Hermit Crab Stuffy
Purple Hermit Crab Stuffy
Red Hermit Crab Stuffy
Yellow Hermit Crab Stuffy
Black Seagull Stuffy
Blue Seagull Stuffy
Green Seagull Stuffy
Orange Seagull Stuffy
Pink Seagull Stuffy
Purple Seagull Stuffy
Red Seagull Stuffy
Yellow Seagull Stuffy

Aqua Surfboard
Blue Surfboard
Brown Surfboard
Citrus Surfboard
Green Surfboard
Lime Surfboard
Orange Surfboard
Pink Surfboard
Purple Surfboard
Red Surfboard
Rainbow Surfboard
Sunset Surfboard
Teal Surfboard
Watermelon Surfboard
Yellow Surfboard
Berry Bishop Chess Gummy
Berry Castle Chess Gummy
Berry King Chess Gummy
Berry Knight Chess Gummy
Berry Pawn Chess Gummy
Berry Queen Chess Gummy
Cherry Bishop Chess Gummy
Cherry Castle Chess Gummy
Cherry King Chess Gummy
Cherry Knight Chess Gummy
Cherry Pawn Chess Gummy
Cherry Queen Chess Gummy
Grape Bishop Chess Gummy
Grape Castle Chess Gummy
Grape King Chess Gummy
Grape Knight Chess Gummy
Grape Pawn Chess Gummy
Grape Queen Chess Gummy
Lemon Bishop Chess Gummy
Lemon Castle Chess Gummy
Lemon King Chess Gummy
Lemon Knight Chess Gummy
Lemon Pawn Chess Gummy
Lemon Queen Chess Gummy
Lime Bishop Chess Gummy
Lime Castle Chess Gummy
Lime King Chess Gummy
Lime Knight Chess Gummy
Lime Pawn Chess Gummy
Lime Queen Chess Gummy
Blue Fish Pool Toy
Brown Fish Pool Toy
Green Fish Pool Toy
Orange Fish Pool Toy
Pink Fish Pool Toy
Purple Fish Pool Toy
Red Fish Pool Toy
Yellow Fish Pool Toy
Trick Kite
Cloud Chew Toy
Dandelion Chew Toy
Leaf Chew Toy
Sunshine Chew Toy
Citrus Summer Slime
Strawberry Summer Slime
Berry Summer Slime
Cherry Summer Slime
Prune Summer Slime
Orange Summer Slime
Blueberry Summer Slime
Blackberry Summer Slime
Banana Summer Slime
Tropical Summer Slime

Blue Water Balloon
Orange Water Balloon
Green Water Balloon
Pink Water Balloon
Purple Water Balloon
Red Water Balloon
Yellow Water Balloon
Blue Soaker Balls
Green Soaker Balls
Orange Soaker Balls
Purple Soaker Balls
Red Soaker Balls
Yellow Soaker Balls
Blueberry Cake and Icecream
Lime Cake and Icecream
Orange Cake and Icecream
Strawberry Cake and Icecream
Grape Cake and Icecream
Cherry Cake and Icecream
Lemon Cake and Icecream
Blue Kazoo
Green Kazoo
Orange Kazoo
Pink Kazoo
Purple Kazoo
Red Kazoo
Yellow Kazoo
Blue Fire Ant Stuffy
Green Fire Ant Stuffy
Orange Fire Ant Stuffy
Pink Fire Ant Stuffy
Purple Fire Ant Stuffy
Red Fire Ant Stuffy
Yellow Fire Ant Stuffy
Shipwreck Playset
Dolphin Pinata
Butterfly Cottontail Stuffy
Stormy Cottontail Stuffy
Hot Nachos
Plain Nachos
Piggy Wrap
Piggy Wrap with Cheese
Piggy Wrap with Ketchup
Piggy Wrap with Mayo
Piggy Wrap with Mustard
Piggy Wrap with Relish
Piggy Wrap with Syrup
Summer African Barb Stuffy
Summer Ferret Stuffy
Summer Giraffe Stuffy
Summer Japanese Crane Stuffy
Summer Kuvasz Stuffy
Summer Lion Stuffy
Summer Maine Coon Stuffy
Summer Panda Stuffy
Summer Poodle Stuffy
Summer Red Fox Stuffy
Summer Rhino Stuffy
Summer Cottontail Stuffy
Summer Wolf Stuffy

Angel Lionfish Stuffy
Angel Orca Stuffy
Angel Pigeon Stuffy
Black Licorice Slushie
Black Lionfish Stuffy
Black Orca Stuffy
Black Pigeon Stuffy
Blue Lionfish Stuffy
Blue Orca Stuffy
Blue Pigeon Stuffy
Blueberry Freezies
Blueberry Honey
Blueberry Parfait
Brown Lionfish Stuffy
Brown Orca Stuffy
Brown Pigeon Stuffy
Cherry Freezies
Cherry Honey
Cherry Parfait
Cherry Slushie
Cola Slushie
Ebil Lionfish Stuffy
Ebil Orca Stuffy
Ebil Pigeon Stuffy
Grape Freezies
Grape Honey
Grape Parfait
Grape Slushie
Gray Lionfish Stuffy
Gray Orca Stuffy
Gray Pigeon Stuffy
Green Lionfish Stuffy
Green Orca Stuffy
Green Pigeon Stuffy
Ice Blue Slushie
Lemon Freezies
Lemon Honey
Lemon Parfait
Lemon Slushie
Lime Freezies
Lime Honey
Lime Parfait
Lime Slushie
Orange Freezies
Orange Honey
Orange Lionfish Stuffy
Orange Orca Stuffy
Orange Parfait
Orange Pigeon Stuffy
Orange Slushie
Pink Lionfish Stuffy
Pink Orca Stuffy
Pink Pigeon Stuffy
Purple Lionfish Stuffy
Purple Orca Stuffy
Purple Pigeon Stuffy
Rainbow Lionfish Stuffy
Rainbow Orca Stuffy
Rainbow Pigeon Stuffy
Raspberry Parfait
Red Lionfish Stuffy
Red Orca Stuffy
Red Pigeon Stuffy
Strawberry Freezies
Strawberry Honey
Strawberry Parfait
Strawberry Slushie
Tan Orca Stuffy
Vanilla Slushie
White Lionfish Stuffy
White Orca Stuffy
White Pigeon Stuffy
Yellow Lionfish Stuffy
Yellow Orca Stuffy
Yellow Pigeon Stuffy

Angel Rex Stuffy
Ebil Rex Stuffy
Black Rex Stuffy
Blue Rex Stuffy
Brown Rex Stuffy
Gray Rex Stuffy
Green Rex Stuffy
Orange Rex Stuffy
Pink Rex Stuffy
Purple Rex Stuffy
Red Rex Stuffy
White Rex Stuffy
Yellow Rex Stuffy
TRex Rider
Tricera Rider
Green Tea Rex
Hard Boiled Dino Eggs
Pteriyaki Chicken Wings
Stego Steak
Tricera Tacos
Tyranno Ribs

Banana Ice Cream Cup
Berry Ice Cream Cup
Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cup
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cup
Mango Ice Cream Cup
Vanilla Ice Cream Cup
Neapolitan Ice Cream Cup
Aqua Salamander Stuffy
Black Salamander Stuffy
Blue Salamander Stuffy
Brown Salamander Stuffy
Green Salamander Stuffy
Purple Salamander Stuffy
Red Salamander Stuffy
White Salamander Stuffy
Bekko Koi Stuffy
Gin Matsubi Koi Stuffy
Giraffe Koi Stuffy
Kumonryu Koi Stuffy
Ochiba Koi Stuffy
Orenji Ogon Koi Stuffy
Showa Koi Stuffy
Tanch Koi Stuffy
Utsuri Koi Stuffy
Grape Yogurt Popsicle
Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle
Cherry Yogurt Popsicle
Orange Yogurt Popsicle
Blueberry Yogurt Popsicle
Raspberry Yogurt Popsicle
Bubble Gum Yogurt Popsicle
Melon Yogurt Popsicle
Dark Chocolate Yogurt Popsicle
Tomato Yogurt Popsicle
Chocolate Yogurt Popsicle
Dragon Fruit Yogurt Popsicle
Crocodile Inflatable
Dolphin Inflatable
Japanese Crane Inflatable
Moray Eel Inflatable
Sea Turtle Inflatable
Nova Sprinkler
Lisha Sprinkler
Nora Sprinkler
Poco Sprinkler
Tumid Sprinkler
Gekkie Sprinkler
Nanners Sprinkler
Ratti Sprinkler
Stickers Sprinkler
Kyla Sprinkler
Lil Roo Sprinkler
Miles Sprinkler
Sharkfather Sprinkler

Badger Sponge
Black Saturn Stuffy
Black Summer Azure Stuffy
Blue Flower Pillow
Blue Saturn Stuffy
Blue Summer Azure Stuffy
Bulldog Sponge
Bumble Bee Stuffy
Cotton Candy Swirl Pop
Frozen Blueberry Yogurt
Frozen Chocolate Yogurt
Frozen Peach Yogurt
Frozen Strawberry Yogurt
Frozen Vanilla Yogurt
Frozen Watermelon Yogurt
Fruity Swirl Pop
Gecko Sponge
Grape Swirl Pop
Green Flower Pillow
Green Saturn Stuffy
Green Summer Azure Stuffy
Hamster Sponge
Lemon Sherbet
Lime Swirl Pop
Mint Sherbet
Numbat Sponge
Orange Flower Pillow
Orange Saturn Stuffy
Orange Sherbet
Orange Summer Azure Stuffy
Orange Swirl Pop
Parrot Sponge
Penguin Sponge
Pink Beachball
Pink Flower Pillow
Pink Saturn Stuffy
Plastic Black Snake
Plastic Blue Snake
Plastic Brown Snake
Plastic Coral Snake
Purple Flower Pillow Purple Saturn Stuffy
Purple Summer Azure Stuffy
Rainbow Saturn Stuffy
Rainbow Summer Azure Stuffy
Red Summer Azure Stuffy
Slinky Snake
Smiley Beachball
Soft Black Towel
Soft Blue Towel
Soft Brown Towel
Soft Green Towel
Soft Red Towel
Soft White Towel
Soft Yellow Towel
Starry Beachball
Tricolored Beachball
Watermelon Beachball
White Flower Pillow
White Saturn Stuffy
White Summer Azure Stuffy
Yellow Flower Pillow
Yellow Summer Azure Stuffy

Angel Toy Airplane
Bent Tree Stuffy
Black Pogo Stick
Blue Lawnmower
Blue Pogo Stick
Blue Toy Airplane
Brown Toy Airplane
Bunny Pull Toy
Chocolate Dolphin
Chocolate Sea Slug
Chocolate Seal
Chocolate Seashell
Chocolate Shark
Chocolate Starfish
Cloudy Toy Airplane
Crashing Toy Airplane
Doggy Pull Toy
Ducky Pull Toy
Ebil Toy Airplane
Elephant Pull Toy
Froggy Pull Toy
Green Lawnmower
Green Pogo Stick
Green Toy Airplane
Lightning Toy Airplane
Orange Pogo Stick
Pink Lawnmower
Pink Pogo Stick
Pink Toy Airplane
Powerpets Toy Airplane
Purple Lawnmower
Purple Pogo Stick
Purple Toy Airplane
Radioactive Toy Airplane
Rainbow Lawnmower
Rainbow Pogo Stick
Rainbow Toy Airplane
Red Lawnmower
Red Pogo Stick
Red Toy Airplane
Yellow Lawnmower
Yellow Pogo Stick
Yellow Toy Airplane