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Guide Introduction

Making Powerbucks

Wondering how to make powerbucks? Read on and this guide will tell you how!

Guide Written By HANNAL60 + Lady_Penrhyn

Making Powerbucks
When you first join Powerpets you are given approx 2,500 PB's. It manages to see you through to buy food or toys for your pets. Yet when you advance through the site and start doing quests or giving gifts to friends on Powerpets or even buying your very own house, this will cost you more money. This is all about making more money so you can advance through the site easily and steadily. Begging for money off other players is not allowed. There isn’t a way where you would be in too much need. There are so many freebies around the site:

Tips On Making Powerbucks

Padam's Shack

Padam’s shack is in North New Barkston. There are 3 sections to Padam's Shack, the Card Pile, the Armor Pile and the Hidden Door. Each area gives you different items and has different times as to when you can visit again.

Items that you usually find in Padams Card Pile:

  • Scratch 4 Power Card
  • Break and Win Big Card
  • Luck of the Draw Card
  • Power Picks Card
  • Job Agency Power Card
  • Box Breaker Coin
  • Piece of Firewood

This area can be visited every 2 hours

Items that you usually find in Padams Armor Pile:

  • Leather Strips
  • Bar of Steel
  • Bar of Titanium
  • Empty Aluminium Can
  • Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Piece of Firewood

This area can be visited every 6 hours

Hidden Door:

You can only get items from here on special days, and are limited edition items only. Good luck in finding out the mystery of the door!


Kyla is located in Xiang Chung-Shi and can give you the following

  • Job Agency Power Card
  • Lucky Silver Coin
  • Random amount in pbs
  • Box Breaker Coin
  • Random Food + Drink
  • Knowledge!

Northern Woods

Another freebie area. Northern woods are also in North New Barkston. It *was* a lake and a lovely wood but people put toxic slime in it to save money. Easily and freely you can take some slime and maybe sell it for money or feed it to your pets and it gives you pet’s strength. But again, you can only visit after a number of hours to make it fair for everyone.

Items you can get from Northern Woods:

  • Radioactive slime
  • Super radioactive slime
  • Ultra radioactive slime.


Also, a great place for making money! Otherwise known as gaming city, this is a city full of different games you can play. From Bowling to Tetris to Shoot ups there’s definitely something to suit your taste. As well and having fun and building skill the higher your score on games the more tokens you can get. Points mean tokens. Tokens mean Powerbucks. Pb’s mean Party ;). But the scoring on each game is different. E.g. you could get 5 points on one game and then get 5 pb’s. But in another game you could get 5 points and then get 500 pb’s. It all depends on the game you’re playing but they vary in difficulty.


But to get money from these items you must use shops. You can create your very own shops and give them names and choose their location. You can put items you have purchased from the Powermall (see Powermall) or items you have got free and sell them. By the end of the month you’ll be sitting on a lot of cash!

Job Agency

Another great way to make money! To get a temporary job you must get a job card. They come from Padams shack or random events. You can also purchase them for player shops or the swap barn but they do come at a price. Anyway, at the Job agency (East New Barkston) they will ask you for some items. Be aware of bringing them back before your time limit (120 mins) then as a reward you will be given an item and some Power bucks.

Long Term Savings Bond

A long, but easy way to make money...Go to the bank (N.B.I.C) in North New Barkston and invest in a savings bond. These are easy ways of making money by doing, well, nothing! Ok, lets say you put 10k into the bank. And if you get the 24 week 25% interest bond then after 24 weeks of simply putting money into the bank you will get 2500 pb’s! But, lets say you put 1 million Powerbucks into the bank (Woah!) Then after 24 weeks you will get 250k by doing nothing! It’s a long procees but it gets you far!


A quick but risky way to make PB's. Powex is basically stocks and shares. Depending on what part of the site gets used the most depends on what stocks rise or fall. The best thing to do is talk the people on the powex board and get the daily tip or get some guidelines usually HANNAL60 pops on each day to check things out and help with the BSA thread. Why is this way of making money risky you ask? Well there are lots of reasons since no ones tips are quaranteed. If you check out the stocks 7-day history it should say whether its likely they'll go up or down but they can easily drop.Also if servers are down if affects the stocks and if the servers are down for a lengthy period of time the best thing to do is sell your shares.


What are Hackers and Scammers and how can they affect me?

  • Hackers and Scammers are people who try and get into peoples accounts and perhaps muck them up or snoop into your business. On all sites there are Hacker, scammers including PP. So NEVER give out any personal info or your password to you PP account because some people like to do things against the rules and go into other peoples accounts and steal money/items. But there’s nothing to worry about. :) Just change your Pass once a month and be careful with people you don’t know. It rarely happens and lets keep it that way ;)

I need more money for things I want to do, how can get I get lots quick?

  • First of all, take money in your stride, everyone starts the same and we all trek up mount ‘No money’ To begin with. But as times goes on you will get more money that you can sit on comfortably. Just use what you need and save up for things but don’t rush things. But to get money quick you could use tickets. On Powerpets you can purchase scratch cards and a sort of lottery ticket that could get you money quick. But don’t count on it though, there are lots of other people on the site wanting to win too ;).