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Guide Introduction

Padam's Shack list

Wanted to know what you can get from Padam's Shack in North New Barkston, heres the list.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Padam's Shack list

There are two piles at Padam's shack, the front pile is a pile of cards and the back is full of armor. There is also the door which can be opened at certain times of the year.

At the back of the Shack

  • Leather Strips
  • Bar of Steel
  • Bar of Titanium
  • Diamond
  • Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Empty Aluminum Can
  • Piece of Firewood
At the front of the Shack

  • Piece of Firewood
  • Scratch 4 Power Card
  • Break and Win Big Card
  • Luck of the Draw Card
  • Job Agency Powercard
  • Power Picks Card
  • Box Breaker coin
  • Wheel of Chance Token
Behind the door
Halloween 2008

  • Freaky Blueberry Apple
  • Freaky Caramel Apple
  • Freaky Cherry Apple
  • Freaky Licorice Apple
  • Freaky Lime Apple
  • Freaky Orange Apple
  • Freaky Raspberry Apple
  • Freaky Strawberry Apple
  • Freaky Vanilla Apple
  • Freaky Rainbow Apple