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Guide Introduction

Xiang Book store

List of all the books found in the Xiang Book store.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Xiang Book store
A Conishabelle Tale
A Destined Meeting
A Husker Named Courage
A Meow_Two Tale
A Nova Wallet
A Tryks Toy
Adventure of Bellakay
Adventures for Fluffy2
Adventures Prelude
Age and Time
Ajaxlan Loves Toys
Akalas Story
All I Wanted to See
All That Matters
Alvac Bush
Always and Forever
Ambrose Adventure
An Elf Named Jasmine
Angn and Mirris Big Adventure
Another Scolding
Arthonus at a Horse Show
Arthonus Perfect Christmas
Atermion: Beginning

Bad Baby!
Bad Owner
Barkston Chronicles
Barren Road
Bath Time Horror
Battle of Barkston
Battle On
BeautyBlacks Easter Magic
Because of a Puppy
Being the Easter Husker
Bella Has a Birthday
Belle Alicom
Best Big Sister Ever
Better to Be Nice
Big Accident
Big Bad Collie
Big Ferrets Little Poem
Birthday Presents
Black Snow
Bloody Fire
Blue Goo Mystery
Blue Ribbon
Bond of Friendship
Borkys Valentine Wish
Boyfriend Shopping
Brightest Star
Broken Dream
Broken Snowblower
Brother for Evo
Brush Fire: Youth
Bubba Buddha Takes a Break
Bubby Knows All

Calyas Tricky Tryk
Cassies Life Lesson
Chat Room Etiquette
Cheeks Christmas Search
Chibis Egg Hunt Mystery
Christmas by Myself
Christmas Caroling
Christmas Eve Poem
Christmas for The Rave
Christmas Hinting
Christmas Morning for Ivy
Christmas of FoxyRoxy2003
Christmas of Hope
Christmas Soup
Christmas Tale of Grandma
Christmas Wish for Tibra
Christmas Wish of Saskia
Circle of Life
City of Hydraqua
Clareesh the Fox
Cloud Wings
Collection of Rejection
Collie Canyon
Collie Who Was Not
Color of Fire
Colorful Summer
Comets Secret
Content Kaikura
Count Von Tryk
Couple of Tricksters
Creampuff Valentine
Cuddly Attack
Cunning Magistrate
Curse of the Witch

Dark Guardian Discovered
Dark Survivor
Dark Times: Old Barkston
Darkness in New Barkston
Darkness of the Heart
Daughter of the Wind
Death of a Grandmother
Dedicated to All of 9-11
Dedicated to My Dog
Defending Meverth
Desert Journey
Desperate Hour for Ikon
Destiny of Leferd
Detective Sox 4
Diamond for my Owner
Different But The Same
Digging is a Life Saver
Do Not Brag
Dont You Care
Double-Dog Dare
Dream Fighter
Dream of New Barkston
Dreams for the Future

Easter Eggs Attack
Easter Lop
Easter on my Own
Easter Project
Eat Your Dinner!
Egg Craze
Empty Pawed
End of an Era
Enigma Crystal
Escaped Criminal
Eternias Dream
Every Pet Finds Love
Every Sherlock
Evil Hamsters Attack
Evil Puzzle
Evolutions Easter Egg
Evolutions Incubator

Fabled Alaska Cove
Fairy Folk
Fairy Tale
Fall of Serpenton
Families of Sonoma
Fascinating Twitchmonkeys
Fate, Glory, and Hope
Ferret Gang Returns
Field Trip
Fiery Fox
Find Me
Finding a Lost Heart
Finding Timothy
Five Ways to Make Money
Fluffy2 in the Library
Forbidden Valentine
Forever Free
Four Seasons of Thieves
Foxwyk Folly
Friends Do Matter
Friendship Never Dies
From Within
FyreStormes New Stuffy

Gekkies Fun with Fur Tonics
Gekkies Great Uncle Bruno
Gibbon Known as Eshe
Gift - American Tradition
Gift for Angel
Gift of Friendship
Gilda and Dawen
Going Home At Last
Good Morning America
Goodbye Old Fur
Goofy Poem
Gorby: The Runaway Gradys Daring Excursion
Grandpa Tibra Tells a Tale
Great Treasure
Grossed Out Gekkie
Guardian Angel
Guide to the Power Boards

Happy Birthday Lang Lang
Happy Together
Harebell the Warrior Hare
Harry has a Bizarre Day
Have Courage Abby
Have Faith
Heart Cake for Mom
Heart of Gold
Heart Stone
Her Gift
Hidden in the Mist
Hidden Rainbow
Hikarru and Lanfear
Holmer by the Chair
Holy Pockets!
Horse Wish for Christmas
Hot Chocolate by the Fire
Hot Summer
How I Found Silver
How Much Do They Love Me?
How to Get the Goods
How To Write How-To Books
How Xiang Chung-Shi Came to Be
Hunter Lop

I Have a Secret
I Think of You
I Will Keep Her Knowledge
I Will Never Forget You
Ice Caves
Icy Cold
Idris the Brave
If I Could Be
Ignorance Is Best
Imadil Cries
Impossible Christmas Wishes
In the Darkness
In With The Trash!
It Started with Fireball
It Was So Unfair
Its Not Stealing!
Izzas Adventure
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jeremys Alaska Poetry
Just Like Me

Katias 1st Holiday Season
Kiakas Fear
Kiskas Surprise
Kitten Rescue
Knights of New Barkston
Kuvasz Tale

Labby Saved My Life
Last Elven Alaska
Laughter Festival
Learning About Choices
Left Alone
Legend of Setonon
Legend of the Forces
Leopards Tale
Leprechaun Gold
LeSrAm EiNeV: LovE StoRy
Let the Game Begin
Letting Go
Life Alone
Life is a Song
Life is Good
Life of a Powerpet
LilRuss and Her Day Out
LilRuss and Her Toys
Little Bit of Love
Little Blue Riding Hood
Little Boys with Snow
Little Kuvasz Christmas
Little Mystery Solvers
Little Squirt
Little Tibra Twins
Little Wooden Husker
Little Wooden Husker 2
Lizzie and Carlos
Lonely Maine Coon
Lost City of Pickle Pets
Lost Frontier
Lost in the Lake
Lost in the Northern Woods
Lost Kitty in the Big Woods
Lost Samoyed Pup
Lost, Not Yet
Love Between Two Species
Love Takes Time
Loyal Flame
Lucias Adventures
Lucky Christmas
Lyle Helps at Christmas

Madasons Adventures
Maemo Missing
Magic Bond
Maiden of the Blue Moon
Mail Call
Make It To The Incubator
Making Linkie Listen
Managing Trixie
Marigaia Mountains
MarSel VenIe
Max, the Desk Dog
Me and My Husker
Me and My Sock
Me Too!
Meaning of Friendship
Metal Wonderland
MetalKit for Christmas
Military School
Mini Me
Minkachi Finds an Egg
Miracle of Easter
Miracle of Ricko
Missing Pearls
Mists Easter
Molly, Ownerless Dog
Mona Helps Out
Moon and All the Stars
Moons Woodland Quest
Morning Before Christmas
Most Precious Christmas
Most Useless Book Ever
Moving to Town
Much Abandoned Alaska
My Little Buddy
My Name is Josephine
My New Owner
Mysterious Egg
Mysterious Hidden Cave
Mysterious Orb 1
Mystery of Rainbow Princess
Mystery of Storage Room B
Mystery: The Beginning
Mystic Sword
Myth of Legendary Defenses

Naming Your Pet
Narrow Escape
Naughty Semi Devil
Never Feed the Dragon
Never Go To Padams Shack
Never Meant To Be
New Barkston Cabby
New Look at Christmas
New Mysteri
Next Door Tibra
No Pet Left Behind
No Problem, Pal
No Shelter for Bangs
Northern Woods Armory
Northern Woods Horror
Not Enough Time
Not So Dainty Husker
Nova Goes Broke
Nova the Thief
Novas New Wallet

Oboe Told You So
Oddball Omar
Of My Heart
Oh Well, That Is Life!
Old Husker
Old Red Book
One and the Same
One Day at the Park
Origin of Ebil

Padam and the Sock
Padam Shack History
Padams Christmas
Padams Shack - The Truth
Partners in Crime 1
Patience and Time
Peer Pressure
Penny has a Box
PeoplePedia - Staff
Pet Ponies 1: New Student
Picnic Surprise
Pinball Player
Pink Plastic Grass
Plot of Padam
Poem - A Heart of Gold
Poem - Gekkie and Novas Walk
Poems for Sammie
Popular Crowd
Pound for Abandoned Pets
Power Map
Power of Christmas
PowerBucks the Lazy Way
Precious and Smithers
Pup Named Scrab
Puppy Mill Puppies

Quest of Life 1
Quest of Life 2

Rare Stuffy
Real Meaning
RedDawg and Phoenix
Rescuing the Power Bucks
Researching Trixies
Resident Ebil
Return of Mary Mary
Revenge of the Labbies
Rich or Poor
Ride Along with Slushbucket
Rogues Star

Sabrina has a Toothache
Safe Place
Saika Explains Christmas
Saint Nick and Aurianna
Sale Day at the Parlor
Sally Small Wish List
Samantha, Young Sheepdog
Samanthas Sales Kit
Samara Saves The City
Samoyed Ice 2
Samoyed Visits His Home
Sasil and Tauntrol
Sassys Halloween
Save our Wildlife
Scarlet Egg
Sea Monster Cave
Secret Cave
Secret Friendship 2
Secret of Love
Selfish Coon
Serenity, Simply Put
Seventy-Three Squared
Shadows Of the Night 2
Shamara the Alaska
Sharing and eggs
Shattered Dreams
Shootout In East NB
Silver Drake
Simple Gift
Skaras Christmas Surprise
Skylers Bad Fur Day
Sledding Tryk
Smallest Gift
Snow Goddess
Snowball Fight Competition
Snowflake Queen
Snowstorm Coming
Sol Blade
Someone to Trust
Someone Who Cares
Sometime To Live
Spirit of the Moon
Spirits Journey
Spirits Prophecy
Spring Adventure for Trying
Spring Birth
Spring Cleaning
Spring Love
Spring Surprises
Starless Nights
Starting Out On Powerpets
Starting Over
Stash of the Dark Guardian
Sticky Fingers
Stone Game - The Sequel
Stop those Thieves!
Stories of the Metropolis
Stories of the Tundra
Strange World
Stuck on a Snowy Day
Summer Lights
Surprise of the Heart
Sweet Dreams

Tables Turned
Tasting It
Tears: Sled Husker
The Camping Trip
The Destined Rescue
The Diamond Cave 5
The Fairy Tibra
The Legend of the Dragon
The Poundkeepers Pet
The Problem With Minis
The Real Easter Bunny
The Stolen Toy
The Tax Scandal
The Unthinkable
The Young Sleeping Husker
This Is Who I Am
Those Days
Three Tries of Hope
Thunderball the Husker
Time to Start Over
Timing is Everything
Tips on Toys
Tonaeo and Robynn
Topels Tiny Toy
Toys at the South Lake
Trapped and Freed
Trash Can Tibra
Treasure of My Heart
Trouble Blossoms
Troublesome Dumping
Troys Summer Vacation
Two Boys Toys
Two Kinds of Love

Ultimate Responsibility
Under the Stars
Underground Armory Scam
Underground Easter Secret
Understanding Death
Underwater Village Unemployment Blues
Unknown Secrets
Until Forever

Very Great Christmas
Very Rare Tryk
Visit to Padam
Visiting Kate

Wandering Around Xiang
Wanted Weapon
War of the Downfall
Warp Ring
Warriors Quest 3
Water in the Underside
What About Labbies?
What Did I Do?
What the Storage Room Stores
Where Secrets are Told
Whitediamond has an Ebil Duck
Who Sleeps Where?
Why Are They Being Mean?
Why Do Things Happen?
Why I Play
Wilder Intentions
Wind of Spring
Winter Fairy
Winter Like No Other
Winter Love
Winter Night
Winter of Shamaness
Wish for a Toy
Wishing Well
Wolf Knights
Wooden Doors

Xaviyor Tale
Xiang Chung-Shi

Yahuli Learns a Legend
You Are My Sunshine
Yours Always, Santa