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Guide Introduction

Board Avatars

Want to be unique on the chat boards and don't know whats available, then this is the list for you. To set your avatar, go to account settings and click on the dropdown that has set avatar next to it, choose your avatar and click on the button configure.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Board Avatars
Non Animated Avatars.
Cherries Sapphire Stone Baby Chick Birthday Bear Draco Stuffy Ebil Panda
Purple Unigon Starry Bear Hazzard Love Kitten

Animated Avatars.
Blueberry Ice Halloween Ghost Mini Paddy Cuddle Puff Ball Stocking Walking Time Bomb 5000kbs
Aluminum Can Angel Cottontail Angel Face Angel Hippo Angry Face Bite Me Bling Bling Piggy Cardboard Box
Broom Candycane Reindeer Chalk Board Christmas Bear Chubbs Collie City Confused Face Cookie
Cookie Dough Cool Face Cupid Cupids Bow Cupids Pendant Dark Guardian Dart Board Diamond
Dolphin Dolphin City Doodle Board Dorky Face Eagle City Easter Bird Basket Easter Bunny Easter Egg
Easter Kitten Easter Lolly Ebil Cottontail Ebil Cuddly Ebil Face Emerald Space Rod Blue evo egg FarmersSF
FarmersTM Fire Drive by Fire Slime Fire Truck Fishy Flying Bat Freaky Cat Fred
Frog Gecko City Girly Face Glitter Kitten/td> Green Apple Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Cat Happy Face
Happy Lolly Hiding Face Hummingbird Hungry Face Hyper Face Jack in the Box Job Card Jumping Gekkie
Jumping Pumpkin KinA4 Kuvasz City Kyla Labrador City Lazy Face Leprechaun LOTD card
Metal Drive by Moody Face Moomoo Moonhook Mr. + Mrs. Clause Mummy Mutant Owl
Paddy Cottontail Paddy Kitten Panda Peemeelba Penguin Penguins Poco Polar City
Pompom Pony City Pool Power Puppy Power Temple Token Pumpkin Purple Car Radioactive Chubbs
Radioactive Tiger Ragdoll Roasted Marshmallow Rocking Horse Sad Face Scroll SF + TM Bear Sheepdog City
Shocked Face Sick Face Silly Face Skunk Sleepy Face Slimeball Slime Lollipop Smell Well deodorant
Somali City Sparkly Spirit Chicken Star Stuffy Summer Flower Sunshine Tennis Ball Cannon Terrified Turkey
TM Flexing TM Singing Tic Tac Toe Tiger Pinata Train Turnip Val. Power Kitten VDay Balloon
Video Game Warlock Nova Water Bone Water Gun With Wolfox City Valentine Gekkie Valentine Kyla
Valentine Lilroo Valentine Lisha Valentine Nora Valentine Nova