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Guide Introduction

Chatting 101

Tips to get you familiar with the chat boards on PP and also the best way to start a conversation.

Guide Written By Stargirl

Chatting 101

One of the best things about PowerPets is the variety of people you can talk to on our chat boards. The most active of these boards is usually the Beginners board, which all players have access to, so if you're looking to carry on a good conversation with somebody, this is the place to do it! Other boards exist for other uses, so check them all out!

To read another user’s message on the board, click on the message title, and read what the user has to say! To respond, type your comment in the box at the bottom of the screen and click “Post Message”. To create a message of your own, click “New Message” on the main board screen.

Reading and creating messages is fairly straightforward, but chat board etiquette is a bit trickier to master. So, in order to help you out, PPetsHelpSite has compiled a list of chat board do's and don’ts.


~ Be polite and respectful. Hateful comments are a no-no, as are name-calling, teasing, and bashing. If you wouldn't want it to be said to you, don't say it to someone else. ~ Make an effort to understand what other users are trying to say, and respond accordingly. (Ex. If you read a post by a user describing something bad that's happened to them, chances are "LOL" would not be an appropriate response.)
~ Make an attempt to get to know other users and be friendly. Gloomy posts may fit your mood at the present, but they won't help you make friends.
~ P-mail users who you would like to get to know more. Don't write them a book, but do say hello, introduce yourself, and let them know that you'd like to talk. Don't pry about personal info, though. That will just get you blocked.
~ Read your post before clicking on the button that will allow other users to see it. Make sure that you won't hurt anybody's feelings.


~ Beg. I can't stress this enough. Don't beg, don't beg, and don’t beg! Asking questions is OK, but requesting items and/or money will just get everybody around you annoyed, and get you blocked. Don't beg!
~ Be disrespectful of another user. This includes making negative comments about age, gender, race, intelligence, or anything else about them. Making jokes is OK, but only if everybody knows that you're just joking (putting "j/k" at the end of a post may help clear that up, but if you know that you're pushing it, just don't post!)
~ Spam (spamming is when you post the same message over and over again). Not only will this get you tagged, it will annoy the heck out of anyone else on the board.
~ Post shop/website/product ads. This does count as spam, will get you tagged, and will annoy everyone on the board.

Well, that's just about it. If you have any ideas that you think should be added to this list, send them (via p-mail) to Ancalagon.

Thanks for reading, and have fun on the boards!