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Guide Introduction

Easy Quests

A lot of other guides will simply tell you the items, but this guide will show you how to find items that can be used all by yourself.

Guide Written By Jungle_Love

Easy Quests
  • Care Points are gained by giving toys and food to other pets around the site.
  • You can only give to the same pet one time per month.
  • Pets must be friendly and must have a need for the item you're prepared to give. Meaning, their happiness level should be below 100 before they'll accept a toy and they should be a bit hungry before they'll accept your treat.
  • Only items with a rarity up to 998 qualify for Care Points.

  • How many care points will you receive for each item?
    To find the answer to this simply look at the rarity of the item. Add 1 to the last number in the rarity number and you'll know how many points you'll receive.

  • For Example:
    The toy or food item you have on hand has a rarity of 992. With "2" being the last digit of the rarity number, add that to 1 and you'll see you gain 3 Care Points by giving that item to someone's pet.

    Rarity of 990 = 1 Care Point
    Rarity of 991 = 2 Care Points
    Rarity of 992 = 3 Care Points
    Rarity of 993 = 4 Care Points
    Rarity of 994 = 5 Care Points
    Rarity of 995 = 6 Care Points
    Rarity of 996 = 7 Care Points
    Rarity of 997 = 8 Care Points
    Rarity of 998 = 9 Care Points

    Items from the following 5 shops qualify for Care Points:
  • Hydration Station
  • Simply Delicious
  • Playpen
  • All Things Stuffed
  • Universal Toys

    Tips for finding new pets to treat throughout the month:

  • Visit the chat boards, click users' profiles and treat their pets.
  • Visit the Swap Barn, click "View Newest" and treat all the pets you can from there.
  • Visit each district in your city and other cities, clicking profiles for property owners and treat their pets as well.
  • Revisit the chat boards and swap barn at various times of the day to catch new users that weren't online during your previous visits.

    The higher the rarity isn't always the best buy for your care points. It's usually cheaper to buy 8 items with a rarity of 990 (which will give you a total of 8 care points) than it is to purchase one item with a rarity of 997. But that also depends on how much time you want to spend visiting profiles and pets' pages to reach your current goal.