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Guide Introduction

General Site Questions

General Questions about the PP site.

Guide Written By Gelti

General Site Questions
Q: What's that little picture under my name?
That little picture is called an Avatar. There are quite a few avaliable, but you also need to be elite/supreme elite/member for some of them. There are of course some for those just starting too!

Q: Where can I change it?
Go to the Blue Smiley Ė Account Settings Ė Avatar. There is a drop down list, so choose the one you like and there it is!

Q: How do I become Elite?
You will need to first visit the Power Temple in Xiang Chun Shi to see the requirements.
Then you will need to work through the requirments until all are completed, and then click the qualify button! You will get noted on the achievement bar if you achieve elite status.

Q: What's a PAID Log In?
When you donate to powerpets, you get the option to buy a 30 day membership. When you log in, there will be the word MEMBER before powerpets in the address bar. You donít need to worry about this, the login page will log you into the correct place.

Q: What happens when I am a member?
When you become a member you get access to more boards, more swaps, and more profile/chat options, such as avatars, a details page for your profile, and themes on the chat boards! There are many more bonuses to this, all of which you can see in the member centre :)

Q: What's a fur tonic?
A fur tonic is a tonic put on your pet to change its color. There are 32 of them avaliable, plain colours, flame, animated.

Red Fur Tonic
Tan Fur Tonic
Blue Fur Tonic
Love Fur Tonic
Gray Fur Tonic
Luau Fur Tonic
Snow Fur Tonic
Ebil Fur Tonic
Camo Fur Tonic
Pink Fur Tonic
Angel Fur Tonic
Berry Fur Tonic
Brown Fur Tonic
White Fur Tonic
Green Fur Tonic
Black Fur Tonic
Yellow Fur Tonic
Orange Fur Tonic
Purple Fur Tonic
Winter Fur Tonic
Monarch Fur Tonic
Birthday Fur Tonic
Heartburn Fur Tonic
Red Flame Fur Tonic
Halloween Fur Tonic
Blue Flame Fur Tonic
Green Flame Fur Tonic
Pot of Gold Fur Tonic
Blue Morpho Fur Tonic
Yellow Flame Fur Tonic
Chocolatecheese Fur Tonic
Radioactive Slime Fur Tonic

Q: What are purchase points?
A:These enable you to shop at the powermall for items at wholesale price. You are given 40 each day, and when this reaches zero you will have to get more to continue shopping. You can get more by armouring your pets, or by completing quests from around the site. The amount you are given varies from quest to quest.
They are mainly to stop people buying all the items too quick, and gives everyone more of a chance to go shopping.

Q: What is the goal of a quest?
You earn purchase points, and items for every quest that you do. You can sell these, or you can keep them.

Q: Where is the dumpster?
It is located in Badgeria

Q: Where can I chat?
The powerboard forums are avaliable for people over the age of 13, or with parental consent for chatting with other players. Just click the purple cloud at the top of your bar, and select power boards.

Q: What is that blue link at the top for?
It is when you get a new event, such as a pmail, a swap offer, a swap accepted/rejected, or items auctioned. When you click the event it will direct you to the place that it refers to, such as pmail, swaps, or bidding barn. It will disappear as soon as it is clicked.

Q: Where can I ask for help without using the feedback form?
There is the player assistance board, or beginners board if you have access to the forums. Both of these places with have people to help you with any question you might have.

Q: Why does PP Judge not reply to my mail?
Because the account is not monitored. It is simply used to send out reminders, and information to players.

Q: How often does the games list update?
About every 6 hours.

Q: How do I pay taxes?
When you are owing taxes there will be a link to your property on the welcome back page, with a note that tells you that taxes are owed. Otherwise, click the PF logo and go to my properties and pay it that way.

Q: What are care points and how do I get them?
Care points are the points you are given when you treat/play with a friendly pet on someones profile. You can only play with friendly pets, and you can only give each pet one treat a month. The amount of points you receive vary on the rarity of the item.
For more information, read PowerPets Maniaís care point guide.

Q: What are library cards for?
So that you can read books written by other power players in the Power Federation library. You can get these from Tumid the Puffin for doing his quest in Noorvik or from swaps/shops.

Q: What is a toolbox for?
When you choose to construct a house in the power federation, you will need to purchase some tools, and this is where they go.

Q:How do I buy land?
There are two ways to purchase land, either with Powerbucks, or with a land deed. You will need to go to the PF at the top, choose the city you live in, click Districts, and then select either Purchase with Powerbucks or Purchase with Deed.
Then choose the property you would like, and there you go!

Q: What are pearls for?
We are not sure exactly yet, but they will be used as currency in Abyss shops. Keep an eye on updates to find out!

Q: Why can I not talk on the boards?
If you are under 13 years of age, you are considered a minor and will need to get parental consent on the form listed and get that sent into PowerPets to prove you are allowed to chat.

If you can view the boards, but cannot post, you may have been silenced, which means that you had 3 or more posts deleted, or your behaviour was not appropriate. You will get a pmail each time a post is removed to explain why.

Q: What is Miles Magic Box?
Each Tuesday and Friday, there will be a new Miles quiz up. You get 3 clues, and have to guess the item. The winners are randomly drawn on a Tuesday and a Friday, and if you win, you get the item that you guessed correctly from the vault.

Q: Why donít I have my own stuffy?
Members that donate 100 credits or more, go into a draw each month to win a stuffy made after themselves! It is an extra incentive for those who can donate to do so, and it means they can have their own replica on the site.
It is made to look like the user, and is avaliable from Credit Store and NRH.

Q:How do I make money?
You can do it a few different ways. Playing games is a fun and easy way to make Powerbucks, restocking your Power Store is also another way.

Q:How do I get trophies?
There are quite a few trophies on powerpets, ranging from winning certain games, site helpers, getting the care points for the week, becoming supreme elite and many other ways. Take a look around and see what else you can find!

Q: I got a Giftpack/Credits but I didnít donate?
Sometimes when you are lucky you will get a giftpack or credits donated to you by a friend.. They donít have to list their name so it can be just a little surprise for you!

Q: When I want to become Supreme Elite do I need to read the books?
Yes. You cannot become supreme elite simply by having them on your shelf. You will need to rate each of the 3000 books before they will count!

Q: I have friends who want to join, but how can they make me money?
You need to go to the referral centre in sofbonnet, and send them the link with your referral code. Depending on how much they play, you will earn Powerbucks!
You can also win trophies depending on how much money your friends make for you, so get out there and encourage people to join and play!