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Guide Introduction

Non-Retired books

Full list of Non-Retired books, all 2638. Updated last on the 26/1/2009

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Non-Retired books
10 Steps to Getting Rich

A $20 Powerbuck Lesson
A Bad Summer Dream
A Ballad of Two Friends
A Bark of Another Kind
A Beginners Guide 2 Lops
A Boy and his Dog
A Broken Promise
A Caterpillars Dance
A Childhood Story
A Christmas Miracle
A Christmas to Remember
A Circle Formed
A Collie Story
A Conishabelle Tale
A CootieBug Halloween
A Cosmo Bear Poem
A Couple of Cousins
A Cutie_Cat Halloween
A Dangerous Game
A Daughters Love for her Mom
A Day and A Life
A Day at Binkie Beach
A Day at the Beach
A Destined Meeting
A Dream Come True
A Fearless Topaz
A Few Seconds Left
A Fight to the Death
A Fireopal Quest
A First for Shanara
A Fox Helps Pets Escape
A Friend Forever
A Friend Like Sunrise
A Gift FROM the Sky
A Gift Truly Remembered
A Glowing Padam
A Gray Fox Named Courage
A Guide to be the Best
A Halloween To Remember
A Hero In The Rain
A Holland Lop Christmas
A Home for Sentra
A Horse Story
A Joke on Mum
A Kingdom for a Play
A Kuvasz Stuffy
A Lesson about Fear
A Lesson for Hanna
A Lesson in Loss
A Lesson Learned
A Lesson Learned The Hard Way
A Little Love
A Little Pink Bear
A Little Too Late
A Lonely Gray Fox
A Meow_Two Tale
A Mini Encyclopedia of Minis
A Miracle Gone Wrong
A Muddy Garden
A Mystery in New Barkston
A New Beginning
A New Family
A New Friend for Jake
A Nova Wallet
A Painting in a Haunted House
A Pawful of Miracles
A Place to Call Home
A Poem for my Owner
A Power Pets Day
A Powerpets Poem
A Red Foxes Toy
A Riksja Driver
A River of Trouble
A Rottweiler and Mutarat
A Samoyed Just Like Me
A Search for a Beetle
A Second Chance
A Secret Project
A Shooting Star
A Shopping Trip
A Short Easter Tale
A Simple Wish
A Snowy Valentine
A Song of Snow
A Special Clutch of Eggs
A Spring Cleaning
A Storm of a Dream
A Strange Toy
A Sword for Micah
A Teardrop Tale
A Test of True Love
A Toggi Trip
A Tournament of Kings
A Trip to the Temple
A Trucker Finds A Treasure
A Valuable Lesson
A Vampire in New Barkston
A Whale of a Time
Abandoned Glory
Abandoned Pets
About Minis
Accidents Will Happen
Addicted to Shopping
Adventure for CootieBug
Adventure of a Lifetime
Adventure of Bellakay
Adventure of Ice
Adventure of Snow
Adventures for Fluffy2
Adventures of Dusty the Pup
Adventures of Mara 1
Adventures Prelude
After a Dog is Beaten
After Summer Surprise
Age and Time
Ahh! Its Alive!
Airies Dream
Ajaxlan Loves Toys
Akalas Story
Akias Valentine Day
Alex and Dillan
Alien and Alium
All About Ferrets
All Alone
All He Wanted Was Love
All I Ever Wanted
All I Have
All I Wanted to See
All That He Had
All That Matters
Allergic Samoyed
Almost too Late
Alone One Night
Alvac and the Knight
Alvac Bush
Alvac Saves a Tree
Always and Forever
Always in My Heart
Always low on Money?
Am I Made of Money?
Am I Ready
Am I The Best?
Ambitious Samoyed
Ambrose Adventure
Amelia the Chubby Bear
Amethyst Poetry 1
Amulet of Flight 1
Amulet of Flight 2
Amulet of Flight 3
Amulet of Revenge
Amy Has a New Friend
An Act of Kindness
An Active Imagination
An Angel in Disguise
An Easter Tale
An Elf Named Jasmine
An Everlasting Friendship
An Everlasting Hope
An Interview with Nova
An Ode to Simply Delicious
An Ordinary Day or Not
An Unexpected Present
An Unexpected Surprise
Anaiyus Pet
And the Winner is...
Angelic Holiday
Angn and Mirris Big Adventure
Animal Cruelty
Anny and Jessica
Another Scolding
Any Good Books?
Approaching Padams Shack
Are You Addicted To PP?
Are You My Momma?
Arena Frenzy
Arfelines Sister
Arfelines Tour
Arthonus at a Horse Show
Arthonus Perfect Christmas
Ask Instead of Taking
Atermion: Beginning
Attack of the Croutons
Aurons First Adventure
Aurons Second Adventure
Australian Pony Adventure
Autograph Hound
Awakened Unicorn
Awesome Display In The Sky

Back to Normal
Back To The Real World
Backyard Fright of Bunny
Backyard Snowball Fight
Bad Baby!
Bad Day for Gekkie
Bad Dreams!
Bad Owner
Banned FROM the Library
Barkston Chronicles
Barren Road
Basic Shopkeeping Techniques
Bath Time Horror
Battle at the Library
Battle for Serenity
Battle of Barkston
Battle of Bulldog 1
Battle of Bulldog 2
Battle of the Mini
Battle On
Battling Babi
Baxters First Fight
Bazzbis Halloween
BC - Little Piggy
Be Afraid
Be Kind, It Pays
Be Proud of What You Did
Be The Best Shopkeeper
Beam of Hope
Bear the Ferret
Beautiful Golden Egg
BeautyBlacks Easter Magic
Because of a Puppy
Becoming a Big Sister
Becoming a Champion
Becoming the Best
Bedtime Tales
Before New Barkston
Before the Hatching
Behind Door Number Two
Behind The Golden Wall
Behind the House of Padam
Being Home
Being More Understanding
Being the Easter Collie
Bell the Hero
Bella Has a Birthday
Belle Alicom
Beloved Mini
Beneath South Lake
Beneath the Secret Room
Beneath the Stars
Beryl the Samoyed
Best April Fools Ever
Best Big Sister Ever
Best Buds
Best Camper
Best Christmas Ever
Best Easter Ever
Best Friend of Lily
Best Friend Poems
Best of Friends
Best Team of New Barkston
Bestest Christmas Ever
Betrayed Red Fox Feels Alone
Better to Be Nice
Beware of the Dog
Beyond the Fence
Beyond Toys
Big Accident
Big Bad Collie
Big Ferrets Little Poem
Big Move for Pixea
Big Trouble
Big Wide World
Big Win Finds A Friend
Bini and Bizkit
Birthday Book
Birthday Presents
Birthday Surprise
Bittersweet Tale
Black Angel
Black Lady
Black Paint Lake
Black Snow
BlindingLights Friends
Blood Moon
Bloody Fire
Blossoms in the Snow
Blue Goo Mystery
Blue Ribbon
Bombs Away
Bond of Friendship
Booys Backyard 2
Borkys Valentine Wish
Born Deaf
Born Different
Boyfriend Shopping
Bracing for Braces
Braeyanne and Other Poems
Brief Overview of Collies
Brighter Flames
Brightest Star
Broken Ankle Christmas
Broken Dream
Broken Snowblower
Brother for Evo
Brother for Tryk
Brush Fire: Youth
Bubba Buddha Takes a Break
Bubby Knows All
Bulldog and his Horns
Bulldog is Thankful
Bully Pack
Bunny Bird of Easter
Burdened Blade
Busy Day for Baby Jumbo
Buy! Buy! Buy!

Caara the Collie
Cadences Big Fright
Caira the Star
Cake Fight!
Cal told a Lie!
Calidore Lost
Call it Destiny
Calyas Tricky Red Fox
Camilles Birthday
Can we go Shopping Now?
Can You Make the Difference?
Candy and Lolly
Candy Hearts: The Addiction
Caprica and the Red Alvac
Cardboard Box
Caring for Samoyeds
Caring for your Powerpet 1
Case of the Missing Cherries
Case of the Missing Pets
Case of the Missing Rakes
Cassies Life Lesson
Castle By The Sea
Catch a Cloud
Caught in the Rain
Cerulian - Part 1
Cerulian - Part 2
Cerulian - Part 3
Cerulian - Part 4
Chablis Could Not Dance
Changes 1
Changes 2
Changing Colors
Changing of the Guardian
Chasing Gekkie
Chat Room Etiquette
Cheeks Christmas Search
Chemmy my Koala
Cherished Time
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Gumdrop
Cherry Gummies for Tiki
Chibi Starry Bear
Chibis Egg Hunt Mystery
Child of the Collies
Chinese Waterdragon
Chip Not Chipmunk
Chloe was Greedy
Chocolate Kisses
Christmas Achievement
Christmas Alone
Christmas by Myself
Christmas Caroling
Christmas Eve in NB
Christmas Eve Poem
Christmas Ferret
Christmas for The Rave
Christmas Gift for Sam
Christmas Hinting
Christmas Lecture
Christmas Memory
Christmas Morning for Ivy
Christmas of FoxyRoxy2003
Christmas of Hope
Christmas of QuietSunshine
Christmas of Redbone
Christmas Soup
Christmas Story
Christmas Surprise
Christmas Tale of Grandma
Christmas to Remember
Christmas Treat
Christmas Tree Hunt
Christmas Wish Come True
Christmas Wish for Tibra
Christmas Wish of Saskia
Circle of Life
City Dweller
City Guide
City of Hydraqua
Clareesh the Fox
Clash of the Flash
Classy Plan
Cleaning Day
Close Call
Close Encounter
Cloud Nine
Cloud Wings
Clovers for Clover
Club Quiz Quizzes
Coconut and the 7 Kuvasz
Cold Dark Loneliness
Collection of Rejection
Collie Canyon
Collie Celebration
Collie in the Haunted House
Collie Legends 1
Collie Poem
Collie Who Was Not
Collin The Lazy Collie
Collistos Story
Color of Fire
Colored Spring Love
Colorful Summer
Comets Secret
Coming Home
Competing for Attention
Content Kaikura
Continuing On
Coon Cat Tales
Cootiebug Breaks The Curse
CootieBug Meets The Ogre
CootieBugs First Thanksgiving
Cosmos Experience
Count Von Tryk
Couple of Tricksters
Courage and Friendship
CPR and Mouthwash
Creampuff Valentine
Creature: The Monster Returns
Creepy Adventure
Crysalis and Easter Lop
Crystal and Fightning
Crystals of Magic
Crystals Race 1
Crystals Race 2
Crystals Race 3
Crystals Race 4
Cuddly Attack
Cultural Difference
Cunning Magistrate
Cure for Writer Block
Curse of the Chair
Curse of the Witch
Cute Yellow Bunny

Daecals Great Adventure
Daisies Kite
Dale Visits Padam
Dancing Hamster
Dandy, the Shop-a-holic
Danger Cave
Dangerous Knowledge
Dared to Do It
Dark Deliverance
Dark Fire Christmas
Dark Gold makes a Decision
Dark Guardian Amulet
Dark Guardian Amulet 2
Dark Guardian Amulet 3
Dark Guardian Discovered
Dark Loyalty
Dark Orb
Dark Side of Each Moon
Dark Survivor
Dark Times: Old Barkston
Dark Void
Darkblazes 2: Duck Toy
Darkblazes: The Secret Room
Darkened Woods 1
Darkened Woods 2
Darkened Woods 3
Darkness in New Barkston
Darkness of the Heart
Darn Ebil Bear!
Das Has a Quest
Dashing Damiano
Daughter of the Wind
Dawniegirls Memoirs
Day Off for Medusa
Day Within
Daydream Believer
Dear Diary 1
Death of a Good Friend
Death of a Grandmother
Dedicated to All of 9-11
Dedicated to My Dog
Deed of Magical_Crystal
Defending Meverth
Dels Journey in NB 1
Dels Journey in NB 2
Dels Journey in NB 3
Dental Floss of Doom!!
Depths of South Lake
Desert Journey
Desperate Hour for Ikon
Destiny of Leferd
Destyni Cooper
Detective Dakinshe
Detective Danny
Detective Sox 1
Detective Sox 2
Detective Sox 3
Detective Sox 4
Diamond for my Owner
Diamond in the Mud
Diary of a Samoyed
Dicey Story
Different But The Same
Diggerella Gets Scrambled
Digging is a Life Saver
Dino is a Shop Addict
Disco Jess Meets a Ferret
Discovering Spring
Discovery for Sierrah
Ditty of Padam Snide
Divas Mystery
DK and Kat
Do I Dare
Do Not Brag
Do You Remember?
Dogs to the Rescue
Dogtale the Collie 1
Dont be Scammed
Dont Believe What You Hear
Dont Judge a Book
Dont You Care
Doomed 1
Doomed 2
Double-Dog Dare
Douglas the Samoyed
Dr. Evolvo
Dr. Rignor Howls
Dragon and Phoenix
Dragon Greed
Dragon Somali
Dragon Tales
Dragons of Power Pets
Drakes Collie Creations
Drakes Evil Creations
Dream Fighter
Dream of New Barkston
Dream of Shackkles
Dreaming of Snow
Dreams Can Come True
Dreams Can Happen
Dreams for the Future
Duel for New Barkston
Dumb Old Hazzard
Dusty Runs Away

Earning the Right to Live
Easter Bunny Warning
Easter Courage
Easter Earns An Egg
Easter Eggs Attack
Easter Eggspectations
Easter Evolutions
Easter for the Animals
Easter Gift
Easter in a New Town
Easter Lop
Easter on my Own
Easter Project
Easter Sonnets
Easter Stray
Easter Treasure
Easter Treasure Hunt
Easter True Meaning
Easter Visit with Grandma
Easy Prey
Eat Slime Improve Strength
Eat Your Dinner!
Ebil Amy
Ebil Disease
Ebil Easter Bunny
Ebil Easter Surprise
Ebil Fairy
Ebil Tail
Eboney Ebil Bear
Egg Behind the Shed
Egg Craze
Egg Mystery
Egg of Hofstadter
Egg Trail
Eggtastic Surprise
Elder Scroll 1
Elder Scroll 2
Elder Scroll 3
Elder Scroll 4
Elder Scroll 5
Elder Scroll 6
Elder Scroll 7
Elemental Diamonds
Elemental Forces 1
Elemental Forces 2
Elemental Forces 3
Elemental Forces 4
Elemental Forces 5
Elemental Forces 6
Elemental Forces 7
Ella and Nightfire
Elzpeth 2
Emerald Eye
Emily and the White Pony
Employers Only
Empty Pawed
End of an Era
End of Summer Term
Enigma Crystal
Erid Has One Wish
Escaped Criminal
Escaping Raznok
Essence I: Aurora
Eternias Dream
Evander 2
Everests Easter Surprise
Everlasting Friends
Every Morn
Every Pet Finds Love
Every Sherlock
Evil Ebil
Evil Ferret
Evil Hamsters Attack
Evil Puzzle
Evolutions Easter Egg
Evolutions Incubator
Evolutions Poem
Experience with Padams Shack
Exploring the Cave
Exploring the Northern Woods
Eye of Isis
Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Tiger
Eye Sore

Fabled Heroes
Fabled Samoyed Cove
Faerabel and the 1000 pbs
Faerabel Goes To Work
Fairness and Equality
Fairy Folk
Fairy Tale
Faith as Good as Her Name
Fall Fair
Fall of Serpenton
Falling Snow
Families of Sonoma
Family Love
Family Tradition
Fascinating Twitchmonkeys
Fate, Glory, and Hope
Fateful Meetings
Feeling Blue
Ferret and... flowers?
Ferret Gang Returns
Ferret Poems
Ferret Stealing Gang
Field Trip
Fiery Fox
Fifteen Minutes
Finally Home
Find Me
Finding a Home
Finding a Lost Heart
Finding Kirellian
Finding the Perfect Costume
Finding the Perfect Pet
Finding Timothy
Fire at the Pound
Fire Collies
Fire Comes to Light
Fire Fox: The Heat Idol
Fire Stone
Fire Walkers
Firedogs Halloween
Firefly Staff 1
Firefly Staff 2
Firefly Staff 3
Firefly Staff 4
Firefly Staff 5
Firefly Staff 6
Firefly Staff 7
Fireworks Frenzy
First Battle
First Christmas for Dagger
First Christmas for Harley
First Christmas Show
First Date
First Day of School
First Snow for Daisie
First Stuffy for Tastee
Five Ways to Make Money
Flamido Dreams
FLE J26 – Loyal?
Flight for Argyle
Flower Field
Flower Quest
Flowers in the Wind 1
Flowers in the Wind 2
Fluffy2 in the Library
Follow the Stars
Follow Your Dreams
Football Game
For Honour and Innocence
For You
Forbidden Valentine
Forest News
Forest of Shadows
Forever and For Always
Forever Free
Forever In My Heart
Forever Mortenzia
Forever Seiku
Formation of the Library
Fortune Fight
Found at the Pound
Four Seasons of Thieves
Fox and Tortoise
Foxwyk Folly
Fragment Of A Star
Frealia Makes A Friend
Freedom Fire
Fridays Destiny
Friend in Need
Friend of a Demon
Friend or Foe?
Friends Do Matter
Friends Until the End
Friendship Never Dies
From Black Hole to Nova
From Husker To Collie
From My Eyes to My Ears
From Within
Frostys Halloween Surprise
Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuddlekins
FyreStormes New Stuffy

Galworts Pet Leaf
Game of Life
Gangsta PP Fame: Vol. 1
Gekkie Gives
Gekkie Goes Wild
Gekkies Easter Egg
Gekkies Easter Helper
Gekkies Fun with Fur Tonics
Gekkies Great Uncle Bruno
Gekkies Greed
Gekkies Greed Teaches Lesson
Gem of a Gift
Getting a New Life
Getting Steel
Getting the Night Stone
Ghost of Thiglea
Ghostly Murderer
Giant Egg Surprise
Gibbon Known as Eshe
Gift - American Tradition
Gift for Angel
Gift for Kiska
Gift of Friendship
Gift of the Mother
Gift Or Curse
Gift That Led to a Miracle
Gift with a Surprise
Gift with Kindness
Gifts Everlasting
Gilda and Dawen
Gimme all your Pbucks!
Give Them All A Chance
Giving Christmas
Glorious Eggs
Glowing Bugs
Glowing Water
Go to the Top
Goids Story 1
Goids Story 2
Goids Story 3
Goids Story 4
Goids Story 5
Going Home At Last
Going Rogue
Gold For Short
Golden City
Golden Lake
Golden Space Rod Discovery
Gone Fishing
Gonnard the Gibbon
Good Morning America
Good Old Days
Good People
Goodbye Old Fur
Goodwill for Easter
Goofy Poem
Gorby: The Runaway
Graduation Day
Gradys Daring Excursion
Grand Adventure
Grand Adventure of Stevie
Grandest Christmas Party
Grandpa Gekkie
Grandpa Somali Tells a Tale
Gray Foxes and Lost Girls
Gray Foxes Dont Drink Cream
Great Adventures
Great Hills of Xiang
Great Treasure
Great Warrior
Great Winter Adventure
Greatest Place to Be
Greedy Arthonus
Greedy Gekkie Gets Gifts
Greener Grass
Greyist Day of My Life 1
Greyist Day of My Life 2
Grossed Out Gekkie
Grow Your Own Wings
Grumpy Rambles
Guardian Angel
Guide to Evolutions 1 – 2
Guide to Evolutions 3 – 4
Guide to Great PP Friends
Guide to Kimberroo Caves
Guide to the Power Boards
Guide to the Swaps
Guide to the Witch
Guidelines for Book Hunting
Guidelines to Contests
Gumtree in Kimberroo
Gust of Wind
Gypsy Witch

Hacker Attack
Haelies Adventure
Halloween Adventure
Halloween Festivities
Halloween for Rabbiz
Halloween Horror
Halloween Hunting
Halloween Is Haunted
Halloween Lesson
Halloween Night
Halloween on Easter
Halloween Pet Safety Tips
Halloween Tayles
Halloween Tragedy
Halloween Trick
Handful of Quartz
Happy and Healthy Pets
Happy Birthday Lang Lang
Happy Easter to All
Happy New Hope Day
Happy Together
Happy Young Somali
Harebell the Warrior Hare
Harry has a Bizarre Day
Haunted Hill
Have Courage Abby
Have Faith
Having a Happy Pet
Having Courage
Hayl and the Stolen Egg
Hayls Dream
Hazzard Halloween
Healthpedia – Bear
Healthpedia – Bird
Healthpedia – Bovine
Healthpedia – Camelidae
Healthpedia – Cat
Healthpedia - Cricetidae
Healthpedia – Cervidae
Healthpedia – Chelonia
Healthpedia – Crocodylidae
Healthpedia – Dog
Healthpedia – Elephant
Healthpedia – Equine
Healthpedia – Giraffidae
Healthpedia – Hyaenidae
HealthPedia – Hystricidae
Healthpedia - Leporidae
Healthpedia – Marsupial
HealthPedia - Mephitidae
Healthpedia – Monotremata
Healthpedia – Mustelidae
Healthpedia – Otariidae
Healthpedia – Primates
HealthPedia - Procyonidae
Healthpedia – Rhinocerotidae
HealthPedia - Suidae
Healthpedia – Viverridae
Healthpedia - Wild Canine
Healthpedia - Wild Cats
Heart and Mind with Horse
Heart Cake for Mom
Heart of Gold
Heart of Ice
Heart of the Forest 1
Heart of the Forest 2
Heart of the Forest 3
Heart of the Forest 4
Heart Stone
Heart The Explorer
Heaven Lost An Angel
Heavens Grocery Store
Help the Pound
Hennas First Easter
Henrys Easter Surprise
Her Gift
Hermit and Magnus
Hero Samoyed 1
Hero Samoyed 2
Hidden Armory
Hidden in the Mist
Hidden Rainbow
Hidden Thoughts
Hidden Treasure
Hikarru and Lanfear
History of the Collie
Hofstadter and the Tuba
Holland Lop Lost
Hollys Story
Holmer by the Chair
Holy Pockets!
Home for Christmas
Home for Rhomadaka
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Now
Honey has a New Baby
Honor and Loyalty
Honor and Loyalty 2
Horse Care
Horse of a Different Size
Horse Wish for Christmas
Horseback Riding Lesson
Hospital in New Barkston
Hot Chocolate by the Fire
Hot Summer
House on 12th Street
House on Kimberroo Hill
How Easter Became
How Good is your Food - Part 1
How Hazzard Got So Cranky
How I Found Silver
How I Got My Third Pet
How Much Do They Love Me?
How to be the Best
How To Become Elite
How to Get and Save Bucks
How to Get the Goods
How To Get The Goods 2
How to Master the Blade
How to Write a Resume
How To Write How-To Books
How Xiang Chung-Shi Came to Be
Howling Wind
Humiliating Lesson
Hunt for Nessie
Hunt for the Easter Bunny
Hunter Lop
Hunter of the Sun
Husker Holmes
Hyou and to Eyye

I am Afraid
I am Not a Weapon
I am SO Beautiful!
I Am So Tired
I Have a Secret
I Like Me As I Am
I Love Winter
I Never Get What I Want
I Think of You
I was Afraid
I will always Remember
I Will Carry You
I Will Keep Her Knowledge
I Will Love You Always
I Will Never Forget You
Ice Caves
Ice Dragon
Ice Skating in South Lake
Iceris Great Gift
Icicles Sad End
Icing on the Egg
Icy Cold
Idris the Brave
If I Could Be
If I Had a Heart
Ignorance Is Best
Ilsa, Lone Ferret
Im New, What do I Do?
Im Not Very Original
Imadil Cries
Impossible Christmas Wishes
In Days of Old
In Remembrance of Things
In Search of Me
In the Darkness
In the Deep Shadows
In the Fireplace
In The Heart Of A Wolf
In With The Trash!
Into the Flames
Into The Woods
Investigation of the Armory 1
Investigation of the Armory 2
Investigation of the Armory 3
Investigation of the Armory 4
Is it True? 1
Is it True? 2
s it True? 3
Island of Terror
It Started with Fireball
It Was All a Dream
It Was Me
It Was So Unfair
Ithildraugs Story
Its A Cats Life
Its Not Stealing!
Izzas Adventure

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jacob and Jerry
Jaina Finds A Home
Jamies Magical Adventure
Jaramiyas Lucky Day
Jax Wins
Jealous Red Fox
Jealousy over a Velvet Bear
Jelly and Slime
Jerans Ferret
Jeremys Samoyed Poetry
Jessica and Veronica
Jewles Goes Diamond Hunting
John the Hero of Time
Johnathan Woods
Jonah and the Magic Easter Egg
Journey by South Lake
Journey to a Friend
Journey to Elephant City
Journey to Friendship
Journey To The Grooming Parlor
Joy Of Serving Others
Jsujsus Toys
Jumbuck The Yowie
Just Like Me
Just Off the Power Temple
Just One Wish
Just Past the Rainbow

Kabbie: Most Popular Red Fox
Karries Loss
Katali and the Magic Crystal
Kate and I
Katia and her First Halloween
Katias 1st Holiday Season
Katrin 1
Katrin 2
Katrin 3
Katrin 4
Katrin 5
Katrin 6
Katrin 7
Katrin 8
Keeper of Storms
Keeper of the Elements
Keeping a Promise
Keeping New Barkston
Keeson and the New Arena
Keli, the Shop-a-holic
Kiakas Fear
Kiatos Mission
Kidnapping in New Barkston?
Kidnapping of Sugar_Sally
Kierrn the Collie
Kimbler: The Beginning
Kimbys Dream
Kindness Goes a Long Way
King Rih
Kira, the Wild Samoyed
Kirri Finds An Egg
Kiskas Surprise
Kitkat Incident
Kitten Rescue
Knights of New Barkston
Kora and the Magical Wishes
Krystals Valentine Poem
Kuramas Novel
Kuryu: The Mirror of Yoshi
Kuvasz Christmas
Kuvasz Tale
Kuvasz the Stuffy
Kyras Tiny Teddy
Kyssyla in Moonlight

Labby Saved My Life
Labrine the Samoyed
Lady Was My Dog
Lainis Choice
Lakeside Rescue
Land of Peace
Large Fuzzy Banana
Last Elven Samoyed
Last Puzzle Piece
Last Road FROM Nowhere
Late For The Hunt
Laughter Festival
Leader of the Pack
Leading to Love
Learn to Fly
Learning About Choices
Learning to Trust
Leave Me Alone
Lee is Lost
Left Alone
Legend of a Warrior 1
Legend of a Warrior 2
Legend of Big White
Legend of Cerana
Legend of Setonon
Legend of Shadow Creatures
Legend of the First Collies
Legend of the Forces
Legend of the Night Stone
Legend of the Rangers
Legend of the Red Stone
Legend of the Snow Sisters
Lemurrs New Home
Leopards Tale
Leprechaun Gold
LeSrAm EiNeV: LovE StoRy
Lesson of Macy
Let Go Of Me
Let the Game Begin
Let Us Roll
Lets Talk Slime
Letting Go
Lex: Dream Come True
Liane Discovers
Libbie and the Minis
Libbie of the Forest
Libbie the Hero
Librarian Love
Life Alone
Life is a Song
Life is Good
Life of a Powerpet
Life Pays for Doing Good
Life, oh Life
Light and Dark
Light or Gloom
Lightnings Accident
Like a Prisoner
Lil Roos Secret Admirer
Lilli and Bears
LilRuss and Her Day Out
LilRuss and Her Toys
Lily2003 Adventures
Litninbolt the Genius
Little Berry Maine Coon
Little Bit of Love
Little Blue Riding Hood
Little Boys with Snow
Little Brother
Little Girl Lost
Little Harold
Little Kuvasz Christmas
Little Lost Pie
Little Mystery Solvers
Little Sister Gets Sick
Little Somali Twins
Little Squirt
Little Wooden Collie
Little Wooden Collie 2
Little Wooden Collie 3
Living in a Glass House
Lizzie and Carlos
Lonely Cuddly Finds a Home
Lonely Fox
Lonely Maine Coon
Long Forgotten
Long Lost Brother
Long Way Down
Looking for a New Master
Looking For Love
Loony Laws
Lord Hisker
Lost and Ancient Tales
Lost and Found
Lost City of Pickle Pets
Lost Frontier
Lost Hope
Lost in a Sea of White
Lost in Maze of Wonders
Lost in the Lake
Lost in the Northern Woods
Lost Kitty in the Big Woods
Lost Not Yet
Lost Princess of Swiftia
Lost Rope
Lost Samoyed Pup
Lost Somali Kitten
Lou the Red Alvac
Loupie Wins!
Love and Lind
Love at First Sight
Love Between Two Species
Love of My Life
Love Overcomes Everything
Love Overpowers Anger
Love Takes Time
Love, Lonely Collie
Lovely Poems
Loyal Flame
Loyal Sweetie
Lucias Adventures
Lucky Christmas
Lunaria the Star Gazer
Lyle Helps at Christmas

M and N
Madasons Adventures
Maemo Missing
Maemos Second Freedom
Magic Battle
Magic Bond
Magic Happens
Magic March
Magic Needles
Magic Potion
Magical Apple
Magical PowerIce
Magical Quest
Maiden of the Blue Moon
Mail Call
Maine Coon in a Shack
Maine Coon Love Story
Maine Coon Sisters
Make It To The Incubator
Making Linkie Listen
Malla the Ferret
Managing The Gray Fox
Many Blooms for a Tune
Mariettes Toy Trouble
Marigaia Mountains
Marina and the Pearl
Marina and the Robbers
MarSel VenIe
Mastering the Stock Market
Matanuska Memories
Max, the Desk Dog
Maxs First Easter
Maybe Wishes Come True
Me and My Collie
Me and My Ferret
Me Too!
Meaning of Friendship
Meeting My Powerpets Idol
Meggsie the Hero
Menace, the Collie
Mended Hearts
Mermaids Path
Metal Wonderland
MetalKit for Christmas
Metaphorically Speaking
Metor and Roo: T.A.O.K.
Mewis and Bark Explorers
Midnight Adventure
Military School
Mina and the Mini City
Mindflawn and Star
Mini Book of Minis
Mini Me
Minilantis: The Lost City
Minis Guide to Philosophy
Minkachi Finds an Egg
Miracle Guy
Miracle Kuvasz
Miracle of Easter
Miracle of Ricko
Mirror Monster
Misadventures of Red Squad
Misguided Story
Missing Easter Bunny
Missing Pearls
Mists Easter
Mitsy and Me
Mole Repellant
Molly Mouse
Molly the Collie
Molly, Ownerless Dog
Mom Lasts Forever
Mom Will Never Know
Mona Helps Out
Moon and All the Stars
Moon Glacier
MoonRae and the Mummy
MoonRae in the Snow
Moons Woodland Quest
Moony Breaks a Bone
Moony Gets A Surprise
Mopsis Island
Morning Before Christmas
Morning Stroll
Most Precious Christmas
Most Useless Book Ever
Movie Theatre Madness
Moving to Town
Mr. Baddy
Mr. Davis
Mr. Fish Tale
Mr. Jantor
Much Abandoned Samoyed
Mud-Covered Red Fox
Muddy Christmas Footprints
Muffinbutt has a Wish
My Back Foot Forward
My Dog, Anaksalamon
My Dog, Frosty
My First Ebil
My First Library Card
My Last Drive
My Little Aradon
My Little Buddy
My Name is Josephine
My Name Was Ralph
My New Owner
My Own Little Beach
My Own Mini
My Peemelba
My Turn
My Unforgettable Day
My Unique Kuvasz
My Way Home
My Wish List has Failed Me
Myonerus Journey
Mysterious Chubby Bear
Mysterious Easter Egg
Mysterious Egg
Mysterious Hidden Cave
Mysterious Orb 1
Mystery at Serelavaine
Mystery at South Lake
Mystery of Northern Woods I
Mystery of Northern Woods II
Mystery of Northern Woods III
Mystery of Northern Woods IV
Mystery of Red Fox
Mystery of Storage Room B
Mystery, Ghosts, Padam
Mystery: The Beginning
Mystic Sword
Mystic Waterfalls
Myth of Legendary Defenses

Nalus Adventures
Nalus Adventures 2
Namesake of Katina
Naming Your Pet
Nanochka at South Lake
Narrow Escape
Nasrin Gets a Home
Nasty Librarian 1
Natasha Takes the Dare
Naughty Semi Devil
Nayru at the Library
NBs First Christmas
Nearlost Princess
Necklace for Windy
Nedellie Has A Slime Quest
Need a Job?
Nero and Doom Day
Never Doubt Gekkie
Never Ending Nightmare
Never Feed the Dragon
Never Forget You, Mama
Never Give Up
Never Go To Padams Shack
Never Judge a Book
Never Meant To Be
Never Moves
Never Play With That
New Baby Pet Care
New Barkston 2089
New Barkston Cabby
New Barkston Easter Hunt
New Barkston Halloween
New Barkston Newspaper 2
New Barkston Poetry
New Barkston War
New Camera for Sycic
New City
New Color for Mist
New Country Star
New Found Treasure
New Friend
New Friend for Max and Jaxx
New Heros in Newbarkston
New Home for Chaotic Croc
New Hope
New Kids in Town
New Leash and Tag
New Life
New Look at Christmas
New Mini and Aqua Egg
New Mysteri
New Owner for Christmas
New Owner for Honeybunn
New Year Party of Lehanna
Next Door Somali
Nick Fang - The Reporter
Night Before Christmas
Night of Terror
Nightmare of Nova
Niley and the Genie
Nirvana, Bringer of Ebil
Niva and the Three Doors
Nixy, Chester, Amy and Duke
No Chance to Say Goodbye
No More Chocolate for You
No More Kisses
No Pet Left Behind
No Place Like Home
No Problem, Pal
No Shelter for Bangs
Nobodys Purr-Fect
Nora Caught In The Rain
Noras Beautiful Jewel
Northern Woods Armory
Northern Woods Horror
Not a Good Weapon
Not Enough Powerbucks
Not Enough Time
Not Perfect
Not So Angry Librarian
Not So Dainty Collie
Not so Foreign
Not The Vet
Nothing To Do
Nothing You Love is Lost
Nova and the Dust Storm
Nova Gets a Date with Nora
Nova Gets Fired
Nova Goes Broke
Nova has a Dream
Nova has Mishaps
Nova Love
Nova Needs A Helmet
Nova Strikes Back
Nova the Thief
Novas Bad Fur Day
Novas Hat
Novas New Wallet
Novas Secret
Novas Tale
Novas Vision
Now and Forever

Oboe Told You So
Oddball Omar
Of My Heart
Officer of the Month
Oh Well, That Is Life!
Old Collie
Old Gray
Old Habits Die Hard
Old Pals
Old Red Book
On A Dreary Spring Day
On My Own
On Nova Island
Once A Year Christmas
One and the Same
One Day at the Park
One Great Day
One in a Million
One Sad Fox
Only a Stuffed Sock
Only Child
Only Five Dollars
Oodles of Poodles
Oofa the Orphan 1
Oofa the Orphan 2
Opening Day
Opening Sweet-Thunder
Operation Bunny in Hiding
Operation Mini-Ewe
Orchids of Innocence
Oribo the Mystic
Origin of Ebil
Our Town, Our Mystery
Out of Luck
Overcoming Fear
Overview of Collie Rescues

Padam and the Ferret
Padam in Kimberroo
Padam Power
Padam Shack History
Padam Speaks
Padam the Pup
Padam was Fired
Padams Christmas
Padams Haunted Shack
Padams Revenge
Padams Shack - The Truth
Panic in Storage Room B
Part of the Pack
Partners in Crime 1
Past of Gekkie
Pathway to Love and Care
Patience and Time
Patience Found Home
Paw Surfing
Peaceful Dragon
Peanut Brittle at Camp
Peanuts Miracle
Peaseblossom the Samoyed
Peer Pressure
Pegasus Present
Penny Cat
Penny has a Box
PeoplePedia -Staff
Pepsi Lost
Perchance to Dream
Pet for a Fox
Pet Heaven
Pet on the Hill
Pet Ponies 1: New Student
Pet Ponies 2: Easter Horse
Pet Series 1: Nanaki13
Pet Shop Kitten
Pet Thief
PetPedia -DikDik
PetPedia - Aardwolf
PetPedia - African Barb
PetPedia - African Civet
PetPedia - African Elephant
PetPedia - Alaskan Malamute
PetPedia - Arctic Fox
PetPedia - Arctic Wolf
PetPedia - Australian Pony
PetPedia - Bat-Eared Fox
PetPedia - Black Rhinoceros
PetPedia - Brown Bear
PetPedia - Bulldog
PetPedia - Camel
PetPedia - Cheetah
PetPedia - Collared Lemming
PetPedia - Collie
PetPedia - Crocodile
PetPedia - Dingo
PetPedia - Dolphin
PetPedia - Echidna
PetPedia - Emperor Penguin
PetPedia - English Sheepdog
PetPedia - Ferret
PetPedia - Fur Seal
PetPedia - Gibbon
PetPedia - Giraffe
PetPedia - Hare
PetPedia - Holland Lop
PetPedia - Indicus
PetPedia - Japanese Crane
PetPedia - Kangaroo
PetPedia - Koala
PetPedia - Kuvasz
PetPedia - Labrador Retriever
PetPedia - Leopard
PetPedia - Loris
PetPedia - Lynx
PetPedia - Maine Coon
PetPedia - Mastiff
PetPedia - Mink
PetPedia - Musk Ox
PetPedia - Orangutan
PetPedia - Panda
PetPedia - Pig
PetPedia - Pigeon
PetPedia - Platypus
PetPedia - Polar Bear
PetPedia - Poodle
PetPedia - Porcupine
PetPedia - Raccoon
PetPedia - Red Fox
PetPedia - Reindeer
PetPedia - Samoyed
PetPedia - Sea Turtle
PetPedia - Serval
PetPedia - Sheep
PetPedia - Siberian Tiger
PetPedia - Skunk
PetPedia - Snake Necked Turtle
PetPedia - Snow Goose
PetPedia - Snowy Owl
PetPedia - Somali
PetPedia - Spotted Cuscus
PetPedia - Squid
PetPedia - Tasmanian Tiger
PetPedia - Tibetan Yak
PetPedia - Walrus
PetPedia - Wild Boar
PetPedia - Wolverine
PetPedia - Yorkshire Terrier
PetPedia - Zebra
Pets Are for Life
Picnic Surprise
Pinball Player
Pink Plastic Grass
Pixeas Day at the Beach
Playing Tricks
Plight of the Rose
Plot of Padam
PlumCherrys New Sister 1
Pluto the Fox
Poem - A Heart of Gold
Poem - Gekkie and Novas Walk
Poems for After Summer
Poems for Sammie
Poems of Spring
Poetry of the Stuffy
Poltergeist Evilness
Poor But Not Greedy
Poor Powerpet User?
Popular Crowd
Pound for Abandoned Pets
Pound Quartet 1
Pound Somali
Power Jelly
Power Map
Power of Christmas
Power of the Fire Rod
Power of the Prism
PowerBucks the Lazy Way
PowerPet Pound
Powerpets A-Z
PowerPets in Israel
PowerPets Party!
Powerpets Quiz for Beginners
PowerPets Toyland Found
PP A Place To Be
PP Night Before Christmas
Prank Calling PP PD
Precious and Smithers
Precious Jewel
Precious Souls Journey
Presents for Christmas
Presents Past
Prevention Tips
Prince Tryamlet
Princess of Fire
Princess Saila Moon
Prism Pride 1 Beginning
Prism Pride 2
Problems of Sisterhood
Promise by Everest
Protector of the Forest 1
Protector of the Forest 2
Protesting the Shelter
Pup Named Scrab
Puppis Tail
Puppy Kisses
Puppy Mill Blues
Puppy Mill Puppies
Pure Evil Somali Stuffy
Purrday Exploration
Puzzle Hunt

Quest for Barkchem
Quest of Life 1
Quest of Life 2
Quest of Mikomi
Quin 1
Quin 2
Quirky Tails 1
Quirky Tails 10
Quirky Tails 2
Quirky Tails 3
Quirky Tails 4
Quirky Tails 5
Quirky Tails 6
Quirky Tails 7
Quirky Tails 8
Quirky Tails 9

Rachel the Cool Fox
Radioactive Chickens?
Radioactive Ducks
Raggy Ann
Rainbow Bridge
Rainy Day Nora
Rainy Visitor
Rare Stuffy
Rate Those Books!
Real Meaning
Recess Surprise
Reclaiming the Stuffy
RedDawg and Phoenix
Remembering Christmas
Rescue For Mini City
Rescue FROM Padam
Rescue of a Sorceress
Rescuing Samoyed
Rescuing the Power Bucks
Researching Gray Fox
Researching the Monster
Resident Ebil
Residents of Ebil
Return of Mary Mary
Return to Nova Island
Return to South Lake
Revealing Who I Am
Revenge of a Gangster
Revenge of the Labrador
Rhysik and Ferret Thieves
Rich or Poor
Ride Along with Slushbucket
Rider Goes Bye-Bye
Risking it All
Road to Truth
Rogues Star
Roleplaying Tips
Rotten Easter Egg Mystery
Roxys Ball
Royal Diaries of Samoyed
Ruby Prince
Ruins of Rello Mountain
Run, Kiato, Run
Runaway Pets
Running Away
Running Free
Running to Freedom
Rusty in the Arena
Ryono the Bookworm
Ryyn and Seriel

Sabrina has a Toothache
Sad Pound
Safe Place
Sahmaras Diary
Saika Explains Christmas
Saint Nick and Aurianna
Sale Day at the Parlor
Sally and Taby
Sally Small Wish List
Sam Finds Her Pups
Samantha, Young Sheepdog
Samanthas Sales Kit
Samara in the Caves
Samara Saves The City
Same Old Fresh Carrot
Sammy Meets Padam
Samoyed Adventures 1
Samoyed Adventures 2
Samoyed Adventures 3
Samoyed and Collie Wars
Samoyed Ice
Samoyed Ice 2
Samoyed pup journey
Samoyed Visits His Home
Sarias Destiny
Sasil and Tauntrol
Sassys Halloween
Save our Wildlife
Saving the Tamak People
Scalavar the Explorer
Scarlet Egg
Scary Halloween for Jin-Jin
Scary Old House
Scent of a Maine Coon
Scent of Freedom
Sea Monster Cave
Search for the Power Rock
Second Chances
Secret Agent
Secret Cave
Secret Destiny of Pyroblaize
Secret Enchantments
Secret Enchantments 2
Secret Friendship
Secret Friendship 2
Secret of Love
Secret of the Library
Secret Shrine
Selfish Coon
Separated at Birth
Sequel to Wildfire
Serendipity - The Lost God
Serenity, Simply Put
Serving The City A Treat
Set Me Free
Seventy-Three Squared
Shadow Creature
Shadowed Past
Shadows of the Night
Shadows Of the Night 2
Shadow_Dancer and The Witch
Shamara the Samoyed
Shanibell Gets an Egg
Shape Shifter
Sharing and eggs
Shattered Dreams
Sheba Crosses Over
Sheepdog In Trouble
Sheline the Collie
Shivanee the Shopper
Shootout In East NB
Shorty and the Bear
Siamese Pirates?
Sierra has a Greedy Pet
Signpost Up Ahead
Silver Drake
Silver the Samoyed
Simple Gift
Singing to the Moon
Sitting by the Campfire
Sitting in a Row
Skaras Christmas Surprise
Sky Alone
Skylers Bad Fur Day
Sled Leopard
Sledding Fox
Slime and Strength
Slime Apple
Slime Beach
Slime Falls
Slime In Northern Woods
Slime Monster
Slime Overdose
Small Treasure
Smallest Gift
Smokeria Jetterus
Snow Days
Snow Gang
Snow Goddess
Snow in October
Snow Nightmare
Snow White
Snowball Fight Competition
Snowbys Sacrifice
Snowflake Queen
Snowflakes Adventure
Snowstorm Coming
Snowy Girl Adventure
So Many Stars
So You Want A Parrot?
Sock Chan, Private Eye
Socks of Sock
Sol Blade
Solve It Yourself Mysteries
Somali on the Doorstep – 1
Somali on the Doorstep – 2
Somali on the Doorstep – 3
Somali on the Doorstep – 4
Somali on the Doorstep – 5
Somali on the Doorstep – 6
Somali Tragedy
Someone to Trust
Someone to Understand
Someone Who Cares
Sometime To Live
Somnaire: Winter Wonderland
Sonic and Annie
Sonoma and Forest
Sorrows of an Assassin
Sorry I Broke It
South Beach Lifeguard
South Lake Adventure
South Lake Beast
South Lake Nightmare
Spirit of the Moon
Spirit Quest
Spirits Friend
Spirits Journey
Spirits Love
Spirits Prophecy
Spoiled, But Not Rotten
Spooked the Arena
Spooky Story
Spring Adventure for Trying
Spring Beauty
Spring Birth
Spring Birthday Disaster
Spring Chaos
Spring Cleaning
Spring Flowers
Spring INTO The Season
Spring Love
Spring Storm
Spring Surprises
Squeakymouse Diary
Staff Stuffy Takeover
Starless Nights
Starlight Wish
Start of My New Family
Starting a Collection
Starting a PP Help Site
Starting Out On Powerpets
Starting Over
Stash of the Dark Guardian
Stay Away
Stay Away FROM the Sharks
Stealing FROM the Thief
Steizens Wish
Stella on the Stoop
StephieRose 1
StephieRose 2
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Marathon
Sticky Peanut Butter
Still Homeless
Still Me
Stint the Maine Coon
Stone Game - The Sequel
Stop those Thieves!
Stories of the Metropolis
Stories of the Tundra
Storm Escape
Storm of Fire
Story of a Destiny
Story of a Survivor
Story of Bubba
Story of Kayna
Story of Nora
Story of SunnyGirl
Story of the Century
Strange Egg
Strange World
Strawberrys Patch
Street Lamp
Strength In Numbers
Strength Is Not Everything
Stuck on a Snowy Day
Stuffy for Sally
Sudden Search
Sugar Cube
Sujiteis Holiday Runaway
Summer Camp
Summer Lights
Summer Memories and News
Summoning Firefly
Sunny Was Bugged
Surprise in an Egg
Surprise of the Heart
Swan Egg Rescue
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Home Alabama

Tabis Easter Break
Tabitha the Somali
Tables Turned
Tail of Annie
Tails of New Barkston
Take a Step at a Time
Take Me Home
Tale of a Slime Addict
Tale of a Writer
Tale of The Four
Tale of the Leopard
Tale of the Maine Coon
Tales FROM Padams Shack
Tales of Fifi
Talibais Legend
Tassel in the Tool Shed
Tasting It
Tears: Sled Collie
Teddy Makes a Friend
Teighan the Explorer
Terrible Tale
Terrible Two
Terrin Learns About Rules
Terrin the Red Fox
Terrins Surprise
That Fateful Night
That Ferret Was Me
That is my Grandfather
That Toy
The Abandonment
The Abominable Snow Cat
The Attic
The Autumn Festival Fair
The Avalanche
The Battle of Trekka Den
The Bear Babbles
The Beast
The Beautiful Key
The Beauty Inside
The Beauty of Life
The Beauty Within
The Best Birthday Ever
The Best is Yet to Come
The Best School Day Ever
The Best/Worst Easter Ever
The Bloody House
The Book Collector
The Box
The Broken Call
The Bugs of Kimberroo
The Burst of Spring
The Camping Trip
The Car that Ran
The Cave
The Chasing Moon
The Chekero
The Christmas Somali
The Christmas Story
The Confessions of Coot
The Consequences
The Contest
The Couple
The Couple in the War
The Creature
The Creepy Fortune Teller
The Croc and the Koala
The Cruelest Month
The Crystal Ball
The Curse of the Forest
The Curse of the Forest 2
The Curse of the Forest 3
The Dark Kingdom Book 1
The Day Tigers Could Fly
The Destined Rescue
The Detective
The Diamond Cave 1
The Diamond Cave 2
The Diamond Cave 3
The Diamond Cave 4
The Diamond Cave 5
The Diary of Eloise
The Dictionfairy
The Dive of a Lifetime
The Dragon Queen
The Dream
The Ebil Bear
The Ebil Pony Rides Again!
The Editor
The Egg of Doom
The Element of Ferrets
The Enchanted Lop
The Eve of the Star
The Evil Villain
The Explorers
The Faeries Trial
The Fairy Somali
The Fall Experience
The Fame Seeker
The Ferret Family Grows
The Fisher Boy
The Flower Chair
The FlowerpowerStick 1
The FlowerpowerStick 2
The Flying Feline
The Forest Amulet
The Forgotten Birthday
The Fur Coat Factory
The Getaway Car
The Ghost of Talia
The Golden Bear
The Golden Blade
The Golden Claw
The Great Adventure
The Great Egg Search
The Great Escape
The Great Exploration
The Great Library Heist
The Great Power Pet War
The Great PP_Depression
The Great Sugar Fight
The Grim Mini
The Guardian
The Halloween Curse
The Halloween Mystery
The Halloween Scare
The Haunted Castle
The Haunted House
The Hayrack Ride
The Heart Warmer
The Hero
The Heroine
The High Priestess 1
The High Priestess 2
The High Priestess 3
The High Priestess 4
The High Priestess 5
The Hole To Another World
The Immortal Knight
The Joshua Tree - Part 1
The Kanga Crime
The Kidnap of Stuffies
The Kidnapping
The Kimberroo Beast
The Lab Who Found Christmas
The Labrynth
The Lake Series 1
The Lake Series 2
The Lake Series 3
The Lake Series 4
The Lake Series 5
The Lake Series 6
The Last Midnight
The Last Ocean Samoyed
The Last Stand
The Lavender Ribbon
The Legend
The Legend of Huskor
The Legend of the Dragon
The Legendary White Wolf
The Life of FiFi
The Light
The Little Leopard
The Little Mini
The Little One
The Lone Samoyed
The Lonely Maine Coon
The Lonely Mutant
The Lonely Pet
The Lonely Red Fox
The Long Journey Home
The Lop that Hated Vegetables
The Lost and Found Soul
The Lost Cat
The Lost Collie
The Lost Loris
The Marathon
The Masked Collie
The Meaning of Christmas
The Meaning of Courage
The Meaning of Love
The Messed Up Story
The Midnight Packs Curse
The Midnight Shadow
The Mini King
The Misadventures of Flox
The Misfits
The Missing Necklace
The Missing Trophy
The Mouse and the Somali
The Mud Monster
The Nervous Kitten
The New Little Brother
The New Puppy
The Newest Barkchem Scandal
The Night of IT
The Night Stone
The Nightingale
The Not-So-Great Surprise
The Nursery
The Odd Couple
The Old Man
The One Who Was Forgotten
The Orange Book
The Pain of Abandoning
The Party
The Past Of Samoyed
The Perfect PowerPet
The Place After Death
The Polka Dot Dog
The Pound
The Poundkeepers Pet
The Power Experience
The Power of Ducks
The Power of Imagination
The PowerPets Effect
The Problem With Minis
The Promise
The Quest
The Quill
The Raffle Ticket
The Real Easter Bunny
The Respected Librarian
The Return
The Reunion
The Riddle
The Role of a Lifetime
The Rope
The Rotten Brat
The Runaway
The Runaway Mini
The Sad Truth
The Sailboat Race
The Sandcastle
The Seabed Surfer
The Search
The Seasons Keeper
The Secret Glade
The Secret Mini City
The Secret Quest
The Secret Room
The Shack of Terror
The Shamaness Trilogy
The Slime Compactor
The Somalis Maiden
The South Lake Monster
The Special Toy
The Speed of Courage
The Stolen Stuffies
The Stolen Toy
The Stone Dogs
The Story of Ali
The Story of Loyalty 1
The Story of Loyalty 2
The Story of Loyalty 3
The Story of the Stones
The Summer Of Kittens
The Surprise
The Tabi Name
The Tag Read clichι
The Tale of the Mutarats
The Talking Toy
The Tax Scandal
The Time Sheba Had to Run
The Tinderbox
The Tournament
The Toy Maker
The Toy Sword
The Tragic Story of Sammy
The Tranquility Rock
The Tricks
The Truth About Padam
The Truth About Padams Shack
The Two Warrior Maine Coons
The Un-egg-spected!
The Unicorn Stuffy
The Unthinkable
The Vernal Equinox is Coming!
The Very Curious Kuvasz
The Watercolor Collie 1
The Watercolor Collie 2
The Watercolor Collie 3
The Way Life GoesThe Whispers
The World Outside
The Young Sleeping Collie
Thea and Kaelins Return
Then There Was Charlie
Theory One: Dr. Sayahh
There I Was
Theroy the Thiglea
Thiglea the Mini
Think Twice
This Is Who I Am
Those Days
Three Tries of Hope
Through the Eyes of a Cat
Thunderball the Collie
Tiakas Wedding 1
Tiakas Wedding 2
Tiakas Wedding 3
Tibera and the Mystery
Tibras Tale, The Forest
Tidy Up Time
Tiger on the Loose
Tiki and the Ghost
Tilly and Melanie
Time to Share
Time to Start Over
Times are Changing
Timetrines Easter
Timing is Everything
Tin Knight
Tinkers Gets Groomed
Tinkers Lost and Found
Tips on Toys
Tips to Avoid Scams
Tivo the Ferret
To Be A Knight
To Be Human
To Be Like Talison
To Chase a Star
To Go Home
To Spill or not to Spill
Tonaeo and Robynn
Tonic Trouble
Too Busy
Tooth Fairy?
Top Ten Ways to Make Money
Topels Tiny Toy
Toss Hop Kick
Totaos Friendship
Tournament Champion
Toy Terror
Toys and Stuff
Toys at the South Lake
Track School
Training Collie
Training Troubles
Trapped and Freed
Trash Can Somali
Treasure Chest
Treasure of My Heart
Trick or Treating Alone
Trimming the Christmas Tree
Trip in the Deep Woods
Trip to New Barkston 1
Trip to the Forest
Trip to the Grooming Parlor
Trixies Jealousy
Trixy in Ribbons
Trouble Blossoms
Troubles For Gekkie
Troublesome Dumping
Troys Summer Vacation
True Blue How To
True Friends
True Friendship
True Love
True Love - A Poem
True Meaning of Christmas
True Moral of Christmas
Truest Friend
Tryk Meets Gekkie
Tryk Thanksgiving Lunch
Tryk the Trickster
Trykas Stuffy
Trykes Trike
Tryks New Clubhouse
Tryks Spring Time Sister
Tryson and the Golden Fleece
Twenty Powerbucks
Twin Ponies
Twinkle and Snuggy
Two Boys Toys
Two Friends
Two Kinds of Love
Two Siblings 1
Two Siblings 2
Two Siblings 3
Two Siblings 4
Two Siblings 5
Two Siblings 6
Two Siblings 7
Two Siblings 8
Two True Outlaws
Two True Outlaws 2

Ugly Stupid Bulldog
Ukin and his Moosey
Ultimate Guide to PP
Ultimate Responsibility
Undefeated Husker Warrior
Under the Rain
Under the Stars
Underground Armory Scam
Underground Easter Secret
Understanding Death
Underwater Village
Unemployed in NB
Unemployment Blues
Unique Collie
Universe Of New Barkston
Unknown Secrets
Until Forever
Up to the Challenge?
Up to the Sky

Vacation Pet
Vacation Pet No More
Valor and Honor
Vanity and Greed
Vashta Adventures
Very Great Christmas
Very Rare Fox
Very Veggie Easter
Visions of the Future
Visit to Padam
Visiting Kate
Visiting North NB
Vlaise Raantwine
Voice of the Black Void
Voxen the Mailman Terror
Voxens Bad Fur Day
Voxens Book-Coholic Owner

Wacky Block of Cheese
Waiting in the Fields
Wake Up, It is Christmas
Walk in my Shoes for a Day
Wandering Around Xiang
Wanted Weapon
Wanting a Mini
War of the Downfall
Warm Christmas
Warp Ring
Warriors Quest 1
Warriors Quest 2
Warriors Quest 3
Wasted Wishes
Water Hole
Water in the Underside
Water Lokui
Waves of Loneliness
Weaklings First Halloween
Weapon Welder
Weekend Adventures
What a Miracle
What About Elexius?
What About Labs?
What Being Brave Means
What Caring Can Achieve
What Color Should I Be?
What Did I Do?
What is Creeping in the Sewer?
What Not To Feed Your Dog
What Powerpets is About
What Powerpets is All About
What Really Happens?
What Stinks?
What the Storage Room Stores
What to Do with Your PB
What You Wish For
When An Owner is Blind
When Days Are Numbered
When Good Pets Go Bad
When Hamsters Go Bad
When Jimmy met Trixy
When Love Finds Me
When Nova Lost His Shorts
When the Storm Hits
When Thunder Rolls
When We Ate Slime
Where are the Eggs
Where Did the Choco Go?
Where I Belong
Where I Belonged
Where is Santa?
Where Secrets are Told
Where the Shadows Grow Dark
Where the Water Grows Deep
Whitediamond has an Ebil Duck
Who Is Alone Now?
Who is Watching You?
Who Sleeps Where?
Who Took It?
Why Are They Being Mean?
Why Do Things Happen?
Why I Play
Why Me?
Why We Need Bees
Wiccan Tail
Wiccan Tail Part 3
Wild City Collies
Wild Collie I: The Beginning
Wild Collie II: The Famine
Wild Collie III: The Pack
Wild Collie IV: Newcomer
Wilder Intentions
Will anyone want me?
Will You Be My Friend?
Williams Gift
Wind of Spring
Windrops Costume
Wingz Has A Silver Blanket
Winston the Reader
Winter Adventure
Winter Fairy
Winter Like No Other
Winter Love
Winter Night
Winter of Shamaness
Winter Wonderland
Wish for a Toy
Wish for Winter
Wish of Xenia
Wish Upon a Star
Wishes Do Come True
Wishing on a Star
Wishing Well
With Me Always
Wolf Knights
Wolf Spirit
Wolfit: A Collie Story
Wonderful Wish
Wonderland Miracles
Wont Anyone Adopt Me?
Wooden Doors
Working in Simply Delicious
Working Wonders
World Domination
Worst Day at the Beach
Wrath of The Shadow Samoyed

Xantium 1
Xantium 2
Xantium 3
Xaviyor Tale
Xiang Chung-Shi
Xiang Museum

Yado Yah! I Could Fly
Yahuli Learns a Legend
Yard Sale Globe
Yard Work
Yard Work Stinks
Yasha, Santa Pet
Yearning for Sorrow
Yet to be Discovered
You Are My Sunshine
You Be The Judge
You Light Up the Whole World
You Mean the World to Me
Young Arctics Horrible Mistake
Young Explorer at Heart
Young Fairy Girl
Yours Always, Santa
Youth Gem
Yukitos First Christmas

Zuni the Blue KinA4