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Updating site at the moment on and off. Anything out of date, feel free to pmail me (Ancalagon) or use the feedback form on this site.

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To do List

To do list stating what needs to be done on the site. Things will be added or deleted depending on what needs to be done on the site. Last updated on the 5/2/10. Australian WST

Guide Written By Ancalagon + Lady_Penrhyn

To do List
  1. Board themes: update the links for the pictures, add the missing section code for the board themes that weren't working.
  2. Research Barkchem list - completing (slowly)
  3. Research Restaurant and playzone points - on going
  4. Do a list for the prices of building items
  5. Complete Weapon statistics page
  6. Update book lists, downloadable checklists and quests pages with the new books
  7. Add Silly songs to the SS main page
  8. Do board themes somewhere in computer that is listed.
  9. Update the retired items page with the veteran stuffies and with any other items deemed missing.
  10. Commit Lady_Penrhyn to an insane asylum
  11. Commit Ancalagon to a rehab centre or insane aslyum..not sure which yet