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Guide Introduction

Training Armor

Armor is a very key part of powerpets. Training armor will earn you purchase credits at the mall and is also a requirement before you become elite...This guide will explain what type of armor you can use on your pet and how to armor your pets.

Guide Written By B23

Training Armor
There are four main types of armor you use to upgrade your pet they are:

  • Diamond
  • Bar Of Titanium
  • Bar of Steel
  • Leather Strips

    To put on armor you go to the Armory, located in North New Barkson. Depending on how much armor you already currently have, it could take anywhere from 1-8 hours. So be patient!

    You also need armor on your pet to become elite. Tough starting out, but once you have the knack down for it, it is very easy.

    Good Luck!