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Guide Introduction

Heart Breaker items

list of items from the Heart Breaker game!

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Heart Breaker items
Love Puppy
Nora Stuffy
Valentine Cupcake
Love Potion

Valentine Tumid Stuffy
Cinnamon Hearts
Love Cat Stuffy
Valentine Love Letter

Valentine Shield
Valentine Staff
Fruit Basket
Box of Gummies
Heart Candle
Red Heart Cupcakes
Purple Heart Cupcakes
Pink Heart Cupcakes
Orange Heart Cupcakes
Green Heart Cupcakes
Blue Heart Cupcakes
Valentine Cottontail Stuffy
Valentine Griffin Stuffy
Valentine Poco Stuffy
Valentine Nova Stuffy
Valentine Nora Stuffy
Valentine Lisha Stuffy
Valentine Lil Roo Stuffy
Valentine Kyla Stuffy
Valentine Gekkie Stuffy
Valentine Red Bear Stuffy
Valentine Pegasus Stuffy
Valentine Power Leopard
Valentine Power Panda

Tumid Racing Car
Gekkie Racing Car
Kyla Racing Car
Lil Roo Racing Car
Miles Racing Car
Nora Racing Car
Nova Racing Car
Yellow Heart Biscuits
Blue Heart Biscuits
Green Heart Biscuits
Orange Heart Biscuits
Purple Heart Biscuits
Red Heart Biscuits

Heartburn Ball
Heartburn Bear
Heartburn Candy Rose
Heartburn Cuddly
Heartburn Funny Bunny
Heartburn Habaneros
Heartburn Heart Lolly
Heartburn Pie
Heartburn Powersicle