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Guide Introduction

Collecting Guide

So, you want to start a collection on Powerpets. Do not know what to do? Well, here is a guide to help you navigate your way to a supreme collection!

Guide Written By Ice_Shield

Collecting Guide
Before Starting Your Collection: There are a few things you must know before you start your collection. First, you must realize that you will end up spending powerbucks on your collection, no matter what you are collecting. Also, before you start, make sure you know what you are trying to collect. Is it going to be stuffies? Is it going to be weapons? Decide before you start, this will help reduce the amount of powerbucks you will spend. This will also make your gallery look neater, and more organized.

Creating Your Collection: So you have decided what you want to collect, and have some powerbucks put aside so that you can start collecting. Make sure you have a shop to put your gallery items into. Do not start off with a gallery size of 1000, or something huge like that. Start small, even if it is only a shop size of 10! You can always add more space to your gallery afterwards.

Getting Items for Your Collection: Now you have your gallery made, and you have decided on what you are going to collect. Now the question is how do I get the items I want to collect? Well, there are many places you can get the items you are collecting:

  • The Powermall: The Powermall has a wide selection of items you can buy from, for cheap also. But remember, things in the Powermall sell quick, especially items in All Things Stuffed/The Playpen. This is not the best place to get items for people with a slow connection.
  • User Shops: User Shops will sell almost every item on Powerpets. When searching for items in user shops, make sure you check all of the shops. Shops are divided up into 5 sections. So the lowest price on 1 section may be 6000pbs, the next section might have your item for 1000pbs. Make sure you search all of the 5 sections before buying. You can also find great deals in some user shops, so make sure you know which shop your buying from often.
  • Swaps: The Swap Barn holds many items on Powerpets that you can buy from. The best thing about The Swap Barn is that you can make your own offer on an item, you do not have to buy it at a set price. But BE AWARE! Items may be inflated (especially new items), so your best bet is to NOT use The Swap Barn/User Shops for new items. New Items should ONLY be bought from the Powermall, where you can buy them for wholesale price.
  • Blind Silent Auctions: the Blind Silent Auctions hold a box containing 8 items, which are given away to the highest bidder every half hour. This can take a lot of patience, considering there is only one box every 30 minutes, but you can also get great deals. Make sure you do not bid too much; sometimes you might overbid thousands of Powerbucks for something you did not even want.
  • Bidding and Repo barns: These places are located in Badgeria. Both of them hold auctions where you can pick up the best items provided you have enough money on hands and are prepared to bid as much as possible. The highest bidder wins, and make sure that when you win, you pick the item up right away.

    Pricing Items for Your Gallery: Now that you have a few items for your collection, put them in your gallery. It is best that you make everything in your gallery at 200,000 or above, which is unbuyable. This way no one can buy out your gallery. If your gallery is assorted with different items, you can price them differently. Like if you have a collection of books and weapons, you can price the books at 444,444pbs and the weapons at 333,333pbs. Be creative, it is your gallery!

    Well, that about concludes A Guide to Collecting. You can always use your own strategy for making a collection, but make sure you do not go bankrupt in the process. Believe me, I know how to make collections, I once had a gallery with over 7500 items (Yes, Seven-Thousand Five-Hundred items).