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Guide Introduction

Power Federation

In PowerPets, you can own houses in the different cities. Here's a little guide about how to get houses that also includes some additional information about the Power Federation.

Guide Written By B23 and Aertyn

Power Federation
The Power federation is the legal body overseeing all the cities, ensuring progress is made and cities remain healthy on Powerpets. It also allows benefits such as armory or swaps.

How do I join?

All you need to do to be part of a city is to just buy some land in the city of your choice. Remember, you can only join one city, and you can only purchase property in the city you have joined. Then go to profile settings under settings and click on update profile

How do I leave a city?

Just need to sell all your properties in that city. As long as you own any properties you cannot leave your city. If you want to leave fast, you can always abandon your property. You will receive less money, so make sure you think about this decision. Then go to profile settings under settings and click on update profile.

Property Tax

Property tax is important. Once you are an owner of a piece of land, you will have to pay a certain amount of weekly property tax to the city. Make sure you keep track of changes in your city's direction, so you can leave if you don't like the city's increase or decrease of property tax.

Building a House

This feature has been released but the houses themselves are not yet complete. You can also build commercial and industrial building's on your piece of land. You can find a list of all the items here. You can also find what building's you can build on your piece of land here. Benefits of joining a city

When your a member of a city you get many benefits including

  • Tax Returns on Armoury
  • Ability to use the Power Theatre
  • Able to buy items from the pf store
  • Cheaper Swap creation
  • Cheaper Vet Visits
  • Ability to write and read books