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Guide Introduction

The Fortune Machine

The Fortune Cookie Machine in East New Barkston offers a lot of prizes. To get a cookie from the machine, you need to get a Lucky Silver Coin, which you can get from random events or from the Job Agency as a reward. This guide will list all the possible prizes that you can find in your Fortune Cookie.

Guide Written By Astro

Thanks to Da-Force for the help with the lists! + Ancalagon

The Fortune Machine
The old Fortune machine:
  • Empty Cookie
  • Lose Strength
  • Lose PB's (small amount, up to 5k)
  • Coin fell through machine
  • Get a Buyable Book
  • Get a Toy
  • Gain some pbs (up to 5k)
  • Gain lots of pbs (up to 70k)
  • Gain strength
  • Get a Retired Book
    The new Fortune machine
    • Get a toy
  • Food
  • Lose Strength
  • Gain Strength
  • Get a buyable book
  • Get a retired book
  • Get a brown bag dispenser coin
  • Get a job card
  • Gain some pbs
  • Knock off 10 losses in challenge rank
  • Get kangabucks (1-10)