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Guide Introduction

Retired Items list from Mini's to Stuffies

All your retired item needs!

Guide Written By Ancalagon
thanks D4rkSaga and icecoldfire for some of the information.
Correct list as of 6th May 2014

Retired Items list from Mini's to Stuffies
Air Force Cat Stuffy
Angel Candy Corn Sucker
Angel Cookies
Angel Ghost Sucker
Angel Penguin Stuffy
Angel Power Kitten
Angel Power Puppy
Angel Quail Stuffy
Angelic Stuffy
Aqua Surfboard
Army Cat Stuffy
Artist Cat Stuffy
Baby _Milo_ Stuffy
Baby Bear Easter Basket
Baby Bird Easter Basket
Baby Bunny Easter Basket
Baby Crysanna Stuffy
Baby Dmay Stuffy
Baby Elusive Stuffy
Baby Ferret Easter Basket
Baby Fox Easter Basket
Baby Frog Easter Basket
Baby Gryphon Stuffy
Baby HM Stuffy
Baby Huntress Stuffy
Baby Kabby Stuffy
Baby Kitten Easter Basket
Baby Monkey Easter Basket
Baby Mouse Easter Basket
Baby Pony Easter Basket
Baby Puppy Easter Basket
Baby Quail Stuffy
Baby Rayna Stuffy
Baby Redmist Stuffy
Baby Sabertooth Stuffy
Baby Syxx Stuffy
Baby Talison Stuffy
Baby Tranquility Stuffy
Baby Zathos Stuffy
Babysteps Stuffy
Bag of Snowballs
Ballroom Cat Stuffy
Beach Gekkie Stuffy
Beach Nova Stuffy
Berry Bishop Chess Gummy
Berry Castle Chess Gummy
Berry King Chess Gummy
Berry Knight Chess Gummy
Berry Pawn Chess Gummy
Berry Queen Chess Gummy
Birthday Cottontail Stuffy
Black Cherry Witch Hat Sucker
Black Snowboard
Blue Alvac
Blue Alvac Stuffy
Blue Bunny Cake
Blue Bunnypop
Blue Candy Egg
Blue Dolphin Stuffy
Blue Draco
Blue Draco Stuffy
Blue Fish Pool Toy
Blue Gekkie Gummy
Blue Komor
Blue Komor Stuffy
Blue Power Kitten
Blue Power Puppy
Blue Sandcastle Mold
Blue Sloprook
Blue Sloprook Stuffy
Blue Sweygar
Blue Sweygar Stuffy
Blue Thiglea
Blue Turkey Stuffy
Blueberry Carrot Sucker
Blueberry Witch Hat Sucker
Brown Alvac
Brown Alvac Stuffy
Brown Turkey Stuffy
Bubble Gum Witch Hat Sucker
Bunny Puff Ball
Bunny Tic Tac Toe
Candy Easter Necklace
Cherry Carrot Sucker
Chinchilla Stuffy
Chocotalo Stuffy
Christmas Cuddly
Christmas Gekkie
Christmas Nova
Christmas Power Kitten
Christmas Power Puppy
Conch Shell
Crysanna Stuffy
Deluxe Birthday Cake
Easter Power Kitten
Easter Power Panda
Easter Power Puppy
Ebil Penguin Stuffy
Ebil Power Kitten
Ebil Power Puppy
Ebil Quail Stuffy
Engineer Cat Stuffy
Farmer Cat Stuffy
Fire Bear Limited Edition
Fourmagick Stuffy
Frozen Cranberry Sauce
Gekkie Anniversary Cake
Gekkie Party Stuffy
Gingerbread Woman
Gold Aardwolf Statue
Gold African Barb Statue
Gold African Civet Statue
Gold Alaskan Malamute Statue
Gold Arctic Fox Statue
Gold Arctic Wolf Statue
Gold Australian Pony Statue
Gold BMD Statue
Gold Bulldog Statue
Gold Camel Statue
Gold Cheetah Statue
Gold Cocker Spaniel Statue
Gold Collie Statue
Gold Crocodile Statue
Gold Cuscus Statue
Gold Dall Sheep Statue
Gold Dikdik Statue
Gold Dingo Statue
Gold Dolphin Statue
Gold Echidna Statue
Gold Eel Statue
Gold Emu Statue
Gold English Sheepdog Statue
Gold Ferret Statue
Gold Fur Seal Statue
Gold Gibbon Statue
Gold Giraffe Statue
Gold Gray Fox Statue Gold Hare Statue
Gold Holland Lop Statue
Gold Indicus Statue
Gold Japanese Crane Statue
Gold Kangaroo Statue
Gold Koala Statue
Gold Kuvasz Statue
Gold Labrador Statue Gold Lemming Statue
Gold Leopard Statue
Gold Loris Statue
Gold Lynx Statue
Gold Maine Coon Statue
Gold Mastiff Statue
Gold Mink Statue
Gold Musk-ox Statue
Gold Orangutan Statue
Gold Orca Statue
Gold Owl Statue
Gold Panda Statue
Gold Penguin Statue
Gold Pig Statue
Gold Pigeon Statue
Gold Platypus Statue
Gold Polar Bear Statue
Gold Poodle Statue
Gold Porcupine Statue
Gold Raccoon Statue
Gold Red Bear Statue
Gold Red Fox Statue
Gold Reindeer Statue
Gold Samoyed Statue
Gold Seaotter Statue
Gold Seaturtle Statue
Gold Serval Statue
Gold Sheep Statue
Gold Snake Neck Turtle Statue
Gold Snow Goose Statue
Gold Snowball
Gold Somali Statue
Gold Squid Statue
Gold Tasmanian Tiger Statue
Gold Tibetan Yak Statue
Gold Tiger Statue
Gold Walrus Statue
Gold Wild Boar Statue
Gold Wolverine Statue
Gold Zebra Statue
Grandpa Gekkie the Elder
Grape Carrot Sucker
Gray Mutarat
Gray Mutarat Stuffy
Green Bunnypop
Green Candy Egg
Green Draco
Green Draco Stuffy
Green Power Kitten
Green Power Puppy
Green Serpant Stuffy
Green Sloprook
Green Sloprook Stuffy
Green Sweygar
Green Sweygar Stuffy
Green Thiglea
Green Turkey Stuffy
Gryphon Stuffy
Halloween Bulldog Stuffy
Halloween Cat Stuffy
Halloween Collie Stuffy
Halloween Crane Stuffy
Halloween Ferret Stuffy
Halloween Ghost Stuffy
Halloween Gibbon Stuffy
Halloween Huntress Stuffy
Halloween Indicus Stuffy
Halloween Kabby Stuffy
Halloween Kuvasz Stuffy
Halloween Labrador Stuffy
Halloween Leopard Stuffy
Halloween Loris Stuffy
Halloween Mastiff Stuffy
Halloween Nova Stuffy
Halloween Orangutan Stuffy
Halloween Panda Stuffy
Halloween Power Kitten
Halloween Power Puppy
Halloween Rayna Stuffy
Halloween Red Bear Stuffy
Halloween Red Fox Stuffy
Halloween Samoyed Stuffy
Halloween Somali Stuffy
Halloween Talison Stuffy
Halloween Tiger Stuffy
Halloween Wolverine Stuffy
Halloween Yak Stuffy
Happy Pumpkin
Heartburn Power Kitten
Heartburn Power Puppy
Henry Bear
Hermit Stuffy
Holiday Grandpa Gekkie Stuffy
Holiday Gryphon Stuffy
Holly Bear
Huntress Party Stuffy
Huntress Stuffy
Iluvmysti Stuffy
Investigator Miles Stuffy
Investigator Ratti Stuffy
Jack But No Box
Kabby Birthday Cake
Kabby Cupid Stuffy
Kabby Holiday Stuffy
Kabby Party Stuffy
Kabby Stuffy
Kadiddle05 Stuffy
Kahlana Stuffy
Kyla Anniversary Cake
Lemon Carrot Sucker
Lemon Witch Hat Sucker
Lil Roo Anniversary Cake
Lime Witch Hat Sucker
Lizzy Elf Stuffy
Lobster Stuffy
Love Cat Stuffy
Mamapickle Stuffy
Mantaray Stuffy
Marine Cat Stuffy
Mashed Potatoes
Masquerade Cat Stuffy
Mini Wedding Cake
Mrs Claus Cat Stuffy
Navy Cat Stuffy
Nora Anniversary Cake
Nora Party Stuffy
Nova Anniversary Cake
Nova Party Stuffy
Orange Bunny Cake
Orange Carrot Sucker
Orange Witch Hat Sucker
Pail and Shovel
Pink Bunnypop
Pink Gekkie Gummy
Pirate Cat Stuffy Pirate Cottontail
Platinum Egg
Plum Witch Hat Sucker
Plush_Girl Stuffy
PoCo Anniversary Cake
Poco Party Stuffy
Powerbeans Chipmunk
PP Sunblock
PP_Anne Stuffy
PP_Dragon Stuffy
PP_Kristi Stuffy
PP_Medusa Stuffy
PP_Peanut Stuffy
PP_Penguin Stuffy
PP_Ranger Stuffy
PP_Shaggy Stuffy
Pumpkin Power Kitten
Pumpkin Power Puppy
Purple Alvac
Purple Alvac Stuffy
Purple Bunny Cake
Purple Caeprin
Purple Draco
Purple Draco Stuffy
Purple Gekkie Gummy
Purple Komor
Purple Komor Stuffy
Purple Power Kitten
Purple Power Puppy
Purple Sloprook
Purple Sloprook Stuffy
Purple Sweygar
Purple Sweygar Stuffy
Purple Thiglea
Purple Turkey Stuffy
QueenofDorkdom Stuffy
Radioactive Ayebuttah Stuffy
Radioactive Puff Ball
Rainbow Cottontail Stuffy
Rainbow Power Kitten
Rainbow Power Puppy
Rainbow Turkey Stuffy
Rayna Party Stuffy
Rayna Stuffy
Red Alvac
Red Bunny Cake
Red Candy Canes
Red Candy Egg
Red Draco
Red Draco Stuffy
Red Komor
Red Komor Stuffy
Red Sandcastle Mold
Red Sloprook
Red Sloprook Stuffy
Red Sweygar
Red Sweygar Stuffy
Red Thiglea
Red Thiglea Stuffy
Red Turkey Stuffy
Reindeer Icecream Log
Rescue Baby Pyrenees Stuffy
Rescue Dad Pyrenees Stuffy
Rescue Mom Pyrenees Stuffy
Robber Cat Stuffy
Rocking Horse
Royal Cat Stuffy
Russbabe Stuffy
Sabertooth Stuffy
Sad Pumpkin
Santa Cat Stuffy
Sauerkraut Hotdog
Scuba Cat Stuffy
Sea Star Stuffy
Secret Agent Cat Stuffy
Siber Stuffy
Snow Bulldog Stuffy
Snow Collie Stuffy
Snow Crocodile Stuffy
Snow Ferret Stuffy
Snow Gray Fox Stuffy
Snow Holland Lop Stuffy
Snow Kuvasz Stuffy
Snow Labrador Stuffy
Snow Leopard Stuffy
Snow Maine Coon Stuffy
Snow Red Fox Stuffy
Snow Samoyed Stuffy
Snow Sheepdog Stuffy
Snow Somali Stuffy
Snowflake Pudding
Strawberry Witch Hat Sucker
Sweet and Metal Cat Stuffy
Sweet Tooth Cottontail
Talison Cupid Stuffy
Talison Holiday Stuffy
Talison Party Stuffy
Talison Stuffy
Tink Stuffy
Titanium KinA4
Tooth Fairy Stuffy
Tranquility Stuffy
Tumid Anniversary Cake
Valentine Cupcake
Valentine Power Kitten
Valentine Power Puppy
Vampire Cottontail Stuffy
Wedding Invitation
Winter Spotted Cottontail
Wrapped Kitten Stuffy
Yellow Bunny Cake
Yellow Bunnypop
Yellow Caeprin Stuffy
Yellow Candy Egg
Yellow Gekkie Gummy
Yellow Komor
Yellow Komor Stuffy
Yellow Melf Stuffy
Yellow Power Kitten
Yellow Power Puppy