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Guide Introduction

The Bad Events!

The Bad events found round the site will be listed here!

Guide Written By Ancalagon

The Bad Events!
So you're just standing there, when suddenly you feel someone tugging your backpack. You turn around, but nobody is there. Maybe you imagined it. There it is again! A tug on your backpack. This time when you turn around, you see lil'roo running away with your (random item onhands). You try to stop a Police Officer to tell him what happened, but he tells you that he is busy looking for Nova's wallet. Oh man! You bumped into Padam, and he is not happy. He starts yelling at you that bad luck will come upon you, any current and future pets and your possessions. Knowing how Padam loves money, you decide to give him xxx Powerbucks. Padam walks away counting the bucks and seems to have forgotten all about you. Phew, that was close!
As your pet, (random pet) wandered through some brush, it was ambushed by some mosquitos. After running away very fast and being bit a few times, it appears (random pet) has lost some strength.