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Guide Introduction

Newbie Tips

New to Powerpets, don't know what to do, then this guide is for you!

Guide Written By -AceOfSpades-

Newbie Tips

First of all, if you have taken a glance at this you must be new to Power Pets, allow me to be the first to welcome you. Here I’m going to give you a few starting tips, how to navigate PP, questing, games, and other essentials :).

Starting off.

Once you have created an account you will need to adopt a pet, hover your mouse over the red question mark up the top and a drop down menu will fall. Click on “Grail of Illumination” Here type “Adopt” into the grail and read up about adopting a pet.

Once you have read up about adopting a pet its time to actually do it, click on the site map on the left of your page. Once on the site map find the column that says North New Barkston and click on adoption center. Here you will see a range of pets, make sure you take a look through ALL the pounds before making the choice.

After adopting your first pet it would be wise to have a little explore around the site, read a little bit and then start on making your Power Bucks grow, taking a look at the Making PowerBucks section will get you started on that :).

Armouring: After having a squiz around PP its time to do some basic questing and armouring, one of the requirements for Elite is to have 100 armour on one of your pets, armouring your pet is simple, go to the armoury from the site map, remember you must have one of the four armour types in your on hand items, Leather, Steel, Titanium and Diamond. Click on the drop down box select the type of armour, you can now armour all your pets at the same time as well, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click process order.

The strength and armour of you pet is stated next to it. Armouring takes time so there is a ‘countdown’ of sorts when you come back to this page, after the time is up you click on collect armour and it is automatically placed on your pet.


Once again I will refer you to the basic quest page, once having purchased/earned those books and have them placed on your bookshelf you can do the quests they allow you to do and your first stop should be to the Dark Guardian.

In NNB You will find his quest. Before you can do his quest these books are needed read and rated on your bookshelf.

  • PetPedia - Maine Coon
  • PetPedia - Labrador Retriever
  • PetPedia - Kuvasz
  • PetPedia - Collie
  • PetPedia - Bulldog
  • PetPedia - English Sheepdog
  • PetPedia - Samoyed
  • PetPedia - Red Fox
  • PetPedia - Somali
  • PetPedia - Holland Lop
  • PetPedia - Ferret

Once you have those books you will be presented with the first section of the quest.

You need to bring the guardian 3 random books and then he will ask you a question concerning one of the books on your shelf, answer him correctly and you will receive an evolutions puzzle piece.

For other Quests, check out our Quest Guides


On Power Pets you will find 20 types of coloured Evolutions Eggs. Each of these 20 eggs contains a different breed of mini.

Getting your egg:

To obtain an Evolutions egg you will have to have a complete Evolutions Map and take it to the Riksja driver, Rick will take you to find your very own Evolutions Egg.

Hatching: To hatch your egg you will need to take it to the evolutions chamber in East New Barkston. After 5-7 days of careful attention you will have hatched your very own mini!

For more information check out the mini guides ;)

Veterinarian Trips.

On Power pets, like in real life, your pets can get sick and you will need to take them to a vet. The vet on Power pets is situated in North New Barkston, on your action bar there is a list of your pets, when one of your pets names turns red it means its sick and need to be taken to the vet. Once in the vet you will need to have your diagnosed and then bring the Vet the required item to cure your pet.