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Guide Introduction

Book Haven store

List of all the books found in the Book Haven store. Last updated 25 Jan 2014

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Book Haven store
10 Steps to Getting Rich

A Broken Promise
A Christmas Miracle
A Circle Formed
A Collie Story
A Cosmo Bear Poem
A Cutie_Cat Halloween
A Daughters Love for her Mom
A Dream Come True
A Few Seconds Left
A Fireopal Quest
A Friend Forever
A Gift from the Sky
A Guide to Be the Best
A Home for Sentra
A Joke on Mum
A Kuvasz Stuffy
A Lesson for Hanna
A Lesson Learned
A Little Love
A Little Pink Bear
A Little Too Late
A Mini Encyclopedia of Minis
A New Beginning
A New Friend for Jake
A Painting in a Haunted House
A Powerpets Poem
A Saika Love Story
A Samoyed Just Like Me
A Second Chance
A Shooting Star
A Strange Toy
A Toggi Trip
Accidents Will Happen
Addicted to Shopping
Adventure of a Lifetime
Adventures of Dusty the Pup
Airies Dream
Alien and Alium
Almost too Late
Always low on Money?
Am I Made of Money?
Ambitious Samoyed
Amelia the Chubby Bear
Amethyst Poetry 1
Amulet of Flight 1
Amulet of Flight 2
Amulet of Flight 3
An Act of Kindness
An Ordinary Day or Not
An Unexpected Surprise
And the Winner is...
Animal Cruelty
Anny and Jessica
Any Good Books?
Approaching Padams Shack
Arfelines Sister
Arfelines Tour
Ask Instead of Taking
Attack of the Croutons
Awakened Unicorn

Bad Dreams!
Basic Shopkeeping Techniques
Battle of Bulldog 1
Battle of Bulldog 2
Battle of the Mini
Battling Babi
Baxters First Fight
Bazzbis Halloween
BC - Little Piggy
Be Kind, It Pays
Be the Best Shopkeeper
Beautiful Golden Egg
Becoming a Champion
Becoming the Best
Behind Door Number Two
Bell the Hero
Beloved Mini
Beryl the Samoyed
Best Christmas Ever
Best of Friends
Best Team of New Barkston
Beware of the Dog
Beyond Toys
Big Wide World
Bini and Bizkit
Birthday Book
Born Different
Braeyanne and Other Poems
Brief Overview of Collies
Buy! Buy! Buy!

Caara the Collie
Cal told a Lie!
Calidore Lost
Camilles Birthday
Can we go Shopping Now?
Can You Make the Difference?
Candy and Lolly
Cardboard Box
Caring for Samoyeds
Case of the Missing Cherries
Cerulian - Part 1
Cerulian - Part 2
Cerulian - Part 3
Changes 1
Changes 2
Changing Colors
Cherry Blossoms
Chibi Starry Bear
Child of the Collies
Chloe was Greedy
Chocolate Kisses
Christmas Gift for Sam
Christmas Hinting
Christmas to Remember
City Dweller
City Guide
Clash of the Flash
Classy Plan
Close Encounter
Clovers for Clover
Collie Celebration
Collie in the Haunted House
Collie Legends 1
Collie Poem
Continuing On
Cosmos Experience
Creature: The Monster Returns
Crysalis and Easter Lop
Crystals of Magic
Crystals Race 1
Crystals Race 2
Crystals Race 3
Crystals Race 4
Curse of the Chair

Dandy, the Shop-a-holic
Dangerous Knowledge
Dared to Do It
Dark Gold makes a Decision
Dark Guardian Amulet
Dark Guardian Amulet 3
Darkened Woods 2
Darn Ebil Bear!
Dawniegirls Memoirs
Daydream Believer
Deed of Magical_Crystal
Defending Meverth
Dels Journey in NB 1
Dels Journey in NB 2
Dels Journey in NB 3
Destyni Cooper
Detective Dakinshe
Detective Sox 1
Detective Sox 2
Detective Sox 3
Diary of a Samoyed
Dino is a Shop Addict
Divas Mystery
DK and Kat
Do You Remember?
Dogtale the Collie 1
Dont be Scammed
Dont Believe What You Hear
Dont Judge a Book
Doomed 1
Doomed 2
Dr. Evolvo
Dr. Rignor Howls
Dragon Tales
Drakes Collie Creations
Drakes Evil Creations
Dreams Can Come True
Duel for New Barkston
Dumb Old Hazzard
Dusty Runs Away

Easter Bunny Warning
Easter Courage
Easter in a New Town
Easter Sonnets
Easter Treasure Hunt
Easy Prey
Eat Slime Improve Strength
Ebil Disease
Ebil Easter Bunny
Ebil Fairy
Ebil Tail
Eboney Ebil Bear
Elemental Forces 1
Elemental Forces 2
Elemental Forces 3
Elemental Forces 4
Elemental Forces 5
Elemental Forces 6
Elemental Forces 7
Elzpeth 2
Emerald Eye
Erid Has One Wish
Escaping Raznok
Everests Easter Surprise
Evil Ebil

Fairness and Equality
Faith as Good as Her Name
Feeling Blue
Ferret Poems
Ferret Stealing Gang
Finding the Perfect Costume
Fire Stone
Firedogs Halloween
Firefly Staff 1
Firefly Staff 2
Firefly Staff 3
Firefly Staff 4
Firefly Staff 6
Firefly Staff 7
Fireworks Frenzy
First Christmas for Dagger
Flamido Dreams
FLE J26 - Loyal?
Flower Field
Flowers in the Wind 1
Flowers in the Wind 2
Follow the Stars
Follow Your Dreams
Football Game
Forest News
Found at the Pound
Fox and Tortoise
From My Eyes to My Ears

Gekkies Easter Egg
Getting Steel
Ghost of Thiglea
Gift That Led to a Miracle
Gift with a Surprise
Gift with Kindness
Gifts Everlasting
Gilda and Dawen
Giving Christmas
Glowing Water
Goids Story 1
Goids Story 3
Goids Story 4
Golden City
Golden Lake
Golden Space Rod Discovery
Gone Fishing
Good Old Days
Good People
Grand Adventure
Gray Foxes and Lost Girls
Great Adventures
Great Warrior
Greener Grass
Greyist Day of My Life 1
Greyist Day of My Life 2
Grow Your Own Wings
Guide to Evolutions 3 - 4
Guide to Kimberroo Caves
Guide to the Swaps
Gypsy Witch

Hacker Attack
Haelies Adventure
Halloween Festivities
Halloween Hunting
Halloween Night
Halloween on Easter
Happy and Healthy Pets
Happy Young Somali
Haunted Hill
Having a Happy Pet
Hayl and the Stolen Egg
Hayls Dream
Heart of the Forest 1
Heart of the Forest 2
Heart of the Forest 3
Heart of the Forest 4
Heaven Lost An Angel
Help the Pound
Hennas First Easter
Henrys Easter Surprise
Hidden Thoughts
Hidden Treasure
History of the Collie
Hollys Story
Honor and Loyalty 2
House on 12th Street
How Good is your Food - Part 1
How I Got My Third Pet
How to be the Best
How to Master the Blade
Hunt for Nessie
Hunt for the Easter Bunny
Husker Holmes

I am Not a Weapon
I am SO Beautiful!
I Never Get What I Want
I will always Remember
Ice Dragon
Iceris Great Gift
Icicles Sad End
Icing on the Egg
If I Had a Heart
Im New, What do I Do?
In Days of Old
Investigation of the Armory 1
Investigation of the Armory 2
Investigation of the Armory 3
Investigation of the Armory 4
Is it True? 1
Is it True? 2
Is it True? 3
Its A Cats Life

Jacob and Jerry
Jax Wins
Jealousy over a Velvet Bear
Jelly and Slime
Jessica and Veronica
Jewles Goes Diamond Hunting
Johnathan Woods
Journey by South Lake
Just Past the Rainbow

Kabbie: Most Popular Red Fox
Kate and I
Katia and her First Halloween
Katrin 1
Katrin 2
Katrin 3
Katrin 4
Katrin 5
Katrin 6
Katrin 7
Katrin 8
Keeping New Barkston
Keli, the Shop-a-holic
Kierrn the Husker
Kimbler: The Beginning
Kimbys Dream
Kira, the Wild Samoyed
Kora and the Magical Wishes
Krystals Valentine Poem
Kuvasz Christmas
Kuvasz the Stuffy
Kyras Tiny Teddy

Labrine the Samoyed
Lainis Choice
Large Fuzzy Banana
Leader of the Pack
Learn to Fly
Lee is Lost
Legend of a Warrior 1
Legend of a Warrior 2
Legend of Shadow Creatures
Legend of the First Collies
Legend of the Red Stone
Legend of the Snow Sisters
Lemurrs New Home
Lets talk Slime
Life, oh Life
Light and Dark
Light or Gloom
Lightnings Accident
Lilli and Bears
Litninbolt the Genius
Little Girl Lost
Little Harold
Living in a Glass House
Lonely Cuddly Finds a Home
Lonely Fox
Lord Hisker
Lost and Found
Lost Hope
Lost in Maze of Wonders
Lou the Red Alvac
Loupie Wins!
Love and Lind
Love at First Sight
Love, Lonely Collie

Magical PowerIce
Malla the Ferret
Mastering the Stock Market
Mindflawn and Star
Minis Guide to Philosophy
Miracle Guy
Miracle Kuvasz
Misguided Story
Missing Easter Bunny
Mole Repellant
Molly Mouse
Molly the Collie
Morning Stroll
Movie Theatre Madness
My First Ebil
My Last Drive
My Peemelba
My Turn
My Way Home
Mysterious Chubby Bear
Mystery at Serelavaine
Mystery of Northern Woods I
Mystery of Northern Woods II
Mystery of Northern Woods III
Mystery of Northern Woods IV

Nalus Adventures
Nalus Adventures 2
Nasty Librarian 1
Necklace for Windy
Need a Job?
Never Doubt Gekkie
Never Judge a Book
Never Play With That
New Baby Pet Care
New Barkston 2089
New Barkston Halloween
New Barkston Newspaper 2
New Barkston War
New City
New Friend
New Kids in Town
New Leash and Tag
New Life
New Mini and Aqua Egg
New Owner for Christmas
Nick Fang - The Reporter
Night Before Christmas
Night of Terror
Niva and the Three Doors
No Chance to Say Goodbye
Nobodys Purr-Fect
Not Enough Powerbucks
Nothing You Love is Lost
Novas Tale

Officer of the Month
On My Own
One Great Day
One Sad Fox
Only Child
Oofa the Orphan 2
Opening Sweet-Thunder
Overcoming Fear

Padam Power
Padam the Pup
Padam was Fired
Padams Haunted Shack
Peaceful Dragon
Peanuts Miracle
Peaseblossom the Samoyed
Pegasus Present
Pepsi Lost
Pet Heaven
Pet Ponies 2: Easter Horse
Pet Thief
Playing Tricks
Poems of Spring
Poor Powerpet User?
Power Jelly
Powerpets A-Z
Powerpets Quiz for Beginners
PP Night Before Christmas
Precious Souls Journey
Prevention Tips
Princess of Fire
Prism Pride 1 Beginning
Promise by Everest
Protector of the Forest 1
Protector of the Forest 2
Puppis Tail
Puppy Kisses
Pure Evil Somali Stuffy

Quin 1
Quin 2

Radioactive Chickens?
Radioactive Ducks
Rescue from Padam
Rescue of a Sorceress
Researching the Monster
Residents of Ebil
Revenge of a Gangster
Rhysik and Ferret Thieves
Risking it All
Rotten Easter Egg Mystery
Royal Diaries of Samoyed
Ruins of Rello Mountain
Run, Kiato, Run
Runaway Pets
Running Away
Running Free
Running to Freedom
Ryyn and Seriel

Sahmaras Diary
Samara in the Caves
Samoyed Adventures 1
Samoyed Adventures 2
Samoyed Adventures 3
Samoyed Ice
Sarias Destiny
Saving the Tamak People
Scary Old House
Secret Enchantments
Separated at Birth
Shadow Creature
Shape Shifter
Shivanee the Shopper
Sitting by the Campfire
Sitting in a Row
Sky Alone
Slime Apple
Slime Falls
Slime In Northern Woods
Slime Overdose
Snow White
Snowbys Sacrifice
So Many Stars
So You Want A Parrot?
Sock Chan, Private Eye
Solve It Yourself Mysteries
Somali on the Doorstep - 1
Somali on the Doorstep - 2
Somali on the Doorstep - 3
Somali on the Doorstep - 4
Somali on the Doorstep - 5
Somali on the Doorstep 6
Sonoma and Forest
South Lake Beast
South Lake Nightmare
Spirits Friend
Spirits Love
Spoiled, But Not Rotten
Spooked the Arena
Spring Storm
Starlight Wish
Starting a Collection
Stay Away
Stealing from the Thief
Steizens Wish
Stella on the Stoop
StephieRose 1
StephieRose 2
Sticky Peanut Butter
Still Homeless
Stint the Maine Coon
Storm of Fire
Story of a Destiny
Story of Sunnygirl
Strawberrys Patch
Strength Is Not Everything
Sudden Search
Sugar Cube
Sujiteis Holiday Runaway
Summoning Firefly
Surprise in an Egg
Swan Egg Rescue

Tabis Easter Break
Tails of New Barkston
Tale of a Slime Addict
Tales from Padams Shack
Tales of Fifi
Talibais Legend
Terrible Tale
Terrible Two
Terrin Learns About Rules
Terrin the Red Fox
Terrins Surprise
That Fateful Night
That Ferret Was Me
That is my Grandfather
The Attic
The Beast
The Bloody House
The Broken Call
The Car that Ran
The Cave
The Confessions of Coot
The Contest
The Detective
The Diamond Cave 1
The Diamond Cave 2
The Diamond Cave 3
The Diamond Cave 4
The Diary of Eloise
The Ebil Bear
The Element of Ferrets
The Eve of the Star
The Evil Villain
The Faeries Trial
The Fame Seeker
The Ferret Family Grows
The FlowerpowerStick 1
The FlowerpowerStick 2
The Forest Amulet
The Forgotten Birthday
The Golden Bear
The Golden Blade
The Great Escape
The Great Power Pet War
The Haunted Castle
The High Priestess 1
The High Priestess 2
The High Priestess 3
The High Priestess 4
The High Priestess 5
The Joshua Tree - Part 1
The Labrynth
The Lake Series 1
The Lake Series 2
The Lake Series 3
The Lake Series 4
The Lake Series 5
The Lake Series 6
The Legend of Huskor
The Life of FiFi
The Little Leopard
The Little Mini
The Lone Samoyed
The Lonely Mutant
The Lonely Red Fox
The Lop that Hated Vegetables
The Lost Cat
The Meaning of Christmas
The Messed Up Story
The New Little Brother
The New Puppy
The Newest Barkchem Scandal
The Night of IT
The Not-So-Great Surprise
The Nursery
The Old Man
The Party
The Perfect Powerpet
The Power of Ducks
The Respected Librarian
The Runaway Mini
The Secret Glade
The Secret Room
The Shack of Terror
The Somalis Maiden
The South Lake Monster
The Story of Loyalty 1
The Story of Loyalty 2
The Story of Loyalty 3
The Tabi Name
The Time Sheba Had to Run
The Toy Maker
The Toy Sword
The Tragic Story of Sammy
The Tranquility Rock
The Tricks
The Truth About Padams Shack
The Two Warrior Maine Coons
The Very Curious Kuvasz
The Watercolor Collie 1
The Watercolor Collie 2
The Watercolor Collie 3
Theroy the Thiglea
Tiakas Wedding 1
Tiakas Wedding 2
Tiakas Wedding 3
Time to Share
Tin Knight
Tips to Avoid Scams
Tivo the Ferret
To Be Human
To Chase a Star
To Go Home
To Spill or not to Spill
Tonic Trouble
Too Busy
Tooth Fairy?
Totaos Friendship
Tournament Champion
Toy Terror
Training Collie
Training Troubles
Trick or Treating Alone
Trimming the Christmas Tree
Trip to New Barkston 1
Trixies Jealousy
True Blue How To
True Friends
True Love - A Poem
Truest Friend
Tryk Thanksgiving Lunch
Trykas Stuffy
Trykes Trike
Twinkle and Snuggy
Two Siblings 1
Two Siblings 2
Two Siblings 3
Two Siblings 4
Two Siblings 5
Two Siblings 6
Two Siblings 7
Two Siblings 8
Two True Outlaws

Ukin and his Moosey
Undefeated Collie Warrior

Vanity and Greed
Very Veggie Easter
Visions of the Future
Voice of the Black Void
Voxen the Mailman Terror
Voxens Bad Fur Day
Voxens Book-Coholic Owner

Wacky Block of Cheese
Waiting in the Fields
Wake Up, It is Christmas
Walk in my Shoes for a Day
Wanting a Mini
Warriors Quest 1
Wasted Wishes
Weaklings First Halloween
What About Elexius?
What Color Should I Be?
What is Creeping in the Sewer?
What Powerpets is All About
What Really Happens?
What Stinks?
What to Collect?
What to Do with Your PB
When Love Finds Me
Where Did the Choco Go?
Where I Belong
Where the Shadows Grow Dark
Where the Water Grows Deep
Who is Watching You?
Wiccan Tail
Wild Collie I: The Beginning
Wild Collie III: The Pack
Wild Collie IV: Newcomer
Windrops Costume
With Me Always
Wolfit: A Collie Story
Wont Anyone Adopt Me?
Working in Simply Delicious

Xantium 1
Xantium 2
Xantium 3

Yard Sale Globe
Yearning for Sorrow
Yet to be Discovered
Young Arctics Horrible Mistake
Young Fairy Girl
Youth Gem