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Main Page - PowerPets Mania Guide
Guide Introduction

PowerPets Mania Staff

Ever wonder who works on PowerPets Mania? Who updates? Who writes the guides? Who makes the predictions? If you do wonder about that, then you came to the right page. Continue on to read all about us, the people behind the wonderful PowerPets Mania!

Guide Written By Lady_Penrhyn

PowerPets Mania Staff
User Name: Astro
Title:Creator, Owner, and Founder
Jobs: Creating PowerPets Mania, maintaining it, Paying for the site or finding ways to pay for it (ex: ads), making sure everything is updated, and attempting to appear like he is working :p
User Name: Lady_Penrhyn
Jobs: Making PowerPets Mania banners, logos and other related artwork. Also responsible for making all those cool and spiffy city images! Now also responsible for guide writing, site coding, site updating, pp updates and general site maintenance.
User Name: Ancalagon
Title: Admin
Jobs: Helping keep LadyP from stressing too much about...everything really. General Site maintenance and updating for new item releases. Also does personal requests for board themes and player profile layouts.
He LURVES Firewood User Name: Da-Force
Jobs: Coding PowerPets Mania, maintaining it, annoying the other admins. Creates awesome pieces of coding that make other sites jealous.
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Oh, he's a modest one isn't he?
User Name: -KJ-
Title: Coding Legend!
Job: Coding iBrowser and doing other programming-related stuff.
Other Staff
User Name: theGreatSteff
Title:Board themes + Poco Images
Jobs:Experimenting with Board themes and creating awesome Poco Images!
User Name: Effervescence
Jobs:Making Images for PPM
User Name: Jungle_Love
Title: User Images
Jobs: Making all those awesome user images. Also did the Care Points Guide.
User Name: VOV
Title: User Images
Jobs: Made some awesome user images.
User Name:Heart-Orchid
Title:Signatures + Game Guides
Jobs:Making cool siggys for profiles and boards.
User Name:_Jedi_
Title:Game Guides
Jobs:Wrote the Game Guides.
User Name:LadyNocturna
Title:Ad and Poco Picture Maker
Jobs:Ad and Poco pic designer. Will also make custom ones.