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Guide Introduction

Power Federation Construction

Have you ever wanted to know what could be built on each lot size, now you can with the help of this guide. Keep in mind that the bigger the lot size, the more building supplies you will need to build the building and the more expensive it becomes.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Power Federation Construction
Industrial Buildings

These buildings can be built on all deed sizes.

Wind Power Generator

Mineral Miner

Oil Extractor

Resource Converter

Commercial Buildings

These buildings can also be built on all deed sizes


Play zone

Residential Buildings

Depending on your deed size, you will be limited with what you can build on your land for the residential buildings. For example, for 1 deed lots, you can only build the little shacks.

Little Shack #1
1 deed lot

Little Shack #2
1 deed lot

Detached Family Home
2 deed lot

Ranch Style Home
4 deed lot

8 deed lot

Tower Home
8 deed lot

Partial 2 story
20 deed lot

20 deed lot

50 deed lot