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Guide Introduction

Animated Items list

A complete list of all animated items found on Powerpets. last updated on the 15/03/2009

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Animated Items list
Staff Stuffies
-SC- Holiday Stuffy
Crysanna Stuffy
Gryphon Stuffy
Huntress Stuffy
ImJustAJoke Stuffy
Kabby Holiday Stuffy
Kabby Stuffy
New Year SweetFire
New Year TheMetal
Rayna Stuffy
Sabertooth Stuffy
SweetFire Jester Stuffy
SweetFire Stuffy
Talison Holiday Stuffy
Talison Stuffy
TheMetal Jester Stuffy
TheMetal Stuffy
Tranquility Stuffy

Holiday Gift pack items
Chinese New Year Tumid
Chinese New Year Gekkie
Chinese New Year Kyla
Chinese New Year Lil Roo
Chinese New Year Lisha
Chinese New Year Miles
Chinese New Year Nora
Chinese New Year Nova
Easter Chubbs Stuffy
Easter Miles Stuffy
Easter Stickers Stuffy
Gekkie Beating Heart
Holiday Akina Stuffy
Holiday Bubba Stuffy
Holiday Bungee Stuffy
Holiday Chubbs Stuffy
Holiday Dr Sayahh Stuffy
Holiday Gekkie Stuffy
Holiday Grandpa Gekkie Stuffy
Holiday Hazzard Stuffy
Holiday Lisha Stuffy
Holiday Marci Stuffy
Holiday Miles Stuffy
Holiday Padam Stuffy
Holiday Serah Stuffy
Holiday SweetFire Stuffy
Holiday Tad Stuffy
Holiday TheMetal Stuffy
Kyla Beating Heart
Lifeguard Gekkie Stuffy
Lifeguard Kyla Stuffy
Lifeguard Lil Roo Stuffy
Lifeguard Lisha Stuffy
Lifeguard Miles Stuffy
Lifeguard Nora Stuffy
Lifeguard Nova Stuffy
Lifeguard Tumid Stuffy
Lil Roo Beating Heart
Lisha Beating Heart
Miles Beating Heart
Nora Beating Heart
Nova Beating Heart
Surfing Chubbs and Stickers
Surfing Educat
Surfing Gekkie
Surfing LilRoo
Surfing Lisha
Surfing Miles
Surfing Nora
Surfing Nova
Surfing Poco
Surfing Sharkfather
Tumid Beating Heart

Other Gift pack items
Baby Miles Stuffy
Nora Cleaning Stuffy
Nora Cooking Stuffy
Rescue Baby Pyrenees Stuffy
Rescue Dad Pyrenees Stuffy
Rescue Mom Pyrenees Stuffy
Smelly Chubbs Stuffy
Thinking of you Chubbs

Animated Snow Globe
Blue Power Bubbles
Green Power Bubbles
Halloween Scarecrow Stuffy
Light Stick
Love Chipmunk Stuffy
Purple Power Bubbles
Red Power Bubbles
Springy Penguin
Springy Snowman
White Power Bubbles
Winter Cottontail Stuffy
Yellow Power Bubbles

Mini Stuffies
Angel Labat Stuffy
Black Labat Stuffy
Blue Labat Stuffy
Brown Labat Stuffy
Ebil Labat Stuffy
Gray Labat Stuffy
Green Labat Stuffy
Orange Labat Stuffy
Pink Labat Stuffy
Purple Labat Stuffy
Red Labat Stuffy
Yellow Labat Stuffy

Fur Tonics
Flurry Fur Tonic

Mini Cream Rinses
Abyss Mini Cream Rinse
Love Mini Cream Rinse
Greenglow Mini Cream Rinse
Party Mini Cream Rinse

Cupids Axe
Duel Ax
Freds Ray Gun
Frozen Nail
Golden Nail
Jingle Bell Sword
Pine Cone Cannon
Pumpkin Dagger
Staff of Everlasting Earth
Staff of Everlasting Fire
Staff of Everlasting Lightning
Staff of Everlasting Water
Staff of Everlasting Wind

PP Character Stuffies
Holiday Cilantro Stuffy
Holiday Dark Guardian Stuffy
Holiday Herman Stuffy
Holiday Mildred Stuffy
Holiday Nanners Stuffy
Holiday Nessie Stuffy
Holiday Randy Stuffy
Holiday Ratti Stuffy
Holiday Ric Stuffy
Holiday Runa Stuffy
Holiday Russell Stuffy
Holiday Sharkfather Stuffy
Holiday Sheffield Stuffy
Holiday Stickers Stuffy
Paddy Chubbs Stuffy
Paddy Gekkie Stuffy
Paddy Miles Stuffy
Paddy Nova Stuffy
Paddy Poco Stuffy
Paddy Stickers Stuffy
Stickers Stuffy
Wedding Guest Akina
Wedding Guest Aeria
Wedding Guest Bob
Wedding Guest Britany
Wedding Guest Bubba
Wedding Guest Cilantro
Wedding Guest Cynthia
Wedding Guest Dash
Wedding Guest Educat
Wedding Guest Eve
Wedding Guest Marci
Wedding Guest Medic
Wedding Guest Missy
Wedding Guest Nanners
Wedding Guest Randy
Wedding Guest Ric
Wedding Guest Runa
Wedding Guest Russell
Wedding Guest Dr Sayahh
Wedding Guest Serah
Wedding Guest Sharkfather
Wedding Guest Sheffield
Wedding Guest Shelley
Wedding Guest Tad
Wedding Guest Trader Vic
Wedding Guest Trunks
Wedding Guest Tumid

Blue Lava Lamp
CA Emerald Stone Pendant
CA Light Stone Pendant
CA Night Stone Pendant
CA Ruby Stone Pendant
CA Sapphire Stone Pendant
Deluxe Birthday Cake
Diamond Aardwolf Statue
Diamond African Barb Statue
Diamond African Civet Statue
Diamond Camel Statue
Diamond Crocodile Statue
Diamond Panda Statue
Diamond Seaturtle Statue
Diamond Zebra Statue
Dust Devil
GG Reindeer Nose
Gold Aardwolf Statue
Gold African Barb Statue
Gold African Civet Statue
Gold Alaskan Malamute Statue
Gold Bulldog Statue
Gold Camel Statue
Gold Collie Statue
Gold Crocodile Statue
Gold Dolphin Statue
Gold English Sheepdog Statue
Gold Fur Seal Statue
Gold Giraffe Statue
Gold Gray Fox Statue
Gold Koala Statue
Gold Kuvasz Statue
Gold Lynx Statue
Gold Panda Statue
Gold Penguin Statue
Gold Pig Statue
Gold Porcupine Statue
Gold Red Fox Statue
Gold Samoyed Statue
Gold Seaotter Statue
Gold Seaturtle Statue
Gold Snake Neck Turtle Statue
Gold Squid Statue
Gold Zebra Statue
Green Lava Lamp
Orange Lava Lamp
Pink Lava Lamp
Purple Lava Lamp
Red Lava Lamp
Reindeer Nose W
Sparkling Blue Evolutions Egg
Supreme Elite Trophy