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Guide Introduction

Paying Taxes

Don't know how to pay taxes on the property you own in the Power Federation City you are living in, well this is the guide for you. Keep in mind that you have to pay your taxes weekly every Saturday. If no taxes are paid for a total of 8 weeks, then your land is repossessed.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Paying Taxes

So you have bought a property in the PF city your in and the taxes are due, the questions you are thinking of are how on earth do I pay my taxes and is there a pay all button for them without having to go to each property and clicking the pay tax button on each property you own.

The first thing you need to do is to move your mouse over the PF icon at the top of the screen:

Once you have done that click on the My properties link to get to the next page. You will see on this page the properties you own in your PF city.
The Taxes Due in red under each property indicates what property you haven't paid tax yet for, but on this page you can pay taxes for all as a total amount to save you the trouble. To pay the taxes for all you can click the following button:

Once you have done that, you are good for another week. Just remember you need to have the money on hands before you can pay your taxes.