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Guide Introduction

About PowerPets

Did you come to this site not knowing what PowerPets is? Read on to learn about PowerPets!

Guide Written By Astro + Lady_Penrhyn + Ancalagon

About PowerPets
So, what is PowerPets? Powerpets is a FREE virtual pet website. One of the best things about powerpets is their wonderful staff who are available 24/7 to help users with anything! Powerpets includes a lot of things including:
  • You can create a possible 8 pets
  • And then you can create a possible 23 "minis" to play with your pets.
  • Explore over 50 areas
  • Learn about REAL animals and the environment
  • You can buy items and then resell them in your shop/s for a profit. Or, you can show off and create your own gallery!
  • You can buy books that you can actually read from your bookshelf. These books are written by actual powerpets users and include anything from guides about real life pets to fiction tales to poetry.
  • You can write your own story for your Power Federation city. The book then goes into the city library where people with library cards can take a copy of your book and read it. You still get commission for it!
  • Other fun activities include doing quests, playing games, chatting, making friends and more!
  • Join today and try it out by clicking the banner below.
    Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!