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Guide Introduction

Retired Books

Full list of Retired books on Powerpets.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Retired Books
13 Banlow Street


A BabyBonzwas Wish List
A Bear Story
A Beginners Story
A Bird With Attitude
A Bulldog Marine
A Celestial Idea
A Close Ranged Creature
A Dare for Sannia
A Day for Newcomers
A Day With Mr. Luck
A FairyTale Princess
A Few Minutes Left
A Friend Like No Other
A Good Owner For DarkFlame
A Gray Fox Scam
A Guide to Powerpets
A Heroic Journey
A Humongous Creature
A Kuri Adventure
A Laurenlyda Christmas
A Life Story
A Lonely Easter
A Lop Always in Mischief
A Maine Coon Christmas
A Merry Christmas Story
A Monster Breeds
A New Addition
A New Found Family
A Nice Owner
A Night to Remember
A Players Guide to Winning
A Really Big Moth
A Shopkeepers Chat
A Slimy Mystery
A Sunny Beach Story
A Tale of a Holland Lop
A Thing of Honor
A Usual Day
A Wild Fever
A Wish for Robia
A Young Heros Tale
Aadon and Woofie
Accident on Haple Street
Adding HTML
Advanced HTML
Adventure of Tibitha
Adventure of x_Buddy_x
Adventures of a Daring Mini
After Thirty Years
Akala Extended
Alaska is Grounded
Alaskas First Book
Alien Invasion
Alvac Hunter
Always Shut the Door
Always Spending
Amy and the Forest
Amy and the Forest 2
An Annoying Brother
An Egg For Fuzzy
An Unlucky Turn
Anabelles of New Barkston
Angry Librarian
Another Night
Any Night Can Be Halloween
Apprentice of the Librarian
Are we there Yet?
Armory Place Underground
Arriving in Spring
Artic_Blizzard City Guide
Aw poor you


B.H. Loves Soccer
Babies Are Hard Work
Babysitting Experience
Babysitting Fun
Bad Kuvasz
Bad Luck Christmas
Balamb Castle
Band Tour
Barkchem and their Evil Plan 1
Barkchem and their Evil Plan 2
BarkChem Exposed 1
BarkChem Exposed 2
BarkChem Exposed 3
Baseball Fans
Basic Biography of my 2 Stars
Basic Guide to HTML
Battle At Sea
Battling and Surviving
Battling Jealousy
Be Careful what you Wish
Beautiful Penelope
Beautiful Princess Feya
Because of a Duck Toy
Becoming a Shopkeeper
Behind the Barkchem Cover
Behind the Files 1
Behind the Files 2
Being Prepared
Bestest Snowball Fight Ever
Betrayal in NB
Bev and Bob
Beware the Darkness
Beware the Trees
Big Day for Trissaya
Big Giant Bear
Big Journey
Big Question
Big White
Binkyboo and Who
Biography – Fox_9595
Biography of My 2 Stars 2
Birth of a New Creature
Birthday Bash for Jaramiya
Bitfang the Bully
Bizarre Encounter
Blaze of Fire
Blinkie Tutorial
Blinks the Hero
Blue Somali
Bodies of South Lake
Booys Backyard
Borshou and the Snowblower
Box of Trash
Boy Named Tim
Brad Slash Samoyed
Brixie Connor
Broken Lop Stuffy
Brother, can you spare a dime?
BuddyBite and Porky
Bunnicula and Me
Burglary Case
Bus, the Civilized Fly
But I Want It
But I Want to be Hideous


Cadarien Lost in The Clouds
Came the Collie
Camille and the Evo Egg
Cammille The NRH Mystery
Cancelled Egg Hunt
Caring For Your Gray Fox
Carmal the Tibra
Carrot, Cabbage and Collie
Case Files of Tjololo
Case of the Stealer
Cat and Friends
Cat and the Hat
Catch a Falling Star
Chalk and Cheese
Change of Life
Change the World, Friends
Charlie and Bob
Chasing Redbird
Chocolate Pudding
Christmas at Grandma Ferrets
Christmas Cat
Christmas Eve of SwanRider
Christmas in New Barkston
Christmas Mix Up
Christmas Nightmare
Christmas of Socklet
Christmas Storm
Christmas Tree Salesman
Christmas-Hating Trink
Cinderella and Trykella
Cloud the Samoyed
Cold August Night
Cold Snowball War
Collecting Seashells
Collie in the Woods
Collie Poems
Collie Who Stole Christmas
Collie: Relations
Companion FROM the Woods
Cosmo in Space
Crack of the Whip
Crafting the Golden Space Rod
Criminal Librarian
Crying Padam
Crystal and Amys Strike
Crystal and Justin
Cumpty meets Arlamin
Curious Little Holland Lops
Curious Snowflakez
Curse on the Librarian
Cutiegirl has a Wish List


Daddy Comes Home
Daring Vixens Secret
Dark Gold Halloween
Dark Gold has a Nightmare
Dark World
Dawn of the Ages: Primary
Day In Court
Dear Nova
Dear Santa
Death of a Gray Fox
Deceit and Tricks
Decide for Yourself
Dels Journey in NB 4
Desi Reporting
Destined, the Beginnings
Diamond Collar of Scruffy
Different Holland Lop
Discarded Ebil Bunny
Divas Mystery 2
Divided Family
Do not call me Fifi
Dog Attacks
Dog Training School
Dogtale the Collie 2
Dont Eat Slime
Dos Donts of Shopkeeping
Down A Manhole
Down by the River
Dr. Drake and his Evil Weapons
Drake - Wilson: The Fight
Dream of Darkness
Dry Clean Only


Earn Your Own Way
Easter Bull Nightmare
Easter Bunny Demon
Easter Comes to Xiang
Easter Eater
Easter Egg Come to Life
Easter Eve
Easter for Sanitys Tabi
Easter Poem
Easter Shopping
Easter Time!
Ebil Army Takeover
Ebil Egg Hunt
Ebil Was A Bunny
Ebils Terror
Effects of Slime
Egg Ball
Elizabeth With Wings
Elzpeth 1
Embraela Has A Pink Bear
Emerald Sock Statue
Empty Lunchbox
Encountering Peemelba
End for Alaska?
Ending It
Ertzu Attack
Evil Master
Evil Muffin Takeover
Evolutions: Hatching
Ewwww! Radioactive Sludge
Exchanging Christmas Gifts
Expensive Armor
Eyes Tell it All


Facing the Monster
Faerie Castle Pet Racers
Fairys Troubles
Faithful Alaska
Far FROM Home
Father Christmas
Ferret and the Thorn
Ferret Hunting
Fierce Fire and Slime
Fifi and Arnold
Fifty Pillow Cases of Candy
Fight of my Life
Fight with a Robot
Fighting Arena
Fighting Ring Revolt
Finding Food
Fire and Carmen
Fire Flight Christmas
Fire in New Barkston
FireByrd the Husker
First Christmas for Husker
First Fight for ScarletFang
First Snow
First Snow of Winter
Fishing at South Lake
Flames the Collie
FLEs Rule
Floating Nose
Following a Mini
Fooling the Bullies
For Love of Padam Snide
Forever Alone
Forgetful Husker
Foxy Finds the Puzzle
Freaky Camping Trip
Freaky Freddie
Freeing My People
Friday The 13th
Friendly Escape
Friends with a Human
Fun or Not?
Fuz, the Great Inventor


Garbage Man
Gekkie - Wild About Eggs?
Gekkie and Mandy
Gekkie and Slime
Gekkie Learns a Lesson
General Power Board Chatters
Geo has a Wish List
Get Rich Fast
Get Rich Guide
Getting a Strong Start
Getting INTO Mischief
Getting to Know the Books
Ghost Collie
Ghost in the Bookshelf
Giant Dinosaur
Giant Worms with Slime
Gili has a New Servant
Gingerbread House of Vincy
Gingerbread Houses
Giving of Thanksgiving
Gold Slipper
Golden Cheese Story
Golden Paint
Golden Unicorns
Good Memories
Grand Slam
Grandpas South Lake Monster
Granny Tells a Story
Gray Fox Trickery Trouble
Greatest Snowball Fight
Greed, the Lonely Labrador
Green Snowflakes Greeting a New Neighbor
Grim Ripper
Grooming Parlor Disaster
Gryffin in Collie Town
Guide to Saving Pbucks
Guidelines to Powerpets
Gummy Woods


Half and Half
Halloween for a Husker
Halloween Ideas
Halloween in PowerPet City
Halloween Limerick
Halloween Party
Ham Sandwich
Happy and Healthy Samoyeds
Happy Haunting
Hard Time in the Pound
Harry and a Family Christmas
Have You Forgotten Me?
Have You Seen the Mutarats?
He Got A Rotten Easter Egg
Hearts Can Be Mended
History of the Somali
Ho Ho Ho
Holidays Holiday Madness
Hollys Wish
Home at Last
Horrifying Adventure
House of Terror
How Good is your Food - Part 2
How Good is your Food - Part 3
How Good is your Food - Part 4
How My Pets Became Flames
How Pets Get In The Pound
How to Get Power Bucks
How To Win
How to Write A Great Book 1
How to Write A Great Book 2
Hunnybuns New Brother
HunnyBuns Search
Husker Loves Halloween
Huskerman Needs A Friend


I am a PP-A-Holic
I am So Bored!
I Dare You
I Did Not See It Coming
I Flushed It
I Found You!
I Love Radioactive Slime
I Want Candy Now!
Iced Mace Story
Icy Wolf vs. Chaos Dude
In Heaven, Princess
In Slime All Alone
In The Rain
In Your Dreams Forever
Incredible Eggs
Indicus Awake
Innocent Spirit
Interacting With Your Pet
Internet Cafe
Interview with Padam Snide
Into the Mists
Introduction of Underoo
Investigating the Slime
Is it a Dream?
Is it Always a Bargain?
Is it Time Yet?
Is My Mom Santa Claus?
Is Power Claus Real?
Its Only Fun


Jailed By Mistake
James and the Magic Gem
Jaqueline Has A Mini
Jason 1
Jason 2
Jessy and Martin
Jeweled Shell
Jimmys Terror!
Joke Zone
Journey Beginning
Journey of Kuvasz 1
Jungle Desert
Just a Dream
Just a Theory
Just Me
Just Moved In
JustNThyme for Christmas


Kai the Sly Guy 2
Kai, the Sly Guy
Kantra the Saika
Kelpie and Haunted House
Kerasatus Dream
Kerrys First Day At School
King Padam?
Kit and the Rainbow 1
Kit and the Rainbow 2
Kit and the Rainbow 3
Kit and the Rainbow 4
Kit and the Rainbow 5
Kit and Wolf
Kit has the Gimmies
KoasterWolf Snowball Fight
Koji and Krystal


Land of Erin
Land of Slya
Last Christmas
Last Puzzle Piece of Sock
Learn to Sell Sell Sell
Learning how to Parachute
Legend and Myth
Legend of Gummy Gekkies
Legend of the Ghost Samoyed
Legend of Yuwella and Kristen
Legendary Egg
Lesson In Name Calling
Let It Snow
Letters to PP Santa
Lettuce at Large
Liaria and Aero
Lidays Cry
Life was Hard
Linky the Shop-a-holic
Lisseng Toomees Easter Poems
Listen to your Mother
Little Bill
Little Easter Poem Book
Little Gray Fox, No Chocolate
Little Lost Lop
Little Red the Super Pet
Little Sister goes Diving
Little Socks
Little Stuffy Does Good
Little Tryk Has a Dream
Living the Way I Do
Lizzy Power
Lonely Bulldog
Lonesome Ghost
Long Gone Dead
Long Journey of Harabu
Looking for a Mini
Loony and Kit
Lop Meadow
Lost Kuvasz
Love and Adventure
Love for Tryst
Love is Pain
Love You, Love Me Not
Lunatic, Scientist
Lying and Teasing


Mac, A Dream Come True
Magic Dancing Slippers
Magic of Christmas
Magic Powers
Magic Show
Magical Dance Suit
Magical Drake
Make PBucks the Smart Way
Making the Most
Maku has Trouble
Malfunctioning Compactor
Malik Christmas Adventure
Mandy and Anna
Mandy and her Crew
Mandy and jojo
Mandy the Ebil Bear
Martin and the Librarian
Maryan Plays Tricks
Masked Trickster
Maxs Adventure
Mean Little Cupid
Mean Matilda
Mean Owner
Meanings of Life
Meet Crayola
Mercenary Fight
Mermaid-Thing and Me
Merry Christmas One and All
Messing with Spirits
Midnight Tails
Midnights and the Ebil Bear
Mikomis Secret
Mini Stomper
Miss Akasha
Missing Children
Missing Fifth Carrot
Missing Mario
Missing Mini
Mission Log
Missy Molly Bess
Moes Big Journey
Molly and Kyle Find a Mini
Mommy Tells a Story
Money Story
Monster Attack
Monster of Lakers Lagoon
Monster Sighting
Moonbay Comes to Life
Mother Gets Sick
Mount Volcitac
Mountain Climbing
Moving Day
Moving to Beaver Falls
Mrs. Snotty Pants
Muskie the Samoyed
My Cousins are Coming!
My First Pet-Is it evil?
My Little Trixie
My Love for Winter
My Lovely Kitten Cassi
My Name is Julie
My New Town
My Oh My
My Pet is a Mall Rat
tMy Pets B-Day Present
Mysterious Mystery
Mysterious Pasts – Pawdit
Mystery of Nova
Mystery of Padams Dog
Mystery of Rainbow Princess
Mystical Chick Saved
Mystics Good Fortune


Name the Pets
Naomis Relaxing Day
Nasty Librarian 2
Nasty Padam
Naughty Matt
NB Country Boy Song
NBIC Adventure
Neela: A Rescued Kitten
Never a Lonely Moment
Never Again
Never Been Happier
Never Forgotten
New Barkston Bank Robbery
New Barkston Fire
New Barkston
National Anthem
New Barkston Newspaper 1
New Barkston Newspaper 3
New Experiment
New Generation PowerPets
New Year
Night of Christmas Eve
Nightmare for Nova
Nix on a Mission
No Jail Please
No More Candy
No Respect
tNo Returns on Toys
No Snow?
Nora and the Acid Rain
Northern Woods
Not a Bad Masked Man
Not Again!Not Being First
Nothing Under the Tree
Nova Gets Paid
Nova has Pockets
Nova Phenomenon
Nova Soup
Novas Jeans


Off To Get Berries
On a Dark Lonely Night
On a Stormy Night
On Credit
On Fire!
On the Search
Once a Lost Collie
One Bright Morning
One Collies Loyalty
One Too Many Toys
One Unusual Santa
One Wish
Only a Rusty Bent Nail
Only One Wish
Oodabelle the Librarian
Operation Skool
Our Best Christmas Ever
Out with You!
Outcast Tibra


Padam - Evil Garbage Collector
Padam and BarkChem
Padam Investigates Nova
Padam Snide, Evil or Not?
Padam the Instructor
Padam, the Man
Padams Evil Snowblower
Padams Journey
Pampering your Pet
Panooks Lesson
Parachuting Guide
Party at Elephant City
Pearl FROM the Light
Penguinosas Lost Flight
Perfect Snowballs
Pet Shopping Mania
PetMed Quiz Book – Cat
Petnapping Mystery
Pets of Kira
Phoenix Feather Amulet
Pick it Up
Piece of Paper
Plate of Jewels
Please Forgive Me
Poem - A Christmas Night
Poem - Puppy Love
Poems for Christmas
Poems of Tasha Red Fox
Poetry in Motion
Poetry with Lessons
Poll on Storage Room B
Poor But Wonderful
Poor Thing!
Pound As A Home, or Not?
Pound Pet
Power Outage
Power Pets Secret Agent
Power Poems
Power Tournament
PowerPet Easter Bunny
PowerPet Mafia
PowerPet Mystery
PowerPet Santa
PowerPets Guide of Kleo
PowerPets Kiddie Poems
Powerpets Quiz 4 Intermediate
Powerpets Quiz For Advanced
PowerPets Rules!
Powers Unknown 1
PP Christmas Carols 1
PP Christmas Carols 2
PP Christmas Carols 3
PP Christmas Carols 4
PP Christmas Carols 5
Price Deflation
Problems at the Pound
Promise to Cross The Line
Prouhox the Android
Puppy in the Attic
Puppy Surprise


Quest of Nanook


Racing Home
Radioactive Dragon
Radioactive Picnic
Radioactive Slime for ME
Radioactive Slime, What is it?
Radish and the Storm
Real Aliens
Really Santa
Rebuilding New Barkston
Reccas Family
Red and Rad
Respect Your Librarian
Revenge by Snowball
Revenge is Sweet
Rich Man and his Two Pets
Richard and Michelle
Ruined Cheeky Doll
Ruined Sign
Rule The Shops
Running Scared
Running Wild


Sadness Meadow
Sailing Away
Salty the Trixie and Friends
Sam gets an Owner
Samoyed Journey
Saras Dream
Saving New Barkston
Saving the Tower
Saving Up Kangabucks
Scary Movie Marathon
Scritch Scratch
Scruffy and Bo
Search for an Ebil Bear
Search for the True Bunny
Secret Crush
Secret of Nuva Valley
Secret Room
Seeing the KinA4
Semore the Librarian
Sena11 Versus the Cat
Settling In
Sewage King
Shadow Fox
Shadow of a Chance
Shadows Last Stand
Shop Disappearance
Shop till You Drop
Short Stories of PowerPets
Shut the Door
Shy Princess
Signs of a Shop-a-Holic
Sitting with My Master
Skateboarding Gray Fox
Skin Deep
Sleigh Ride
Slime Copy of a Tryk
Slime Flood
Slime Time!
Slimes Case 1
Slinkys Sad Shelter
Slippery Stan
Sloat and Slip
Slushie the Samoyed
Sly Gray Fox
Sneaky Someone
Snow Bound the Samoyed
Snow Drifts
Snow War Ends It All
Snowball Fight 1979
Snowball Fights Are For Fun
Snowball Fights are ROUGH!
Snowball Sensation
Snowball Showdown
Snowball War
Snowblowing Contests
Snowy Camping Trip
Snowys Big Adventure
Snuggles and the Knight
So U Want 2 be an Entrepreneur
Solving the Bank Robbery
Some Poems
Someone Who Knows
Something Magical
Sonorias Treasure
Special Christmas
Special Day
Special Stocking
Spending the Money
Spirit of the Ice
Spirits of PowerPets
Split Personality
Spoiled Kitty Kat Ckinta
Spoiled Princess
Spring Break Blizzard
Squirrel Monkey
Stealing Leads to Bad Things
Sticky Pets
Stolen Bitsa
Storms Halloween
Story of Emphara
Story of Klaski
Story of Stories
Story of Tetsu
Stray Collies
Strength of Glitzy
Struggling Writer
Suan - Broken Promise
Substitute for Santa
Summer Dream for Chris
Summer Sakura Blossoms
Summer Time Party
Summer Troubles
Sunshine State or Alaska?
Super Shopkeeper Advice
Super Shopkeeper Tips
Surprise, Surprise!
Sweet Kuvasz
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Sailor Amethyst
SweetiePie the Red Fox
Swift, Surviving Samoyed
Swirling INTO Wonder
Sword and Slime
Sylphia sits by the Fireplace


Tabi Who Saved Easter
Tabis Easter Egg
Tanas Story
Teaching Third Grade
Telltale Diamond
Test of Loyalty
Tetrus and Arcaniney
Thanks A Lot, Santa
Thanksgiving Meals
That Thar Mountain
The Alleys
The Attack Of The Toys
The Beach
The Birthday Surprise
The Challenge of a Lifetime
The Collie Brothers
The Day I Became PowerMan
The Day I Saved New Barkston
The Easter Ambition
The Easter Tabi
The Ebil Battle
The Edible Book
The End of Winter
The Escape
The Extreme Egg
The Fall
The Fight of His Life
The Final Battle
The Finest Armor
The First Unicorn
The Fox And His Boy
The Gekkie Mystery
The Gekkie Virus
The Good and the Evil
The Hero of New Barkston
The High Order
The Hungry Time
The Hypnotist
The Impossible Fight
The IT
The Last Five Minutes
The Librarian
The Lonely Samoyed
The Loss of a Mini
The Lost Diary
The Lost Egg
The Lost Twin!
The Love Song
The Loyal Ebil
The Magic Rose
The Maze Game Rules
The Mean Collie
The Mini
The Mini Myth
The Missing Model
The Months – Poem
The New Barkston Easter Rap
The New Breed
The New Evil Puppy
The New House
The Other Me
The Pet that Stands Alone
The pet without a mini
The Point Taken Angel
The Power of Tornis
The PowerPets Battle
The Powerpets Handbook
The Puzzle
The Sad Story
The Scent of Flowers
The Screaming Volcano!
The Selfish Pet
The Story of ShampooWilson
The Summer Dreams Rap
The Terror of the Wild
The Thought That Counts
The Two Moons
The Walk
The War of M and M
The Warning
The Wealthy Porker
The Worst Pets: Dragons
The Xiang Raiders
There is always Tomorrow
Third Birthday of Faye
Thirty-Eight Tryks
This Is Peace
Those Rolling Eyes
Through the Puddles
To Accept a Meteorite 1
To The Easter Bunny
Tommy Jr. the Somali
Toms Pile of Slime
Too Little Too Late
Too Many Sweets
Too Old For Love
Tour of PowerPets
Tour of Xiang Chung-Shi
Toy Stealer
Tragedy of a Wealthy Powerpet
Trampled Thiglea
Traveling on a Dusty Road
Treasure Hunt
Trickle Beginning
Trip to the Shack
Tritney the Gray Fox
Trix and FLE J26
Trixies On An Egg Trail
True Story of Buddy
True Version
Truth about Radioactive Slime
Truth Behind the Pound
Truth or Dare
Trying on Colors
Tryk Diamond
Tryx to the Rescue
Twelve Days of PP Christmas
Two Tales
Two Voices FROM the Heart
Tys First Halloween


Underwater Food Project Fund
Unicorn Poems
Unicorns Blood
Unity Words
User Lookup and Other Hints


Valentine Dance
Valentine for Tiri
Vampire Collie
Vanilla Dip
Varyns Cheeky Doll
Velocity Volume Z
Very Small Rocks
Visiting Xiang Chung-Shi
Voxen and the Puppy of Doom
Voxens Kleptomaniac Sister


Walking in the Snow
Walking the Walk
Want to be a Millionaire?
Want to Be the Best?
Watsons 1st Day of School
Weakest Battle Strongest
What a Difference
What Happened to Sweetfire 1
What Happened to Sweetfire 2
What Happened to Sweetfire 3
What is Art?
What is Spring?
What is that Smell?
What Slime does to Minis?
What to Collect?
What to Consider
When FLEs Ruled the City
When Food Eats You
When I Was Young
When You Let Something Go
Where is She?
White Christmas In and Out
Who am I?
Why Not a Pineapple?
Why Powerpets?
Why We Love to Hate Them
Wielding the Crayon
Wild Violets Ranch
Wind Song
Window Shopping
Winter Barkston
Winter Wonderland Ruined
Wish List Wonders
Wishing for Heaven
Wishlist of TrixieGirl
Wolfs Worst Fear
Worst Day of My Life
Worst Most Horrible Day
Writing a Perfect Story
Wrong Place Wrong Time


Xiang Party in the Temple


Yay! Its Halloween
Year Without a Stuffy


Zax: Christmas Carols
Zax: Mind Reader