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Guide Introduction

Powerpets Inside Jokes

While surfing the PP chat boards, you will encounter a wide variety of jokes. While some are universal and make sense to everyone, some are purely reflections on funny moments in this site's past (which can be quite confusing, especially if you're a newbie!). (Not that there's anything wrong with being a newbie). Note that even after an explanation, some of these just won't make sense unless you were there. However, I will do my best to demystify these little quirks that just make our time on Powerpets that much more enjoyable. Without further ado, I present to you: Inside Jokes of PowerPets!

Guide Written By Ancalagon and Stargirl

Powerpets Inside Jokes
Spirit Chicken Stuffy:

Most people would read that item name and go: WHAT??? Actually, the Spirit Chicken Stuffy was created after a discussion on the Bug Board between Sweetfire and Stockbroker. Stockbroker was having some difficulty with their chicken in Pet Palace, and, after much hilariously ambiguous discussion, it was determined that the chicken was dead, but still haunting their profile and making friends. The spirit chicken stuffy was released the next day. There was a large frenzy on the bug board that day, as everybody wanted a Spirit Chicken of their own for their galleries.


This one goes all the way back to Fred, our ever-vigilant filter who keeps the boards clean and family-friendly. A while ago, Fred's settings were a lot stricter than they were now. Due to that, he did not want people to say that they were *gasp! * bored on his site. So, he would replace the B-word with other words that he decided would improve the atmosphere on the boards (ex. Silly, as in: I'm so silly right now!) To escape this, people would replace the word "bored" with the very similar "board", which some people continue to do today.

On PowerPets, we just say ebil instead of evil. Don't know how this one started. Don't know why. We just say ebil instead of evil. Please don't hold it against us.

When the site was first opened, it was possible to feed your pets Chocolate bars, Powerices, and muffins. However, after receiving numerous complaints that feeding your pets chocolate was bad for them (which it is!), Staff replaced all the chocolate on the site with cheese. If you search 'Cheese', you'll find some pretty wierd items. My personal favorite? The Whipped Cheese Softy. Yum yum!

Mod on Doodie/PP_SooperDooperPooperScooper:

This is a fairly recent one. A Mod is a human who monitors the board, and tries to keep everyone from being TOO crazy. Instead of being on duty, our Mods are said to be on Doodie. Being the mature, sensible players that we are, this is always good for a roflol or two. PP_SooperDooperPooperScooper is the code word that is used when nobody is on Doodie. (Get it? Scooping up the Doodie? Come on, it's funny!)

Staffie name changes:

Every few weeks, Staffies will just randomly (temporarily!) change a username, usually to something funny (like a type of foot fungus, or a play off one of the Staff's names). These never last long, but they're good for a laugh when it does happen.

Characters on board:
Every once in a while, one of the game characters (like Nova, Gekkie, Chubbs, ect.) will join the players on the board for some fun!

Mouldy E's:
When a person becomes Supreme Elite, the status bar under their username on the boards turns from gold to green. Because it takes so long to become SE, though, we say that they've been playing for so long, their E has gone mouldy!

When anyone makes a poll: "What's your favourite thing about Powerpets?", the inside joke answer is "Watching Tony flex" (his biceps, that is!). Tony (username TheMetal) is one of the sites creators (and SweetFire's hubby!). I don't know where this one started, but it's still pretty funny! Thanks to Warren_Mears for remembering this one!

Lurker Tree:
When somebody watches the boards, but doesn't post, they're in our "Lurker Tree". It's common for players to shake or headbutt the Lurker Tree to try and get more people to come chat with them. Thanks to arjteen for remembering this one!

Those are all the inside jokes I know of, but I'm sure other users know more. If I missed one that you think should be added to this article, please p-mail Ancalagon (thatís me!), and Iíll revise it and give you credit. I hope that youíve enjoyed this little piece, and that itíll help you join in the lolís when youíre on the boards!