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Guide Introduction


Questions on POWEX

Guide Written By Ancalagon

What is POWEX, what does it stand for and where is located?
POWEX is a version of the real stock market in real life and operates in the same way. POWEX stands for Power Exchange. The building is located in Kimberroo.

Where can I view predictions?
You can view predictions by going to the POWEX board. This can be found by clicking the talk icon at the top ad then on Power Forums and finally on POWEX board. At the moment Powerpetsmania doesn't have a powex predictor.
How many shares can I purchase a day?
You can purchase up to 5000 a day.

How long are stocks good for?
Stocks are only good for one day and once they expire they will neither gain or lose value. You will have to cash them out then repurchase the stock.

Can I earn trophies by playing POWEX?
Yes you can. There are two trophies which are available. For more information on these you can find it on our trophy page.