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Updating site at the moment on and off. Anything out of date, feel free to pmail me (Ancalagon) or use the feedback form on this site.

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Board Themes

New Board themes using CSS. Created and tested by the staff at PPM (and friends, who supply mocha *hint hint*)

Made your own awesome layout? Submit it! We'll list it on this page and of course, it will be credited to you. Simply pmail Lady_Penrhyn with your code.

Please don't steal our codes. You may use the codes as they appear on this page, but please don't edit them in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

The Template is now up, I'll be working on a guide to show you what the various sections are for in the coming days.

Guide Written By Lady_Penrhyn

Board Themes
Just Colours Images Animated Images Animal Images Flowers TV/Movies Holiday Country Flags Board Tech

Themes with Images
Name Coded by... Preview + Coding
Snowflake Lady_Penrhyn

Halloween Lady_Penrhyn

Christmas Lady_Penrhyn

Valentine Lady_Penrhyn

Bats Ancalagon
+ Lady_Penrhyn

Winter Landscape Lady_Penrhyn

Images: Selnith
Coding: Lady_Penrhyn

Halloween Pumpkin

Blue Christmas Trees

Valentine Heart

Giant Snowflake

Christmas Balls

Easter Tamarus

Blue Snow Flakes -Chris-

Gold Bells -Chris-

Gold Christmas Bells -Chris-