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Guide Introduction

Halloween Items list

Halloween games item lists from 2002 onwards.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Halloween Items list
Spider Cookies
Green Candy Apple
Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Ghost Stuffy

Pumpkin Pop
Halloween Bulldog Stuffy
Halloween Collie Stuffy
Halloween Kuvasz Stuffy
Halloween Samoyed Stuffy
Halloween Somali Stuffy
Halloween Ferret Stuffy
Halloween Red Fox Stuffy
Halloween Labrador Stuffy

Halloween Yak Stuffy
Halloween Wolverine Stuffy
Halloween Tiger Stuffy
Halloween Red Bear Stuffy
Halloween Panda Stuffy
Halloween Orangutan Stuffy
Halloween Mastiff Stuffy
Halloween Loris Stuffy
Halloween Leopard Stuffy
Halloween Indicus Stuffy
Halloween Gibbon Stuffy
Halloween Crane Stuffy

Black Cherry Witch Hat Sucker
Blueberry Witch Hat Sucker
Bubble Gum Witch Hat Sucker
Lemon Witch Hat Sucker
Lime Witch Hat Sucker
Orange Witch Hat Sucker
Plum Witch Hat Sucker
Strawberry Witch Hat Sucker
Radioactive Witch Hat Sucker
Sad Pumpkin
Happy Pumpkin
Halloween Gekkie Stuffy
Halloween Kyla Stuffy
Halloween LilRoo Stuffy
Halloween Nora Stuffy
Halloween Nova Stuffy
Halloween Poco Stuffy
Halloween Tumid Stuffy
Halloween Witch Stuffy
Halloween Mummy Stuffy
Halloween Scarecrow Stuffy
Halloween Black Cat Stuffy
Pumpkin Dagger
Ancient Staff
Halloween Ebil Pitchfork
Halloween Broom

Strawberry Gummy Worm
Lime Gummy Worm
Lemon Gummy Worm
Grape Gummy Worm
Blueberry Gummy Worm
Strawberry Eyeball Lollipop
Lime Eyeball Lollipop
Lemon Eyeball Lollipop
Grape Eyeball Lollipop
Blueberry Eyeball Lollipop
Lime Popcorn Cookie
Butter Popcorn Cookie
Grape Popcorn Cookie
Blueberry Popcorn Cookie
Cherry Popcorn Cookie
Cheese Popcorn Cookie
Caramel Popcorn Cookie
Candy Popcorn Cookie
Slime Popcorn Cookie
Angel Candy Corn Sucker
Ebil Candy Corn Sucker
Slime Candy Corn Sucker
Bubble Gum Candy Corn Sucker
Grape Candy Corn Sucker
Blueberry Candy Corn Sucker
Lime Candy Corn Sucker
Lemon Candy Corn Sucker
Orange Candy Corn Sucker
Cherry Candy Corn Sucker
Angel Ghost Sucker
Ebil Ghost Sucker
Slime Ghost Sucker
Bubble Gum Ghost Sucker
Grape Ghost Sucker
Blueberry Ghost Sucker
Lime Ghost Sucker
Lemon Ghost Sucker
Orange Ghost Sucker
Cherry Ghost Sucker
Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag
Cat Trick or Treat Bag
Monster Trick or Treat Bag
Witch Duck Toy
Pirate Duck Toy
Monster Duck Toy
Butterfly Duck Toy
Purple Halloween Staff
Blue Halloween Staff
Green Halloween Staff
Orange Halloween Staff
Red Halloween Staff
Yellow Halloween Staff
Werewolf Claw

Halloween Black Crow Stuffy
Halloween Blue Crow Stuffy
Halloween Brown Crow Stuffy
Halloween Green Crow Stuffy
Halloween Purple Crow Stuffy
Halloween Red Crow Stuffy
Halloween Sphynx Stuffy
Halloween Cleopatra Stuffy
Yellow Widow Spider Stuffy
White Widow Spider Stuffy
Pink Widow Spider Stuffy
Brown Widow Spider Stuffy
Black Widow Spider Stuffy
Orange Widow Spider Stuffy
Purple Widow Spider Stuffy
Red Widow Spider Stuffy
Blue Widow Spider Stuffy
Green Widow Spider Stuffy
Halloween Widow Spider Stuffy
Toy Pyramids
Egyptian Playset
Spider Cupcake
Sphynx Cupcake
Halloween Cupcake
Crow Cupcake
Cat Cupcake
Bat Cupcake
Sleeping Cat Cookie
Hissing Cat Cookie

Blueberry Spider Pop
Cherry Spider Pop
Grape Spider Pop
Lemon Spider Pop
Licorice Spider Pop
Lime Spider Pop
Orange Spider Pop
Strawberry Spider Pop
Vanilla Spider Pop
Freaky Candy Corn
Freaky Caramel Corn
Freaky Wrapped Candies
Pumpkin Bilby Stuffy
Pumpkin Cottontail Stuffy
Pumpkin Indicus Stuffy
Pumpkin Kangaroo Stuffy
Pumpkin Penguin Stuffy
Pumpkin Polar Bear Stuffy
Pumpkin Snail Stuffy
Pumpkin Squirrel Stuffy
Blue Alien Stuffy
Green Alien Stuffy
Orange Alien Stuffy
Purple Alien Stuffy
Red Alien Stuffy
Yellow Alien Stuffy
Angel Alien Stuffy
Ebil Alien Stuffy

Licorice Eyeball Candy
Berry Eyeball Candy
Lime Eyeball Candy
Orange Eyeball Candy
Strawberry Eyeball Candy
Grape Eyeball Candy
Cherry Eyeball Candy
Lemon Eyeball Candy
Licorice Rat Gummy
Berry Rat Gummy
Lime Rat Gummy
Orange Rat Gummy
Strawberry Rat Gummy
Grape Rat Gummy
Cherry Rat Gummy
Blueberry Tongue Roll
Cherry Tongue Roll
Grape Tongue Roll
Lemon Tongue Roll
Licorice Tongue Roll
Lime Tongue Roll
Orange Tongue Roll
Strawberry Tongue Roll
Lemon Rat Gummy
Candy Apple Cotton Candy
Jack O Lantern Cotton Candy
Spider Web Cotton Candy
Candy Pumpkins
Rotten Tomato
Worm Eaten Corn
Ghost in a Box
Vampire in a Box
Zombie in a Box
Virtual Bat
Virtual Black Cat
Virtual Frankenstein
Virtual Ghost
Virtual Vampire
Virtual Werewolf
Virtual Witch
Virtual Zombie

Angel Eyeball Candy
Ebil Eyeball Candy
Bruised Eyeball Candy
Bloodshot Eyeball Candy
Blueberry Eyeball Candy
Caramel Eyeball Candy
Cloudy Eyeball Candy
Dead Eyeball Candy
Egg Eyeball Candy
Green Bean Eyeball Candy
Kabob Eyeball Candy
Love Eyeball Candy
Mutant Eyeball Candy
Squash Eyeball Candy
Eggplant Eyeball Candy
Passion Fruit Eyeball Candy
Stinky Eyeball Candy
Red Eye Eyeball Candy
Wormy Eyeball Candy
Banana Eyeball Candy
Juicy Eyeball Candy
Moldy Bagel
Seeing Eyeball Candy
Jello Worm Cake
Wormy Nut
Wormy Apple
Wormy Cookie
Wormy Pie
Earee Cookie
Eyeball Pie
Jelly Brain
Chubbs the Tadpole
Gekkie the Salamander
Herman the Salamander
Miles the Salamander
Nora the Toad
Nova the Toad
Ratti the Salamander
Stickers the Salamander
Gekkie Tail Steak

Chocolate Bat Cake
Blackbird Pie
Black Licorice Sticks
Brain Cupcake
Candy Corn Cookie
Bag of Caramels
Caramel Popcorn
Cherry Rock Candy
Chicken Heads in a Jar
Chocolate Bat Cookies
Chocolate Ghost Cake
Deluxe Pumpkin Pie
Granola Bar
Moldy Bread
Moldy Strawberry
Mud Pie
Mud Soup
Orange Peel
Bluegoo Apple
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Half Eaten Rotten Apple
Rotten Bananas
Moldy Brain Cupcake
Rotten Carrot
Rotten Melon
Rotten Onion
Rotten Pear
Rotten Potato
Skeletal Donut
Skeleton Gingerbread
Zombie Gingerbread
Skull Cake
Spiderweb Cupcake
Spider Soup
Spooktacular Ice Cream Cake
Tombstone Pudding
Frankenstein Stuffy
Skeleton Stuffy
Vampire Stuffy

Blueberry Rock Candy
Grape Rock Candy
Orange Rock Candy
Sour Apple Rock Candy
Arachnid Cupcakes
Brain Salad
Crumpled Paper
Crumpled Tinfoil
Cursed Rose
Cursed Skull
Envious Crow Stuffy
Flaming Skull Key Chain
Gluttony Raccoon Stuffy
Wrathful Viper Stuffy