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Happy New year + major updating session
by Ancalagon on 02 Jan 2016
First off I would like to say Happy New Year to everyone out there (I know its like 3 days late but work cuts in you know ;)).

Anyway, it was a busy year last year with my store having the makeover of a lifetime and my hours bouncing all over the place from April onwards. However my roster changed completely a week later after our store's makeover got completely finished.

I am now working back in nightfill again which means I have literally got all day to deal whatever needs to get done depending on what the previous day was like. However fortunately for me our nightfilling team now has extra people working so its quite larger then before so no more of me getting called in several hours earlier then need be...unless the distribution centres do cause a bit of havoc to the system (which they did double loads for during the Christmas/New Year period...but that was partly due to a freight train coming into the state for our goods which toppled over so took a while to clear).

Anyway, I did spend most of my Saturday trying to fully update the spreadsheet again..which has gotten done thank goodness. I will be spending the next few days at least trying to get it completely updated again. Means me actually going through all pages again given how lost I have gotten ..being on PP again has made me feel more of a noob more then ever tongue

I am also in the midst of changing the PPmania layout to the Valentine theme so will be fiddling with that on and off.


The Power Temple items list has been updated with the latest information on item cost and a missing item I didn't have on the list in the first place. Thank you KSB for the information you sent me just before Christmas last year.
Easter Game
by Ancalagon on 31 Mar 2015
Its that time of year again and the Easter game has rolled around again to provide us with some brand new items to collect. I have added the list to our Easter Items Game list so you can check out what we can collect this year.

As we are approaching a long weekend here in Australia I will be attempting the updating of PPMania as this will be the best time to do it despite the fact we have had a major backflip at work regarding the store being open for trade and the refit is going on. If you see anything that needs to be done or would like to have something on the site please let me know via the feedback form or pmail.

Happy Easter Everyone.

by Ancalagon on 24 Mar 2015
As Easter is only a week away and so is the busiest time of year before the long weekend here in Australia. I have updated the helpsite's layout to the Easter theme.

I will work on getting the helspite updated with the new items when they come out (providing there is any). In the mean time I will be around updating the rest of the site with the older stuff that is missing.

Anything you see that needs to be done feel free to either pmail me personally or use the feedback form.

New year New goals + site updates
by Ancalagon on 04 Feb 2015
We are now 2 months into the new year and of course this means a whole new year filled with new goals and ideas..and of course getting things done.

Work has changed my hours again as working 15hrs a week (minimum). Also seems to be a new titled associated with it (Life Line Manager) which means at any given time during the week I may get pulled into work early to deal with someone's job if they call in sick or just don't show up. But in the mean time I will be keeping the site updated as much as possible and of course dealing with all future Action Team Events.

Anyway I better get to work on getting the item lists back up to date. I have around 4 months worth of stuff to catch up on but it is much better then 3 years worth of data I missed out on due to real life issues. I will post an update each time a list is updated so you know where I sit (and of course if I do get called into work last minute I will know where I left off).

The Siku Shop list has been updated with the brand new items that were released late last year.

The Simply Delicious list has now been updated with the latest items to hit the virtual stores shelves.

The Chipmunk/Heart Breaker Game item list has now been updated with the new items you can get from this year's game.

The Giftpacks page has had the 2015 list added to the links. So far the Frosted Pets giftpack is listed on the page but the page will be updated on a regular basis to provide the latest information for this year's range of packs that come out.

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