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Guide Introduction

Vending Machine Coins Guide

Items in the Vending machine listed by how many coins you can use to get them. Still a work in progress. In some cases you might find you can get some items that will come under more then one catergory

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Vending Machine Coins Guide

1 coin
25 Kangabucks
Black Creepy Goblet
Blue Creepy Goblet
Green Creepy Goblet
Orange Creepy Goblet
Purple Creepy Goblet
Red Creepy Goblet
Smell Well Berry Deodorant
Smell Well Orange Deodorant
White Creepy Goblet
Yellow Creepy Goblet

2 coins
Bat Cupcake
Cat Trick or Treat Bag
Monster Trick or Treat Bag
Pumpkin Dagger
Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag
Farmer Dog
Purple Seahorse Stuffy
Ballet Frog Stuffy
Gekkie Frog Stuffy
Nora Frog Stuffy
Nova Frog Stuffy
Ratti Frog Stuffy
Secret Agent Frog Stuffy
Super Frog Stuffy

3 coins
Love Dog Stuffy
Paddy Bear Stuffy
Tiger Pinata
Reporter Gekkie Wobblehead
Citrus Summer Slime
Strawberry Summer Slime
Berry Summer Slime
Cherry Summer Slime
Prune Summer Slime
Orange Summer Slime
Blueberry Summer Slime
Blackberry Summer Slime
Banana Summer Slime
Tropical Summer Slime