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Guide Introduction

The Vending Machine

The Vending Machine in Xiang offers a lot of prizes. To get a Brown Bag from the machine, you need to get a Brown Bag Dispenser Coin from Akina. This guide will list all the possible prizes that you can find in your Brown Bag.

Guide Written By Astro + Ancalagon

The Vending Machine
100 Kangabucks
1000 Point Taken Bonus Chip
10000 Point Taken Bonus Chip
25 Kangabucks
250 Point Taken Bonus Chip
500 Point Taken Bonus Chip
5000 Point Taken Bonus Chip
Ancient Staff
Angel Dolphin Stuffy
Army Dog Stuffy
Artist Dog Stuffy
Bad Egg
Ballet Bear Stuffy
Ballet Frog Stuffy
Ballroom Dog Stuffy
Banana Summer Slime
Bat Cupcake
Beach Dog Stuffy
Berry Summer Slime
Black Creepy Goblet
Black Dolphin Stuffy
Black Polar Bear Stuffy
Black Seagull Stuffy
Black Widow Spider Stuffy
Blackberry Summer Slime
Blue Candy Cane
Blue Candy Filled Egg
Blue Creepy Goblet
Blue Halloween Staff
Blue Heart Biscuits
Blue Heart Cupcakes
Blue Hermit Crab Stuffy
Blue Lolly
Blue News Truck Blue Paw Lolly
Blue Polar Bear Stuffy
Blue Seagull Stuffy
Blue Seahorse Stuffy
Blue Snowboard
Blue Surfboard
Blue Turtle Stuffy
Blue Widow Spider Stuffy
Blueberry Candy Corn Sucker
Blueberry Carrot Candy
Blueberry Eyeball Lollipop
Blueberry Ghost Sucker
Blueberry Gummy Worm
Blueberry Jester Sucker
Blueberry Popcorn Cookie
Blueberry Snowball
Blueberry Summer Slime
Box of Gummies
Brown Dolphin Stuffy
Brown Fish Pool Toy
Brown Polar Bear Stuffy
Brown Surfboard
Brown Widow Spider Stuffy
Bubble Gum Candy Corn Sucker
Bubble Gum Ghost Sucker
Bucket of Chicken
Bulldog Baby Easter Basket
Burglar Dog Stuffy
Butter Popcorn Cookie
Butterfly Duck Toy
Candy Cane Bone
Candy Popcorn Cookie
Caramel Popcorn Cookie
Cat Cupcake
Cat Trick or Treat Bag
Cheese Popcorn Cookie
Cherry Bishop Chess Gummy
Cherry Candy Corn Sucker
Cherry Carrot Candy
Cherry Castle Chess Gummy
Cherry Ghost Sucker
Cherry Jester Sucker
Cherry King Chess Gummy
Cherry Knight Chess Gummy
Cherry Pawn Chess Gummy
Cherry Popcorn Cookie
Cherry Queen Chess Gummy
Cherry Snowball
Cherry Summer Slime
Christmas Cookies
Citrus Summer Slime
Citrus Surfboard
Clam Stuffy
Cloud Chew Toy
Coffee Carrot Candy
Coin Tribal Mask Toy
Collie Baby Easter Basket
Cream News Truck
Crocodile Tears
Crow Cupcake
Dandelion Chew Toy
Diamond Tribal Mask Toy
Doctor Whoot Stuffy
Dolphin Stuffy
Dragonfly Stuffy
Easter Bear
Easter Kyla Stuffy
Easter Lil Roo Stuffy
Easter Nora Stuffy
Easter Nova Stuffy
Ebil Candy Corn Sucker
Ebil Dolphin Stuffy
Ebil Ghost Sucker
Egyptian Playset
Engineer Dog Stuffy F
Farmer Dog Stuffy
Firefighter Cat Stuffy
Firefighter Dog Stuffy
Fruit Basket
Game Show Invitation
Gekkie Frog Stuffy
Gekkie Racing Car
Ghostly Goose Toy
Golden Bell
Grape Bishop Chess Gummy
Grape Candy Corn Sucker
Grape Carrot Candy
Grape Castle Chess Gummy
Grape Eyeball Lollipop
Grape Ghost Sucker
Grape Gummy Worm
Grape Jester Sucker
Grape King Chess Gummy
Grape Knight Chess Gummy
Grape Pawn Chess Gummy
Grape Popcorn Cookie
Grape Queen Chess Gummy
Grape Snowball
Gray Dolphin Stuffy
Gray Fox Baby Easter Basket
Gray Polar Bear Stuffy
Gray Power Flyer
Green Candy Apple
Green Candy Filled Egg
Green Creepy Goblet
Green Dolphin Stuffy
Green Fish Pool Toy
Green Halloween Staff
Green Heart Biscuits
Green Heart Cupcakes
Green Hermit Crab Stuffy
Green Lolly
Green News Truck
Green Paw Lolly
Green Polar Bear Stuffy
Green Power Flyer
Green Seagull Stuffy
Green Seahorse Stuffy
Green Snowboard
Green Surfboard
Green Turtle Stuffy
Green Widow Spider Stuffy
Halloween Black Cat Stuffy
Halloween Black Crow Stuffy
Halloween Blue Crow Stuffy
Halloween Broom
Halloween Brown Crow Stuffy
Halloween Cleopatra Stuffy
Halloween Cupcake
Halloween Ebil Pitchfork
Halloween Gekkie Stuffy
Halloween Green Crow Stuffy
Halloween Kyla Stuffy
Halloween Lil Roo Stuffy
Halloween Mummy Stuffy
Halloween Nora Stuffy
Halloween Poco Stuffy
Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Purple Crow Stuffy
Halloween Red Crow Stuffy
Halloween Scarecrow Stuffy
Halloween Sphynx Stuffy
Halloween Tumid Stuffy
Halloween Widow Spider Stuffy
Halloween Witch Stuffy
Heart Candle
Hissing Cat Cookie
Holiday Cat Stuffy
Holiday Kyla
Holiday Lil Roo
Holiday Polar Bear Stuffy
Holiday Sucker
Holland Lop Baby Easter Basket
Hungry Porker Stuffy
Inner Tube
Jester Bells
Jester Dog Stuffy
Jingle Bell Sword
Jingle Bells
Kuvasz Baby Easter Basket
Kuvasz Squeaky Toy
Kyla Racing Car
Labrador Baby Easter Basket
Ladybug Stuffy
Leaf Chew Toy
Lemon Bishop Chess Gummy
Lemon Candy Corn Sucker
Lemon Carrot Candy
Lemon Castle Chess Gummy
Lemon Eyeball Lollipop
Lemon Ghost Sucker
Lemon Gummy Worm
Lemon Jester Sucker
Lemon King Chess Gummy
Lemon Knight Chess Gummy
Lemon Pawn Chess Gummy
Lemon Queen Chess Gummy
Lil Roo Racing Car
Lime Bishop Chess Gummy
Lime Candy Corn Sucker
Lime Carrot Candy
Lime Castle Chess Gummy
Lime Eyeball Lollipop
Lime Ghost Sucker
Lime Gummy Worm
Lime Jester Sucker
Lime King Chess Gummy
Lime Knight Chess Gummy
Lime Pawn Chess Gummy
Lime Popcorn Cookie
Lime Queen Chess Gummy
Lime Surfboard
Lisha Racing Car
Love Dog Stuffy
Love Puppy
Maine Coon Baby Easter Basket
Marching Penguin Chick
Marshmallow Snowman
Masquerade Dog Stuffy
Message in a Bottle
Miles Racing Car
Mint Carrot Candy
Monster Duck Toy
Monster Trick or Treat Bag
Movie Night Porker Stuffy
Navy Dog Stuffy
Nora Frog Stuffy
Nora Racing Car
Nora Stuffy
Nova Frog Stuffy
Nova Racing Car
Nurse Cat Stuffy
Orange Candy Corn Sucker
Orange Candy Filled Egg
Orange Carrot Candy
Orange Creepy Goblet
Orange Dolphin Stuffy
Orange Fish Pool Toy
Orange Ghost Sucker
Orange Halloween Staff
Orange Heart Biscuits
Orange Heart Cupcakes
Orange Hermit Crab Stuffy
Orange Jester Sucker
Orange Lolly
Orange Paw Lolly
Orange Polar Bear Stuffy
Orange Power Flyer
Orange Seagull Stuffy
Orange Seahorse Stuffy
Orange Snowboard
Orange Summer Slime
Orange Surfboard
Orange Turtle Stuffy
Orange Widow Spider Stuffy

Paddy Bear Stuffy Peach Carrot Candy
Peach Hermit Crab Stuffy
Peach Snowball
Pilot Porker Stuffy
Pine Cone Cannon
Pink Bunny Stuffy
Pink Candy Filled Egg
Pink Dolphin Stuffy
Pink Fish Pool Toy
Pink Heart Cupcakes
Pink Hermit Crab Stuffy
Pink Lolly
Pink Paw Lolly
Pink Polar Bear Stuffy
Pink Power Flyer
Pink Seagull Stuffy
Pink Seahorse Stuffy
Pink Snowboard
Pink Surfboard
Pink Turtle Stuffy
Pink Widow Spider Stuffy
Pirate Dog Stuffy
Pirate Duck Toy
Plain Donut
Poinsettia Sword
Police Cat Stuffy
Prune Summer Slime
Pumpkin Dagger
Pumpkin Pop
Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag
Purple Candy Filled Egg
Purple Creepy Goblet
Purple Dolphin Stuffy
Purple Fish Pool Toy
Purple Halloween Staff
Purple Heart Biscuits
Purple Heart Cupcakes
Purple Hermit Crab Stuffy
Purple Lolly
Purple News Truck
Purple Paw Lolly
Purple Polar Bear Stuffy
Purple Power Flyer
Purple Seagull Stuffy
Purple Seahorse Stuffy
Purple Snowboard
Purple Surfboard
Purple Turtle Stuffy
Purple Widow Spider Stuffy
Radioactive Bunny Cake
Radioactive Candy Cane
Radioactive Carrot Candy
Radioactive Witch Hat Sucker
Rainbow Beachball
Rainbow Cat Stuffy
Rainbow Dog Stuffy
Rainbow Dolphin Stuffy
Rainbow Seahorse Stuffy
Rainbow Surfboard
Rainy Day Cat Stuffy
Rainy Day Dog Stuffy
Ratti Frog Stuffy
Red Candy Filled Egg
Red Creepy Goblet
Red Dolphin Stuffy
Red Fish Pool Toy
Red Halloween Staff
Red Heart Biscuits
Red Heart Cupcakes
Red Hermit Crab Stuffy
Red News Truck
Red Polar Bear Stuffy
Red Seagull Stuffy
Red Seahorse Stuffy
Red Snowboard
Red Surfboard
Red Turtle Stuffy
Red Widow Spider Stuffy
Reporter Gekkie Wobblehead
Reporter Lilroo Wobblehead
Reporter Lisha Wobblehead
Reporter Miles Wobblehead
Reporter Nora Wobblehead
Reporter Nova Wobblehead
Roasted Marshmallows
Runner Porker Stuffy
Samoyed Baby Easter Basket
Seamstress Cat Stuffy
Seaweed Secret Agent Dog Stuffy
Secret Agent Frog Stuffy
Shark Stuffy
Sheepdog Baby Easter Basket
Shield Tribal Mask Toy
Shopping Porker Stuffy
Sleeping Cat Cookie
Sleepy Porker Stuffy
Slime Candy Corn Sucker
Slime Ghost Sucker
Slime Popcorn Cookie
Small Pool
Smell Well Berry Deodorant
Smell Well Charcoal Deodorant
Smell Well Fire Deodorant
Smell Well Ocean Deodorant
Smell Well Orange Deodorant
Snowman Stuffy
Somali Baby Easter Basket
Sphynx Cupcake
Spider Cookies
Spider Cupcake
Spirit Chicken Stuffy
Stinky Egg
Strawberry Eyeball Lollipop
Strawberry Gummy Worm
Strawberry Jester Sucker
Strawberry Summer Slime
Sunflower Chew Toy
Sunset Surfboard
Sunshine Chew Toy
Super Frog Stuffy
Suriname Cuddly
Sweet and Metal Dog Stuffy
Tan Dolphin Stuffy
Tan Polar Bear Stuffy
Teal Surfboard
Terrified Turkey Stuffy
Toy Igloo
Toy Pyramids
Tribal Cat Stuffy
Trick Kite
Tropical Fish Stuffy
Tropical Summer Slime
Tumid Racing Car
Turkey Sandwich
Valentine Love Letter
Valentine Shield
Valentine Staff
Valentine Tumid Stuffy
Vending Bomb
Water Gun Watermelon Carrot Candy
Watermelon Surfboard
Werewolf Claw
Whale Stuffy
White Bunny Stuffy
White Creepy Goblet
White Dolphin Stuffy
White News Truck
White Polar Bear Stuffy
White Power Flyer
White Widow Spider Stuffy
Winter Bear Stuffy
Winter Bernese Stuffy
Winter Bulldog Stuffy
Winter Collie Stuffy
Winter Crane Stuffy
Winter Ferret Stuffy
Winter Gibbon Stuffy
Winter Gray Fox Stuffy
Winter Holland Lop Stuffy
Winter Indicus Stuffy
Winter Kuvasz Stuffy
Winter Labrador Stuffy
Winter Leopard Stuffy
Winter Loris Stuffy
Winter Maine Coon Stuffy
Winter Mastiff Stuffy
Winter Orangutan Stuffy
Winter Panda Stuffy
Winter Red Fox Stuffy
Winter Samoyed Stuffy
Winter Sheepdog Stuffy
Winter Somali Stuffy
Winter Tiger Stuffy
Winter Wolverine Stuffy
Winter Yak Stuffy
Witch Duck Toy
Workout Porker Stuffy
Yellow Candy Filled Egg
Yellow Creepy Goblet
Yellow Dolphin Stuffy
Yellow Fish Pool Toy
Yellow Halloween Staff
Yellow Heart Biscuits
Yellow Hermit Crab Stuffy
Yellow Polar Bear Stuffy
Yellow Power Flyer
Yellow Seagull Stuffy
Yellow Seahorse Stuffy
Yellow Snowboard
Yellow Surfboard
Yellow Turtle Stuffy
Yellow Widow Spider Stuffy