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Guide Introduction

Personal Player Stuffys main page

As of May 1st, 2007, you can have a chance of having your very own stuffy made! For every 100 Power Credits that you purchase, your name will be entered into a draw. At the end of the month, we will give all the names to fred, and he will randomly pick one. If your name is picked, our artists will make you a stuffy based on the description you give them.

Once completed, you will receive your very own stuffy and it will also be available for others to purchase in the Upgrade Center and later on in Nothing Rare Here.

Rules and Restrictions:
* Only accumulated totals of power credits will apply for this contest. (e.g. if you purchase 50 Power Credits, and another 50 a week later, you will be entered into the draw once).
* Power Credits gained from Gift packs, or Power Store Purchases with Power Credit Coupons will also be included for your total credits.
* Winner is selected on the first day of the next month.
* If we do not receive a response to detail inquiry within 5 days, a runner up winner will be selected.
* If you get a name change, the name of your personal stuffy will not be changed.

Guide Written By -Chris-

Personal Player Stuffys main page

Player Stuffies

Player Stuffies

Player Stuffies

Player Stuffies