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Guide Introduction

Power Dome Questions

Questions about The Power Dome

Guide Written By AngelxOxBabiie

Power Dome Questions
Q: Where is the Power Dome?
A:The Power Dome can be found in the large arena in Tanos.

Q: How can I battle?
A:You will need to select your pet to use, purchase some weapons, and set up a fight. More information on each topic can be found below.

Q: My pet is listed as a Private/Corporal/Sergeant/etc, what does that mean?
A:This is your pet's rank, which is determined by the outcomes of battles within the Power Dome. If you battle within your same rank, the winner will gain +4 points, the loser losing -4 points. If you win against a rank higher, +10; rank lower, +1. If you lose against a rank higher, -1; rank lower, -10. The full list of ranks are:
Private: 0 - 300 Points
Corporal: 301 - 600 Points
Sergeant: 601 - 900 Points
Lieutenant: 901 - 1200 Points
Captain: 1201 - 1500 Points
Major:1501 - 1800 Points
Colonel: 1801 - 2100 Points
General: 2,101+ Points

Q: How do I select my weapons?
A:Once you enter the Power Dome, click on Select Weapons to the left. There you can scroll through your on-hand weapons and select which ones you would like to use in battle.

Q: Where can I set up and/or join battles?
A: Once you enter the Power Dome, there are two options to the left: “Create Face Off” and “Join Face Off.” Create means to create your own battle, which you can set up to battle other people or PESTs (computer battlers). Join means you can join in on any current battles waiting for participants.

Q: Where can I talk to other PP Users regarding the Power Dome?
A:Check out the Power Dome Chat Board in the PP Forums.

Q: I got to the battle screen; how do I actually battle?

You MUST choose a new position for your pet, a direction for your weapons to fire, and a strength amount. You can choose up to two weapons at once if you'd like. Before you click on anything, hover over the pets in the arena to see their current status regarding name, strength, armor, and damage amounts. Battling takes a lot of time, effort, and practice, so before jumping right in practice against the PESTs to get your strategy down, or practice with a friend!