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Guide Introduction

Power credits list

Wanted to know what you can get in the credit store, then this list can help you out. You can also click on Power Credits items and Seasonal items for a more filtered list. The only items the list doesn't contain is items that have been in previous giftpacks from 2008 that haven't had their origin changed.

Guide Written By Ancalagon

Power credits list
Power Credits Full List Power Credits Items Seasonal Items
-SC- Holiday Stuffy

Abyss Mini Cream Rinse
Angel Alvac Stuffy
Angel Caeprin Stuffy
Angel Draco Stuffy
Angel FLEJ26 Stuff
y Angel Gobbit Stuffy
Angel KinA4 Stuffy
Angel Komor Stuffy
Angel Labat Stuffy
Angel Ligon Stuffy
Angel Melf Stuffy
Angel Mutarat Stuffy
Angel Polar Bear Stuffy
Angel Serpant Stuffy
Angel Sloprook Stuffy
Angel Sweygar Stuffy
Angel Thiglea Stuffy
Angel Unigon Stuffy

Baby Chinchilla Easter Basket
Baby Chubbs Basket
Baby D4rk_Saga Stuffy
Baby Elusive Stuffy
Baby Gryphon Stuffy
Baby Huntress Stuffy
Baby Kabby Stuffy
Baby Lil Roo Stuffy
Baby Lisha Stuffy
Baby Nora Stuffy
Baby Redmist Stuffy
Baby Talison Stuffy
Baby Tumid Stuffy
Birthday Aardwolf Stuffy
Birthday African Barb Stuffy
Birthday Bat Eared Fox Stuffy
Birthday Bulldog Stuffy
Birthday Camel Stuffy
Birthday Cheetah Stuffy
Birthday Civet Stuffy
Birthday Collie Stuffy
Birthday Cottontail Stuffy
Birthday Dikdik Stuffy
Birthday Elephant Stuffy
Birthday Ferret Stuffy
Birthday Giraffe Stuffy
Birthday Gray Fox Stuffy
Birthday Holland Lop Stuffy
Birthday Kuvasz Stuffy
Birthday Labrador Stuffy
Birthday Maine Coon Stuffy
Birthday Red Fox Stuffy
Birthday Rhino Stuffy
Birthday Samoyed Stuffy
Birthday Serval Stuffy
Birthday Sheepdog Stuffy
Birthday Somali Stuffy
Birthday Zebra Stuffy
Black Alvac Stuffy
Black Caeprin Stuffy
Black Draco Stuffy
Black FLEJ26 Stuffy
Black Gobbit Stuffy
Black KinA4 Stuffy
Black Komor Stuffy
Black Labat Stuffy
Black Ligon Stuffy
Black Melf Stuffy
Black Serpant Stuffy
Black Sloprook Stuffy
Black Sweygar Stuffy
Black Thiglea Stuffy
Black Unigon Stuffy
Black Winter Pony Stuffy
Bling Puff Ball
Bling Cottontail
Blue FLEJ26 Stuffy
Blue KinA4 Stuffy
Blue Labat Stuffy
Blue Ligon Stuffy
Blue Melf Stuffy
Blue Mutarat Stuffy
Blue Serpant Stuffy
Blue Thiglea Stuffy
Bouquet of Flowers
Brown Caeprin Stuffy
Brown Draco Stuffy
Brown FLEJ26 Stuffy
Brown Gobbit Stuffy
Brown Komor Stuffy
Brown Ligon Stuffy
Brown Melf Stuffy
Brown Mutarat Stuffy
Brown Sloprook Stuffy
Brown Sweygar Stuffy
Brown Thiglea Stuffy
Brown Unigon Stuffy
Baby TheGreatSteff Stuffy
Baby Syxx Stuffy
Baby AngelxOxBabiie Stuffy

Camo Aardwolf Stuffy
Camo African Barb Stuffy
Camo African Civet Stuffy
Camo Arctic Fox Stuffy
Camo Arctic Wolf Stuffy
Camo Bulldog Stuffy
Camo Camel Stuffy
Camo Cheetah Stuffy
Camo Collie Stuffy
Camo Crocodile Stuffy
Camo Dikdik Stuffy
Camo Dingo Stuffy
Camo Dolphin Stuffy
Camo Ferret Stuffy
Camo Gibbon Stuffy
Camo Giraffe Stuffy
Camo Gray Fox Stuffy
Camo Hare Stuffy
Camo Holland Lop Stuffy
Camo Indicus Stuffy
Camo Kangaroo Stuffy
Camo Koala Stuffy
Camo Kuvasz Stuffy
Camo Leopard Stuffy
Camo Loris Stuffy
Camo Maine Coon Stuffy
Camo Mastiff Stuffy
Camo Musk Ox Stuffy
Camo Orangutan Stuffy
Camo Panda Stuffy
Camo Pig Stuffy
Camo Platypus Stuffy
Camo Polar Bear Stuffy
Camo Porcupine Stuffy
Camo Power Egg
Camo Raccoon Stuffy
Camo Red Bear Stuffy
Camo Red Fox Stuffy
Camo Reindeer Stuffy
Camo Samoyed Stuffy
Camo Serval Stuffy
Camo Sheep Stuffy
Camo Skunk Stuffy
Camo Snow Goose Stuffy
Camo Snowy Owl Stuffy
Camo Somali Stuffy
Camo Tibetan Yak Stuffy
Camo Tiger Stuffy
Camo Walrus Stuffy
Camo Wolverine Stuffy
Camo Zebra Stuffy
Cheese Power Egg
Chestnut Winter Pony Stuffy
Chinese New Year Gekkie
Chinese New Year Kyla
Chinese New Year Lil Roo
Chinese New Year Lisha
Chinese New Year Miles
Chinese New Year Nora
Chinese New Year Nova
Chinese New Year Tumid
Chocolatecheese Fur Tonic
Cloud Sky Dagger
Cloud Sky Shield
Crystal Power Egg

Easter Gekkie Stuffy
Easter Lisha Stuffy
Easter Tumid Stuffy
Ebil Alvac Stuffy
Ebil Caeprin Stuffy
Ebil Draco Stuffy
Ebil FLEJ26 Stuffy
Ebil Gobbit Stuffy
Ebil KinA4 Stuffy
Ebil Komor Stuffy
Ebil Labat Stuffy
Ebil Ligon Stuffy
Ebil Melf Stuffy
Ebil Mutarat Stuffy
Ebil Polar Bear Stuffy
Ebil Serpant Stuffy
Ebil Sloprook Stuffy
Ebil Sweygar Stuffy
Ebil Thiglea Stuffy
Ebil Unigon Stuffy

Gekkie Beating Heart
Gray Alvac Stuffy
Gray Caeprin Stuffy
Gray Draco Stuffy
Gray FLEJ26 Stuffy
Gray Gobbit Stuffy
Gray KinA4 Stuffy
Gray Komor Stuffy
Gray Ligon Stuffy
Gray Serpant Stuffy
Gray Sloprook Stuffy
Gray Stoateer Stuffy
Gray Sweygar Stuffy
Gray Winter Pony Stuffy
Green Alvac Stuffy
Green Caeprin Stuffy
Green FLEJ26 Stuffy
Green Glow Alvac Stuffy
Green Glow Caeprin Stuffy
Green Glow FleJ26 Stuffy
Green Glow Melf Stuffy
Green Glow Sloprook Stuffy
Green Gobbit Stuffy
Green KinA4 Stuffy
Green Komor Stuffy
Green Labat Stuffy
Green Melf Stuffy
Green Mutarat Stuffy
Green Sugarus Stuffy
Green Thiglea Stuffy

Halloween Werebunny Stuffy
Halloween Werecat Stuffy
Halloween Werewolf Stuffy
Holiday Akina Stuffy
Holiday Dr Sayahh Stuffy
Holiday Educat Stuffy
Holiday Gekkie Stuffy
Holiday Grandpa Gekkie Stuffy
Holiday Hazzard Stuffy
Holiday Lisha Stuffy
Holiday Marci Stuffy
Holiday Miles Stuffy
Holiday Nora Stuffy
Holiday Nova Stuffy
Holiday Padam Stuffy
Holiday Poco Stuffy
Holiday Polar Bear Stuffy
Holiday Serah Stuffy
Holiday Tumid Stuffy

Ice Power Egg

Kabby Holiday Stuffy
Kyla Beating Heart

Lightning Sky Dagger
Lightning Sky Shield
Lil Roo Beating Heart
Lisha Beating Heart
Luau Fur Tonic

Miles Beating Heart
Moon Sky Dagger
Moon Sky Shield

New Years Spotted Cottontail
Nora Beating Heart
Nova Beating Heart

Orange Alvac Stuffy
Orange Caeprin Stuffy
Orange Draco Stuffy
Orange FLEJ26 Stuffy
Orange Komor Stuffy
Orange Labat Stuffy
Orange Melf Stuffy
Orange Mutarat Stuffy
Orange Sloprook Stuffy
Orange Sweygar Stuffy
Orange Thiglea Stuffy

Palomino Winter Pony Stuffy
Pink Alvac Stuffy
Pink Caeprin Stuffy
Pink Draco Stuffy
Pink KinA4 Stuffy
Pink Komor Stuffy
Pink Ligon Stuffy
Pink Melf Stuffy
Pink Mutarat Stuffy
Pink Serpant Stuffy
Pink Sloprook Stuffy
Pink Sugarus Stuffy
Pink Sweygar Stuffy
Pink Thiglea Stuffy
Pink Unigon Stuffy
Police Car
Purple Caeprin Stuffy
Purple FLEJ26 Stuffy
Purple KinA4 Stuffy
Purple Labat Stuffy
Purple Ligon Stuffy
Purple Melf Stuffy
Purple Mutarat Stuffy
Purple Serpant Stuffy
Purple Thiglea Stuffy
Purple Unigon Stuffy

Radioactive Slime Fur Tonic
Rain Sky Dagger
Rain Sky Shield
Rainbow Malamute Stuffy
Rainbow Polar Bear Stuffy
Red Caeprin Stuffy
Red KinA4 Stuffy
Red Labat Stuffy
Red Ligon Stuffy
Red Melf Stuffy
Red Mutarat Stuffy
Red Serpant Stuffy

Santa Padam Stuffy
Slime Widow Spider Stuffy
Smelly Baby Chubbs Stuffy
Spotted Power Egg
Star Sky Dagger
Star Sky Shield
Sun Sky Dagger
Sun Sky Shield
Sunburnt Chubbs Stuffy
Sunburnt Kyla Stuffy
Sunburnt Lisha Stuffy
Sunburnt Stickers Stuffy
Sweetfire Holiday Stuffy

Talison Holiday Stuffy
TheMetal Holiday Stuffy
Thinking of You Chubbs
Tropical Mini Cream Rinse
Tumid Beating Heart

Valentine Cottontail Stuffy
Valentine Gekkie Stuffy
Valentine Griffin Stuffy
Valentine Kyla Stuffy
Valentine Lil Roo Stuffy
Valentine Lisha Stuffy
Valentine Nora Stuffy
Valentine Nova Stuffy
Valentine Pegasus Stuffy
Valentine Poco Stuffy
Valentine Power Leopard
Valentine Power Panda
Valentine Red Bear Stuffy

White Winter Pony Stuffy

Yellow Alvac Stuffy
Yellow Draco Stuffy
Yellow FLEJ26 Stuffy
Yellow KinA4 Stuffy
Yellow Ligon Stuffy
Yellow Mutarat Stuffy
Yellow Sloprook Stuffy
Yellow Sugarus Stuffy
Yellow Sweygar Stuffy
Yellow Thiglea Stuffy